Learn to work together

The past one week or so has been a turbulent one.

Some say it has created a mark in Malaysian history.

Some people are excited, some are doubtful, some are scared and some are just frustrated and even angry.

Well, if you are a supporter of BN I understand why you are angry and upset. Perhaps you need to reflect why so many people do not share the same sentiment as you. Perhaps if you stepped out of your comfortable shell and realize that life is more than just looking after your rice bowl perhaps you will see where we are coming from.

On the other hand, we now have another bunch of angry people. People who chose new leaders, something that has not happened for the past 40 years. Now when these people choose new leaders, they do not expect to see those elected people acting like spoilt brats over candy! Buck up and start acting like leaders! Yes, there are many capable people in PKR PAS and DAP so of course there may be a few disputes as to who holds what post and how many exco members each party has. BUT do not forget the BIGGER PICTURE.

Work together well now, show the people your ability to lead, learn to give and take and eventually there may be a bigger mandate the next election which means you will have so much to govern there will be no problem in everybody having a bigger pie to share! This is of course provided the state governments of Perak, Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and Kedah actually doesn't tear themselves to pieces because some think that they have more authority to be there or because their party won more seats.

Well one wonders if they remember signing the petition for Barisan Rakyat agreeing to work together to deny BN a 2/3 majority. Perhaps they dont remember their promises? It goes beyond denying them a 2/3 majority, it is also about carrying out their manifesto and working for us the people!

So any grievances faced, why not bring it to the people? or let a neutral party decide? after all if isn't that what democracy is about? or is Malaysia still not there yet?

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  1. Good post up there.

    I have been working on certification during the past week, got it now, so my community love is back again. :-)

    - yc