The US have Area 51, we have Kod Negara 71

The revelations for the past few weeks have been alarming. After Mismah gate, there is “aqua ICs” discovery by YB Anthony Loke and now even  official Bangladeshi website is revealing the assault of citizen’s right and democracy in Malaysia.

Mismah's PR card, with kod negara "71"

                                                  Mismah's IC with Kod Negara 71

"Aqua IC" where army husband's IC (ending with odd number) is recycled to register the wife as a postal voter hence the wife can vote as ordinary and postal voter.

One aspect of the intrigue is the nation code “71”.  According to this excellent write up, tens of thousands of voters in Penang are carrying IC bearing the nation code “71”, indicating that they are born in overseas and the JPN are not able to trace their country of origin. If this happens in Penang, I am quite sure other states would be plague with this as well…Selangor perhaps?

GEORGETOWN - Seramai 13,114 pengundi yang didaftarkan di Pulau Pinang didapati pemegang mykad yang mempunyai kod bernombor 71 yang mana Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara sendiri tidak dapat mengesan negara asal mereka.
Setiausaha Dewan Pemuda Pas negeri, Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden berkata, berdasarkan sistem dalaman yang diproses dari daftar pemilih yang diberikan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) milik parti itu mendapati, ada jumlah pengundi yang ‘tidak kena’ dalam senarai berkenaan.
Kod 71 tiada dalam senarai JPN dan berdasarkan kod yang diberikan JPN, nombor 71 tiada di dalam senarai jabatan itu. Terkini iaitu dari April hingga Jun 2011, seramai 166 pengundi di daftarkan memegang kad pengenalan bernombor kod 71 menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan ialah 13,114 orang.

“Jumlah ini tidak boleh dikesan oleh JPN serta SPR dari mana mereka datang, negara asal mereka. Apa yang kita bimbang, kemungkinan besar ini usaha-usaha pihak tertentu untuk jatuhkan Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Pulau Pinang serta memanipulasi pilihan raya dengan memasukkan warga asing ke dalam senarai pengundi,” katanya.

Menurutnya, apa yang membimbangkan Pas, seperti yang didedahkan JPN sebelum ini, seramai 72,334 warga asing yang memohon untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia yang mana daripada jumlah itu, Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein telah meluluskan 29,290 permohonan.
Incidentally, Mismah’s IC is the ubiquitous but until now, unexposed “71”.
JPN has a long list of nation code listed in their website. I have did a count last week and list is a long and detailed one, allocating numbers to many nations which Malaysians would struggle to locate on an atlas, for example: Antigua & Barbuda (93), New Caledonia (83), Grenada (90) and Trinidad and Tobago (90).
With such a darn detailed list, why JPN is using kod 71 to grant citizenship with people whose place of origin is unknown? Is it purely laziness on the part of JPN officers, or is Kod Negara 71 is a "very special" category by itself?

My question then is
1)  How come JPN can grant citizenship to these individuals when JPN are unable to determine their country of origin?
2)  What brilliant qualifications they have that JPN can accept them as Malaysians despite not knowing where they are from; if an applicant could not provide evidence of their origin surely these characters are questionable?
3)  If a Malaysian needs birth certificate to get an IC, then what did JPN accepted in lieu to admit them as citizens?
Ask any importer here and they will tell you that without a Certificate of Origin, there is no way the Custom Department would allow anything to get into this country, officially.
Ask those poor Malaysians who waited and suffered for decades for an IC, and being used as a political tool.
The JPN list of country code is also a joke.
 I looked through the 199 countries listed there and noted among others:
1)      Spelling errors  “86 Nitherlands” (should be Netherlands), “86 Sweedin” (should be Sweden); this is disrespectful to the other nations.
2)      Non-existence nations “93 Yugoslavia”, “85 Afrika Tengah”. Yugoslavia is dissolved and split into Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia etc.
3)      Common codes covering a wide range of very different nations, for example 93 is reserved for Antartica, Libya, Madagascar, Hong Kong, Macau, Palestine, Soloman Islands, Guinea, Gibraltar and a host of other nations. This would render the code useless as one is unable to determine the origin of the “new Malaysia” then.

(Hence according to the wise people in JPN, there is no difference between a snappy Hong Konger and a woolly haired, dark-skinned, pierce nose Soloman Island resident. I wonder what Andy Lau and Jackie Chan think of this).

Genuine Malaysians' rights could well be diluted. As all signs point to a GE to be held very soon, I suppose right minded Malaysians should vote wisely with this number 71 in mind.


  1. comments in Malaysia Today

    written by Lee Wee Tak, September 21, 2011 19:54:14

    Kod negara for Brunei : 60
    @ Alan Tan, Krishan ... eat your heart out...disservice rendered to your family

    Kod negara for India: 75
    Kod negara for China: 74
    Kod negara for Indonesia: 61
    Kod negara for "United State": 91

    @ strawberrymilkshake: so for quickie with Mismah, who gotten KN 71 most recently....what's JPN excuse then?
    written by Ronnie, September 21, 2011 14:36:18

    I think there is some misunderstanding on Code 71. I was born in Brunei before Malaysia and both my parent are Malaysian. My Dad is Sabahan and my Mum is Sarawakian. We applied for citizenship in 1967 and was granted citizenship in 1969. My MyKad uses the Kod 71 and it is clearly stated that I was born in Brunei. Actually all of those Sarawakian or Sabahan born in Brunei uses the code 71 in their Mykad.

    1. i born at UK , then follow my parent's came back here, my ic also 71 ... apa tu ;a , cakap kita dorang bangla ...walao

  2. written by anakkenyalang, September 21, 2011 14:09:51

    I wonder why the PERKASA pondan are not screaming and shouting that the Kedaulatan and ketuanan Melayu is being eroded and diluted by the Bangla, Indon, Burma, Pilipin, Paki and all the other riff rafts? Is it because the Bangla's dicks are better then the melayus?
    written by strawberrymilkshake, September 21, 2011 13:59:19

    I'm a Malaysian born in the early 80's in Singapore. My IC also uses code 71 instead of 66 in the list. May i suggest that the country codes listed are added on afterwards? Otherwise, that would imply that our government's personnel-in-charge is negligent in carrying out his/her duties when assigning the codes.
    written by Pegasus, September 21, 2011 11:25:19

    Ameno is selling off the country to pariahs! When is majority of the malays will realized the threat that is at the door step???/ PAS has already mentioned it will threaten the social and security of the country in years to come unless we... change the government for goods and revoke those pariahs of the citizenship. Need to act fast....

  3. written by ABU Degil, September 21, 2011 09:50:55

    The answer to this crap is ABU ABU
    written by hantu, September 21, 2011 04:04:59

    the biggest losers are legitimate local born malaysians but even more the bumiputras will be the biggest losers. the the privileges spooned out to them will now have to be shared with the new bumis. with rapidly depleting resources that day will arrive sooner than later. In the meantime the original bumis who have been so used to handouts and their cruthes will just watch rooted to the spot as the new bumis with their hard work and intelligence will soon become the new ketuanans. for this please thank the BN govt., politicians and power brokers. please conitnue to vote umno/bn for more of the same

  4. ...
    written by alyx, September 21, 2011 01:06:10

    somebody should surface more evidence about this issue. somebody need to report it, do something. or else, this issue will just continue to be read in MT. may be PR need to gather more evidence, report it, get the BN to explain, even they keep denying.
    written by kri shan, September 20, 2011 22:00:04

    My wife is born in India. Her ic shows code 71. ?????????????????????????wtf

  5. ...
    written by GoBlog, September 20, 2011 21:54:46

    Pendek cerita bawa aja kemahkamah SPR dan JPN tu.
    written by newmalaysian, September 20, 2011 21:50:45

    In Sabah, the code used for immigrants given late registration birth certificates and identity cards was 04 and 05. They had to vote for Umno and Barisan Nasional candidates, otherwise their ICs will be classified as fake or palsu and liable to be arrested after the elections. Using these identity cards holders registered as party members, Umno managed to topple Parti Bersatu Sabah in 1994, and remains in power till today. The BN fixed deposit are these illegal malaysian voters who keep supporting Umno or get deported back to Indonesia or the Philippines. Nearly all Umno and BN politicians know how such voters are used and how it is done. In last Batu Sapi by-elections, there were about 5,000 of such voters who gave PBS victory over PKR and SAPP.
    In the 13th General Election, there is little doubt that the same method will be used nationwide -- in cahoots with Election Commission, National Registration Department and those in power so that Umno and Barisan secure their more than two-thirds majority and kick Pakatan Rakyat parties out of the states they are ruling now. PKR, DAP and PAS will not know what hits them on polling day, like what happened to PBS and Joseph Pairin Kitingan diehards who refused to believe in 1994 that they can be toppled by Umno using the new Malaysian voters. PBS knew that it will never be able to defeat Umno as long as the illegal voters remained in the electoral roll and decided to join the BN bandwagon. Pakatan parties may face the same fate as PBS come the next general elections with a rigged electoral roll and BN will say their victory was due to all of Najib's pro-democracy policies, and the Malaysian public will believe it.
    The 71 code MyKads and citizenship-for-vote strategy are the new weapons for BN to crush Pakatan whose leaders appear to be no better than BN leaders in many aspects of governance since the 2008 political Tsunami.
    Time for Pakatan leaders to take stock that they will need more than 80 percent of real Malaysian voters to counter the illegal new Malaysan voters...
    Maybe they should ask MCLM for tuition classes as to why many people are getting fed up with Pakatan party leaders antics and " all talk but little action" since 2008.


  6. written by Alan Tan Pei Yee, September 20, 2011 21:33:36

    Strange... My China-born grandma uses code 71 or 17 in her IC to indicate her birth place.
    written by guna, September 20, 2011 21:19:08

    The very soul of this beloved country is being sold by the devils.
    Shame on you Bee End.
    written by Henley, September 20, 2011 19:55:51

    Well, obviously to increase the ruling gomen's vote bank ..

  7. writtwritten by king kong, September 20, 2011 19:38:07

    very soon, they will outsource the entire parliment, palace and even army to our Indon, bangla, pakistan oe even to unknown are 71

  8. Man... If this is true, the 71 is like a tracking device to ensure that these immigrants vote BN.


  9. mak aku lahir singapore since my grandfather(he is MALAYSIAN) was working there as ROYAL MALAYSIAN NAVY(TLDM) back in 60s, the old TLDM KD Malaya Camp was located in Singapore before they relocating the camp to Lumut,Perak. My mother's mykad has 71 on it and she is eligible to vote since she is malaysian that born in Singapore. Nothing wrong with that i think. Please do a thorough research before you post. Dont talk rubbish here and there said kerajaan tipu la, pengundi hantu and so on.

  10. Hello , excuse me , my ic also 71 , i was born at manchester , and my parent's both are malaysian, so i just can get ic for malaysian .. don't any mistaken for this statement???


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