Oops, slip of tongue, Minister!

Malaysian politicians say the darnest things...........


Hisham: Photo equipment seized as part of SOP

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the confiscation of memory cards and cameras belonging to journalists during the Bersih 3.0 rally were part of the police’s standard operating procedure (SOP).

Speaking at the Kuala Lumpur general hospital, Hishammuddin said this when asked why the items were seized since he claimed that the police had nothing to hide.
I don’t know. This is the standard operating procedure of police…,” he said.

How can the minister contradict himself in one sentence? "I don't know" and "standard operating procedure" should not come in the same sentence.

For example, if you ask a surgeon what is the expensive, risky and painful procedure is to be taken, how much confidence would you have if the surgeon paraphased Hishammuddin and says "I don't know. This is the  standard operating procedure of the hospital...."?

From FaceBook: How the northern barricade was really breached

This is a video passed on to me via FB from a fellow-blogger. Shows seconds before the northern Dataran Merdeka barricade was breached.

I am so proud of you, Dad...

Stand-off in front of DBKL today. Pic: resident.wangsamaju
While I was busy uploading pictures and scouring the internet for news, pictures and most up to date information on BERSIH 3.0, little did I know that my dad had a little adventure of his own up north. In a way, I felt ashamed that I did not do what he did but on the other hand, I am so proud of him for what he did.

PDRM trying to close off Masjid Jamek LRT

The roaring businesses on Bersih3.0

Jalan TAR


12.35pm - Update from Loong
News updates!! Apparently there were paratroopers from the air force were trying to air drop onto Dataran Merdeka but were "blown off course" by the wind.

Further confirmation that Pasar Seni is closed but Police are just monitoring the situation.

12.45pm - Updates from Loong
Huge crowd stopped at the police barrier beside Central Market. Looks like the crowd is waiting for BERSIH's leaders to arrive.

BERSIH 3.0 Up and Around - UPDATED at 12.55pm

Petaling Street. Pic: resident.wangsamaju

It is pretty obvious this man here is fighting for his future generations. Kudos, he can stand tall and tell his grandchildren that he was there to fight for their future!

Many Malaysians from around the globe will congregate in various locations around the world tomorrow for a cause to save our nation from further tyranny, corruption and various malpractices through the demands for clean and fair election.

Many stand firm in their desire of wanting to see a clean and fair elections while many are also apathetic about the effects and repercussion of election malpractices that has plagued our nation for many many elections.

Son, can you bring me along with you to Bersih 3.0?

“儿子,你可以带我一起去 Bersih 3.0 吗?”

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