GDP growth? What raw figures do not say

Can election season, it is natural for us to expect more positive news to come out from official (a.k.a. controlled) channels.

According to the Bank Negara Governor, Malaysia's GDP for Q3 2011 registered a 5.8 growth.

The question is, how many of us felt richer by 5.8%  during those 3 months?

Civil servants: Tony Pua is right

Tony Pua is right about the need to reduce the size of civil servants. By virtue of his position as a MP from DAP, his political opponents are obliged to, or even eager to, seize any opportunity to take a pop shot at him; turning a technical matter into a racist, counter-productive and down right detrimental course of arguments.
Let technical people make technical decision. For those with vested interest or with skewered intention, butt out! Then again these shallow minded people are unable to debate real issues with commonsense and can only resort to what they know best, which may not be the best for the rest.

Recent tax amendment or harrassment?

In my pre-uni studies, my economics teacher taught me that tax is a way for government to take money from the rich to aid the poor, and help to make our lives better by providing things like street lights, education and health care at affordable cost since these are good for public and not for private profits.

However, after the routinely infuriating and forgetten-after-a -while Auditor General reports, and skyrocking national debts, I wonder if the recent tax amendments is really good for the public, or "maximise tax base" (in layman's word gasak as much as possible) to cover the endless wastage, leakage and every-can-see-except-MACC corrupt practices.

Budget 2012 has introduced some eyebrow raising proposals. Although we have the customary high praise to heavens from the usual BN suspects, even some MCA fellows expressed their reservation over some proposals, most probably they have received protests from business community they are closed to or belong to.

National debts: the screw, screwing and screwed

Malaysia’s growing national debt is a matter of concern for many but it also baffles many. We know the amount is huge but what exactly caused it and what it is really about. What will happen to us if the debt becomes unmanageable?

I dwelled into Ministry of Finance’s Q2 2011 report for some answers.

Self cannibalization: the latest political tool to win at all costs

According to this report by China Press, which surely would not make it even to the dust bins of Utusan Malaysia  sub editors, an  interesting elector roll management trend” (to call it politely) has emerged in Seremban.
"110 Phantoms moved into 16 empty houses
Anthony Loke reveals yet again elector roll irregularities"