Employment benefits that is worth your while

There are some employment benefits that would make you green with envy. Take Nazir Abdul Razak's share option benefits in Bumiputra Commerce Holdings Berhad for instance:

Base on the Directors' Report for year ended 31 December 2006, on 31 December 2006, he held 12,958,872 Bumiputra Commerce Holdings Berhad ordinary shares and another 19,644,389 employee share option exercisable at RM1.42 per share.

2007 Annual Reports and Accounts shows that on 7 January 2008, he exercised his option and converted all the 19,644,389 options into shares at exercise price of RM1.42 per share; costing him only RM1.42 per share RM27,895,032.

And as a loving husband, 4,550,000 shares was disposed to his wife and he is left with merely 28,053,261 ordinary shares on 31 December 2007

While he got the shares at RM1.42 per share on 7 Jan 2008, the issue price of ESOS to employees during 2007 ranged between premium of RM2.13 to RM3.05 (i.e. employees have to buy shares at range of RM3.13 to RM4.05).

Also during 2007, a private placement of 117,000,000 ordinary shares of RM1 each also took place and the new investors have to pay a premium of RM10.41 i.e. the price of RM11.41 per share.

Helluva staff discount if you ask me.

Teachers can join political activities

According to this report from the Chinese press,


10,000 teaching staff are allowed to participate in political activities


From 1 August onwards, DQ41 till DG48 academic education staff with tertiary qualification can participate in political activities hence it is estimated that 10,000 academic staff obtain the opportunity to participate in politics


Tan Seri Sidek Hassan announced today (the above) on condition that it must obtain the approval of the Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Pendidikan KSKP (Chief Secretary of Education Ministry)


The reason for this is that teachers once played a prominent part in moulding the political scene and in his press statement "now it's the time for them to return to active participation in politics"

I choked on my tea oh kosong.

Today is the 28th July, why the huge rush to get them involved beginning 1 August? What does he mean "now it's time for them to return to active participation in politics"???? Another case of "ikut perintah" ("following orders"?)

Procedural wise, this is a big foul up it seems.

This is a significant step whereby any Chong, Fatimah, Letchumany and assimilated Filipino in Sabah would wonder aloud, "how would this affect the quality of education financed by tax payers, consumed by the off-springs of the tax payers"?

Yet, to change an entrenched practice, no reference was made to the rakyat, not even a parliament debate, Rakyat Diutamakan/People First illustrated.

Another case of civil servants acting above policy makers? Another lil' Napoleon? Or a case of ikut perintah sahaja-ma.....

It is also discriminatory, why only "high graders" are allowed? Is it because the lower level staff are economically less advantaged and subscribed more to the socialist DAP, Islamist Welfare State oriented Pas or grass root composition of Parti Sosial Malaysia ?

What about the condition that it must be approved by the KSKP? Is it a blanket level or case by case, individual application level?

Given the short timeline, is there a detailed, carefully considered guideline to ensure the participation would not damage further our lagging education system?

If Pakatan Rakayt MPs can't even visit the schools in their own constituency to distribute face mask during H1N1 epidemic,


Excerpt of the news: In view of the widening AH1N1 pandemic outbreak in the country, Miss Teo wishes to visit some of the national schools located in her Serdang constituency in order to distribute surgical masks to the students. However, she was told by most of the schools that she is not welcomed simply because she is a MP from Pakatan Rakyat.

then the orientation of the "desperately needed" academic staff is pretty obvious, right?

Would our young ones be subject to indoctrination and bias propaganda at an impressionable age? I thought the controlled media is more than enough.

How well the teaching staff can remain focused on imparting knowledge rather than trying to share what he and she is passionate about (which is fine as long as it is not during the time we pay him or her for)

Given this kinda of attitude displayed in 1Malaysia, I think the lil' Napoleons deserve a correctional institution, rather than a prominent part in politics:


Non-Muslim Societies Banned in Schools: Isolated Acts or Historical Pattern?
By nkw

There we go again – another round of blatant violation of our fundamental (religious) liberties. Some ‘Little Napoleans’ in a public institution stop some ongoing non-Muslim (Christian) activities or close down a non-Muslim society.

Time for the rakyat to speak up, in newspaper columns, via you MP, cyberspace and PIBG forums.

Meeting Barry Wain

Barry Wain, author of "Malaysian Maverick" was having a book signing session in Kinokuniya, Orchard Road and I had the pleasure and good fortune to be there.

Before the event started at 2pm, I managed to chat a few words with him. I found him to be scholarly, approachable, friendly and able to articulate his thought well. The only down side was the batteries in my digital camera went dead. :-(

A couple of very helpful organisers took some photograhs of him and I. I hope I have given my email address correctly to them. I just want to say a big thank you to the wonderful 2 ladies, regardless if I receive the photos or not. My fault entirely. (service level here seems to be better)

my prized possession!

Barry's talk was very engaging. He started off by saying why he chose Mahathir as his subject. He elaborated that he found Mahathir had a long and interesting political career, together with a generation of prominent leaders in South East Asia like Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong Ferdinand Marcos, Sukarno and Suharto.

Barry rated Mahathir's achievement as only coming behind after Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong.

Barry also explained that as journalist by training, he approached this piece of work like a longer than usual assignment.

This piece of work is certainly creditable. According to Barry, a professor in Australia noted that the book has about 1,290 footnotes! He is writing the book for Institute of South East Asia, Singapore and that provides some creditable standing. Yeah, pointless for the Dr to take him to court (but might be entertaining to us).

Barry mentioned that he researched for the book by reading through plenty of documents and even had face to face and email interviews with the Dr. himself! "At the time," Barry said, "Badawi was censoring him from the main stream press so he was a bit desperate to speak to anyone" ...these are Barry's words, or the best I can remember them. :-)

Barry said he wrote as a journalist and tried to be as objective as possible. He only wrote about facts that he could substantiate and support, and left out whatever that can only be classified as rumuor and hearsay.

Barry was impressed with the fact that Dr Mahathir can compartmentalise his life well. He never talk about work at home to his wife or children. When Che Det wrote that letter and got the sack from UMNO, he never mentioned about the letter to Dr Siti Hasmah. (that explains how he can say Chinese are the biggest tax payers in the morning and whack them as threatening this and that in the afternoon)

Barry mentioned also that Mahathir would never admit he made a mistake. "So I asked him." I remember Barry's words as follows, "you had 22 years to pick a successor and after you picked him, you started criticising him within a year, surely this qualifies as a mistake?."

I had the chance to pop a question to Barry. "What is the most significant legacy Mahathir left for Malaysia?" in my curt shabby English I asked.

Barry enhanced my respect by saying, "I leave it to the Malaysians to judge. On the credit side, he developed the economy and infrastructure, but on the other hand, he left a corruption culture and the devastation of the judiciary. So it is up to Malaysians to decide."

That's professional journalism for you. I cringed when I think of our own controlled media, Awang Selamat, the few editiors in the MCA paper, Utusan Malaysia's lopsided views, Berita Harian's inability to do simple math etc

Great book, Mr. Wain, an outsider who knows Malaysia better than Malayisans themselves.

Vote Barisan Nasional for development, opposition can't administer

Barisan Nasional has the experience of managing the country and a vote for Barisan Nasional is a vote for development.
This is always the general or by- election rallying call dish out by Barisan Nasional time after time.
And we have this gem from our deputy Prime Minister earlier during the year
Muhyiddin says PERC report is nonsense
Published on: February 11, 2010 at 01:30 AM

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has described a regional political risk consultancy report which said Malaysia was veering towards instability as “nonsensical”.

Muhyiddin said that the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) must be “talking through their nose”.

“I don’t think we need to react to all these nonsensical reports coming from those who know nothing about the country.

“Maybe those guys are sitting at a table somewhere in a remote corner of Hong Kong.

“They have to come here and we will be happy to bring them down here and see what is stability, what is security, what is war, what is trouble,” he told reporters today after a function at Felda headquarters


Ok we Malaysians can be numbed to the occassional idiotic Wakil Rakyats like Bung Mokhtar, Ibrahim Ali who really come up with insults of intelligence, but the above statement comes from the Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister. He is suppose to the the one in charge if the Prime Minister is incapitated or not in Malaysia. He is also suppose to be heading the education system in Malaysia.

Fine, going back to Barisan Nasional having the experience and whatever, it is interesting to note that the DPM's background included the following:



1. Setiausaha Parlimen Kementerian Luar Negeri (Mulai Julai 1981).
2. Timbalan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan (Mulai Mei 1982).
3. Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan dan Perindustrian (Mulai Jun 1983).

4. Menteri Besar Johor (Mulai 13 Ogos 1986 hingga 6 Mei 1995).
5. Menteri Belia dan Sukan (Mulai 7 Mei 1995 hingga 13 Disember 1999).

6. Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal-Ehwal Pengguna(Mulai 14 Disember 1999 hingga 12 Januari 2004).

7. Menteri Pertanian (Mulai 13 Januari 2004 hingga 21 Mac 2004).
8. Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani 22 Mac 2004 hingga 2008).

9. Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri(Mulai 19 Mac 2008 hingga sekarang).

The ones I highlight in bold suggested that he should have experience in commercial, industry, finance, investors and international relationships. He should be a well-groomed, with loads of experience gained from office paid by the tax payers of Malaysia.

He has a moral and professional responsibility to utilise his experience and his position to make life better for Malaysians and I fail to see how dismissing international opinion can serve Malaysians' purpose.

Most commonfolks can utter the sentence that "cusotmer is always right" and whether he agrees or disagree with PERC , what is important is how the international community evaluate the report.

If the rakyat feeding him have to put up with daily conflicts and human relationship issues while making ends meet and paying taxes, what is so special about Muhyddin that he can be arrogant enough to offend people that could help create jobs and employment opportunities in Malaysia?

The DPM, secured in his source of livelihood, now has his words back to haunt Malaysians in general with these 2 famous statistic now.

While FDI in whole of SEA has dropped, Malaysia's >80% decline suggest the decrease is not only due to cyclical reasons. We account for less than 5% of the total share in SEA and we lost out to Indonesia and Thailand by more than 4 and 5 times respectively.

We have the better grasp of English, a more investor friendly set of investments rules and tax legislation compared to those 2, longer tradition of opening up our shores for large scale modern international business and under the Najib/Muhyddin administration, our track record has regressed significantly and is here for all to see.

Mahatirism with its controlled press and strangulation of dissent has given birth to generations of politicans incapable of responding to intellectual challenge and a fallacy now that international press can be ridiculed and dismissed as easily as local sources. Look at the recent actions against Roket, Suara KeAdilan and Harakah

"People First and Performance Now" sounds extremely hollow and akin to rallying call of a used car salesman.

With the price increase thrown in? Undilah Kerajaaan Barisan Nasional

Kewibawaan Berita Harian serta Biro Kajian UMNO

Dua minggu lalu, Berita Harian memaparkan artikel muka surat hadapan ini


NGO Melayu cari pengundi
30 Jun 2010

Mengikut kajian Biro Keahlian dan Daftar Pemilih Pemuda UMNO yang disiarkan Berita Harian Isnin lalu, nisbah antara orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu yang mendaftar sebagai pengundi baru sejak PRU 2008 sehingga bulan ini adalah satu Melayu dan 40 bukan Melayu (1:40).


Tulisan ini amat sukar dipercayai sehingga orang UMNO sendiri terpaksa mengutarakan rasa tidak percaya dan mempertikaikannya

Nisbah pengundi baru tidak mungkin 1:40 - Shafie Apdal

1 Julai 2010

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Pengerusi Biro Keahlian dan Pendaftaran Pengundi Pemuda UMNO, Hishamudin Yahya, bahawa nisbah antara Melayu dan bukan Melayu yang mendaftar sebagai pengundi baru sejak pilihan raya umum 2008 sehingga bulan ini ialah 1:40.

Suruhan pilihanraya kini mengesahkan bahawa KAJIAN BIRO UMNO itu langsung tak betul sekali.

Pakatan trumps BN in registering new voters
By G. Manimaran

PUTRAJAYA, July 18 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) continues to lead in the voter registration drive, signing up twice the number of voters compared to Barisan Nasional (BN) in the first six month of 2010.

The DAP also lead in signing up more voters compared to other political parties, registering 32.5 per cent of the new 169,838 voters registered between January and June this year. Umno followed closely behind, registering 32.3 per cent of the new voters while PAS, 22.7 per cent in the same duration.

Saya telah membuat kiraan kasar berikut menurut Kajian Biro UMNO serta laporan SPR tersebut :

Persoalan sekarang adalah:

1) jika pendaftaran pengundi seramai 54,858 telah dibuat oleh UMNO, bagaimanakah kajian biro UMNO sendiri merumuskan kurang daripada 5 ribu pengundi Melayu telah didaftarkan?

Ini hanya boleh berlaku mungkin kerana
1.1 tangan kanan tidak tahu apa yang tangan kiri buat
1.2 UMNO giat mendaftarkan pengundi bukan Melayu hingga terpinggir sasaran asal mereka
1.3 Nisbah 1:40 adalah hasil mimpi nombor 4 ekor yang tidak kesampaian
Peristiwa ini mungkin akan menjejaskan kewibawaan dan tahap boleh percaya (kredibiliti) rumusan dan kesimpulan nan terkandung dalam kenyataan-kenyataan UMNO dulu kini dan selama-lamanya.
Pendekatan kajian biro serta kebolehan para penyelik pun menjadi tanda tanya pula.
Haruskah UMNO mengambil tindakan disiplin terhdap si pandai yang memberikan maklumat salah ini kepada pihak Berita Harian?

2) Apakah tindakan yang akan atau telah diambil oleh Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri terhadap si Berita Harian nan telah menyiarkan berita yang jelas mengelirukan umum? Adakah show cause letter akan dikrim kepada Berita Harian?
Jika dulu editor China Press telah meletak jawatan atas laporan IGP hendak bersara apakah pula tindakan sukarela pihak Berita Harian akan ambil?
3) Tahap kawalan kualiti Berita Harian perlu juga menjadi persoalan. Bagaimanakah maklumat yang amat jelas memerlukan pengesahan seterusnya tidak disiasat selanjutnya bahkan dijadikan hidangan muka surat hadapan?
Justeru itu, berapa peratuskah kandungan dalam akhbar-akhbar kawalan kerajaan Barisan Nasional boleh diterima sebagai betul?
Ingat lagi tak pemberita ini yang menjadi saksi dalam kes mahkamah Karpal Singh ini?

Karpal sedition trial: Reporter says she does not know Karpal's political party

Friday, 14 August 2009 14:38

(The Star) KUALA LUMPUR: There was a sense of disbelief in court Friday morning when a reporter said she did not know the political party which Karpal Singh belonged to.

RTM reporter Eliani Mazlan, 26, who took the witness stand on the third day of Karpal’s sedition trial, was cross-examination by Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Jagdeep: Do you know which party is Karpal Singh from?
Eliani : I am not sure.

4) Kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah menyatakan bahawa pihak kementerian akan bersikap adil terhadap semua pihak akhbar.

PUTRAJAYA: The fate of Suara Keadilan, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) newspaper, will be decided at a meeting of the Home Ministry today, Publications Control and Quranic Text Division secretary Datuk Zaitun Ab Samad said.

"The ministry is fair to all publications. However, political party newspapers can be distributed only to members." -- Bernama

Jika Suara KeAdilan dikepung ketat atas tulisannya mengenai Felda yang juga UMNO nafikan, apa pula tindakan pihak kementerian dalam usaha melaksanakan kenyataan tersebut ataupun laporan daripada Bernama sendiri pun mungkin tidak betul?

Slogan 1Malaysia pun berbunyi "Performance Now"....maka sama-sama kita tengok apa akan berlakulah.

5) Pihak Kementerian Pendidikan harus meneliti peristiwa ini dan memastikan bahawa sistem pendidikan negara kita mampu menghasilkan tenaga kerja yang waras, berkemampuan serta mempunyai daya tafsiran nan sepatutnya.

Adakah editor dan pemberita itu suatu kegagalan sistem pendidikan Malaysia yang sekian lama dicanai, dilaksana dan dimantau oleh pihak Kerajaan Barisan Nasional? Adakah mereka siarkan berita itu mengikut naluri, karenah atau arahan?

Ataupun pihak Berita Harian ingat semua pembacanya akan terus menerima laporan salah ini tanpa persoalan? Jika jawapannya adalah "ya", bukankah ini suatu penghinaan terhadap daya tafsir para pelanggan bahkan penghinaan juga terhadap kemampuan sistem pendidikan negara ini menghasilkan daya tafsiran nan matang dan waras?

Bahasa itu jiwa bangsa dan pihak akhbar berperanan mustahak mempertahankan kedudukan dan nilai bahasa terbitannya. Bukan sahaja penggunaan ayat atau perkataan canggih sahaja memadai, isi kandungan nan bernas, waras dan berdaya mencetuskan polemik juga penting.

Report card for Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat by a tax payer

As we tax payers grind our teeth for another round of lopsided preaching by Barisan Nasional about a “subsidy rationalization” initiative, how many Malaysians realize that elected democratic leaders are suppose to listen to the rakyat and not the other way round?

The Speakers of our Parliament have cemented an impression in me that they are hardly balance and fair minded. Ironically in time of harga barang naik and desperate house wives amongst us, the Speakers who usually reject opposition motions and eject Pakatan wakil rakyats hence silencing the voices of rakyat, get a big fat salary increase. (an extract in English is attached as footnote of this article)

The recent trend I observe in Najib administration is the continuation of the tried and tested monolog preaching to rakyat, but in this era, attempting to ban cartoons, banish opposition newspapers plus meddling in the words of professional editors to describe the thunderbolt price increase, is insulting the rakyat’s intelligence and a damning indication of their opinion on their own education system.

You can’t move towards a high income economy with an ignorant population without the capability of receiving, assessing and forming their own opinion from conflicting and differing views.

This tax payer has observed the performance of both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan wakil rakyats since 2008 and hereby assert his right to voice his own opinion on the performance of both side of the political divide, not giving 2 hoots to whatever sketchy KPI maintained and reported by a defeated candidate in the last general election.

I am looking at 4 sectors and decide on my tax money’s worth:

Economy, social responsibility, political posturing and governance and justice.

Najib administration started with a bang with liberalization of 27 sectors and then launched at great cost and publicity the New Economic Model. After the initial lightning, the thunder came from Perkasa and it’s the first time I see one of the most powerful prime minister in the world cowered before a loose cannon, narrow minded and double crossing independent accidental wakil rakyat.

Not only Najib as the Prime and Finance Minister let Ibrahim Ali overrule his panel of economic advisers, but Najib has damaged the credibility of Bursa Malaysia Announcement (a fraudulent announcement is considered a commercial crime) when he pulled THAT one on Vincent Tan, who once had Ibrahim Ali under his payroll in Dunham Bush Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

According to Najib, he has launched a bold subsidy rationalization move but the only rational I can conclude is the rakyat will pay the same amount of tax but get less back. (Akan datang : GST).

The stuff that Tony Pua revealed from scrutinizing e-procurement and all those annuals AG reports findings suggest that there are other ways than to pick on poor men and women in the street to pay for past, current and future irresponsible and immoral spending by an established ruling coalition whose permanent rallying call is “bringing stability and development”, although one of their own minister mentioned that by 2019 the nation may go bankrupt.
I’ll interpret this as a hidden message that the rakyat must get rid of the incumbents before 2019.
In addition, the national debt has increased tremendously. Rakyat might want to know who took the foreigners’ money and asked us to repay the foreigners and bear the foreign exchange risk. Who benefited from the immediate availability of cash and who are left to be deprived and pay off the foreigners?

Najib strikes me as a cheque book prime minister, spending a lot on publicity, by-election in Bagan Pinang, Hulu Selangor and Sibu and automatic 9A scholarship (which makes one wonder why just 1 year ago, it is so damn hard for top scorers to get a scholarship who ended up as brain drain). This I cannot reconcile with the accusation that the tax paying rakyat are bankrupting his and her own country. Should we sue for slander and libel?

On the contrary, Pakatan ruled states seem to be a CFO’s dream – doing more with less. Since the last GE, federal funding for Pakatan controlled states are much much harder to come by compared to days before.

However, Penang just needed a few million a year to eliminate most hardcore poor, turned a potential deficit into surplus with RM100 to old folks above 60 years old while Selangor state government has warga usia emas, tawas, free water and free tuition schemes.

I would rate Perak as the most innovative state with the land for school and resolving the land title issue that BN can’t resolve for 50 years. We are robbed of a chance to see and enjoy further innovative and rakyat-friendly schemes that could have been developed from thereon.

My money goes to Pakatan on this count

Social responsibility
For the first time ever, Malaysians have religious terrorism in our own backyard. I thought the cow head idiots in Shah Alam were bad, fire bombing churches are even worse. If politicians think this is an acceptable means to achieve their selfish aims, go to a war ravaged country – Rwanda, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq - and take a look yourselves. If you wish for such things in our own countries, you are committing treason and accessory to mass murder.
While Najib was quickly on the scene to give some money (cheque! I hear chess players scream) to the affected church in Melawati and quickly condemn the act, I hold Barisan Nasional responsible for the social environment in Malaysia as they control the police, press and every public service under the sun.
The emergence of Perkasa in the midst of 1Malaysia campaign cast a huge doubt in me over the political will of Barisan Nasional for inter-racial harmony. Inter-faith dialogue, is again a taboo subject.

Pakatan Rakyat, however, inadvertently seems to have a successful one
. DAP with its socialist and secular bearing while PAS with its religious spine have found common ground – justice and welfare for the public.

While over 50 years, Barisan Nasional has repeatedly emphasizing the differences of various races in Malaysia, Pakatan, for the time being instead, focus on common ground to forge unity; a formula suitable to glue multi-ethnic society together to celebrate and leverage diversity; something Barisan Nasional has failed to do so after more than half a century.

A damning conclusion can be drawn from the BHP incident. A Chinese man desperately screaming for a fire extinguisher but the unthinking and fear stricken employees refused to budge hence the trapped Indian lady was burnt to death in her car.

This is the result of a crime-ridden environment, an environment that stifle initiative and reasoning as well as after years of indoctrination from the highest level, to teach the population to differentiate, discriminate, doubt and even hate each other. Shining examples in Nasir Safat and Ahmad Ismail. Even the response from the chief of BHP following the public outcry is poor, especially compared to this.


"You have every right to expect uninterrupted services 24/7, 365 days a year from us, and I am sorry we have failed you on that count," he wrote.

The apology, eight days after the incident occurred, is the second that DBS and Mr Gupta have offered for the massive crash. That same day, he said the bank regretted what had happened.

Yesterday, the apologies were more profuse and, for the first time, more light was shed on what triggered the seven-hour system outage: A routine repair job that went awry.

Compare tha above with the UMNO style apology - "I am sorry if you are offended" - professional politicians true and true.

While I do not see a great deal from Pakatan in this respect, Barisan Nasional has much more negatives than positive. I want a government who teaches the people to love, not to hate.

Political posturing
Anwar Ibrahim, I feel, made a mistake with his high profile September 16 posturing. He should have focused on strengthening Pakatan’s emerging governance machinery and as a result tax payers have to foot 50 MPs holiday bills. Also, many fence sitters' confidence have been shaken.

Some of the PKR candidates selected for election have also damaged public confidence in Pakatan Rakyat. Given the lack of brave and selfless citizens who dare to step forward and be counted for, dare we criticize too much over the selection made out from limited choices?

As much as I despise the frogs who have cheated the voters (I have yet to hear one frog mentioned that he or she leave Pakatan because the voters told him or her to do so), I have to take this as a part of the political struggle for, hopefully, a better tomorrow.

While we hear so much about Pakatan wakil rakyat jumping ship for personal reasons or whatever, how many Barisan wakil rakyat do we hear jumping ship because he or she disagree with the rakyat-unfriendly policies? Fat chance except the 2 from Sabah, they can’t even speak out against the annual budget or ad hoc price increase.

For the first time in history, political gamesmanship has cost a life in Malaysia. (The Mona Fandy case does not count). Until now, we do not know what crime Teoh Beng Hock was a witness to until he has to commit suicide the night before he was due to register his marriage with his pregnant fiancée.

The subsequent denial, evasive maneuver and even the act of threatening an expert from a fellow Asean country suggests concealed guilt, rather than a reputable institution carrying out its duty with a clear conscience. It is infuriating to this tax payer that MACC has remain a political tool, ranging from harassing of Pakatan to the symbolic recruitment of Chinese officers and a single apology note not in the national language to the family of Teoh Beng Hock.

The victimization of Elizabeth Wong showed a desperate lack of Barisan Selangor’s ability to win with substance, as well as the low status of women in the eyes of chauvinistic political leaders, an accusation I make without the benefit of being a fly on their wall. If my bank manager is having sex with her boyfriend in her own free time and in her own home, would I be tempted to move all my fixed deposits and credit facilities to another bank? I can’t think of anything more mundane and normal.

Not only this incident offended Eli Wong and all women folks of Malaysia, it is also a huge insult to all sensible voters who were taken as dumb enough to revolt against a functioning administration base on intrusion of privacy and voyeurism.

The active voter recruitment drive by Pakatan Rakyat shows a great initiative to get more rakyat to realize and exercise their rights. I applaud this initiative as in substance, it empowers, enables and educates the people. By comparison, Barisan Nasional controlled Berita Harian could only reveal their mathematics prowess by saying new non-malay voters out number malay votes by 40 to 1 in a country where Malays constitute 65% of the population.

Both have disappointed the rakyat but again the damages from Barisan out weight its own contribution and Pakatan’s shortcoming.

Governance and justice

Many people hold Pakatan responsible for failure to hold local council election. This is a justified criticism to the extend that they did not put in enough high profile initiative although I expected Barisan Nasional to resist to the death such election, going by the voting trend in all state capitals and Kuala Lumpur. Effectively the federal government of Malaysia is a hillbilly elected administration.

Barisan’s Election Commission has given Pakatan some breathing space by denying the holding of local council election, heads or tails, the Commission lost.

Selangor state government has tabled the Freedom of Information Act and this stands out like a sore thumb amidst OSA, ISA and Printing Press Act and represents an opportunity to Malaysians to experience a paradigm shift from feudal herb mentality to more assertive, rights-conscious and mature democracy outlook, hopefully.

By comparison, Barisan Nasional having 14 coalition parties with many defeated personalities necessitates the appointment of voters-rejects as ministers and senators; understandable from a political point of view but it also points to a strong disregard of people’s choice

The Penang state government has gain international recognition in its effort to eradicate corruption and showed it meant business with the reward of RM10,000 to a judge who uncovered malpractices; I speculate that Khalid Ibrahim is unpopular with certain quarters because in removing the age-old patronage-reward tradition, people will get offended.

Lastly, enough said about the Perak power grab episode, that alone will tip my pick for Pakatan in this respect.

Pakatan Rakyat win by streets on this count.

I stated my view, what's yours?

Footnote - Speaker's revised benefits as per the Chinese press report

Monthly allowance increase from RM7K to RM9860; (on top of RM6K as salary of a wakil rakyat)

RM10K appointment fee and another RM10K retirement fee

Claims from oversea vacation without supporting documents RM2K per month

Housing allowance increase from RM3K to RM4K;

Free exquisite cutley for up to 50 people;

Renovation allowance RM10K per annum

Housing loan increased from RM480K to RM720K plus RM5K renovation reimbursement

Government bear the salary and benefits of 2 drivers (increase from one)

Winter clothing allowance of RM6K every 3 years, increased from RM6K

Business class flight seat for the wife (what about husband?) and many other benefits for the spouse

Telephone allowance increased from RM500 to RM1K

Telephone purchase allowance increased from RM2K to RM3K and RM3.5K allowance every 3 years to purchase PDA

Pakatan Rakyat's campaign for PRU13 is up and running well

I chuckled when I read this


Muhyiddin: All can form own ‘Perkasa’
By Yoges Palaniappan
July 13, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that anyone was free to form an association, including Chinese or Indian versions of the Malay rights group, Perkasa.
“We can have Chinese Perkasa and even Indian Perkasa,” he said today.

He said that it was an individual’s right to form an association and it was acceptable as long as it was formed with good intentions.

“The government does not stop anyone from forming a body,” he told reporters after officiating the second Asean School Games at Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium today.

Muhyiddin was responding to reports quoting MCA vice president Datuk Donald Lim as suggesting the formation of a “Chinese Perkasa” in response to the Malay rights group’s strident rhetoric and race-based demands.

Perkasa has grown from a one-man cause to include thousands of Malays who feel disaffected by proposed economic reforms that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants to use to turn Malaysia into a high-income nation for a plural society.

It has managed to influence Najib into continuing with an affirmative action policy for Bumiputeras, despite having signalled that his New Economic Model (NEM) is for all Malaysians, under his 1 Malaysia concept.

Ibrahim has used Perkasa to form an umbrella body called the Malay Consultative Council (MPM) and has received the support of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Perkasa’s demands for what it says are Malay rights has caused unease among some non-Malays, as well as moderate and liberal Malays who see the group as racist.

Muhyiddin said today Perkasa was not funded by Umno, but by independent Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali, who “might want to fight for Malay rights”.

He said that when forming an organisation, individuals must take into account the country’s best interests.

An organisation cannot be formed to attack one another. It must have a common interest which appeals to the majority of people” he stressed.

MCA leaders yesterday distanced themselves from Lim’s suggestion, pointing out that it was his personal view.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has called Lim’s suggestion “ridiculous,” saying a Chinese Perkasa would only fan racial tension.

He said earlier today that Lim’s call also did not gel with Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept.


Now we know, a vote for Barisan Nasional is a vote for DPM's argument above. What makes him think that there are many Malaysians of various races have the same kind of gutter racist mentality like Ibrahim Ali who can only repeatedly yelled "don't talk shit" at Al Jazeera - a great showcase of Malaysia to the world? Zainuddin remembered.

I take this as an insult to Malaysians' mental capacity.

I made this for Ibrahim Ali, hope he likes it

Najib's continuing silence does not make him look good. He has let some racist outsiders who know very much less than the authors of the NEM to overwrite a potential legacy builder. He also let his number 2 openly revolted against him and trampled all over his much touted rallying call to the nation and not to mention a substantial investment of tax payers' money.

Perkasa is allowed to run riot by Najib administration and I hold Najib administration responsible for the environment we live in. Under Najib's watch, we have broken new grounds:

1) death of Teoh Beng Hock and subsequent disgusting attempts to frustrate justice; and until today, just what was the corruption case MACC was working on?

2) Malaysia has experience religious terrorism for the first time; and at the rate it's going, I doubt that anyone will be found guilty

3) first time I see a Finance Minister messed up a Bursa Malaysia announcement (and subsequent non-enforcement of penalities under the listing rules) and how well this fit into our effort to promote foreign investment, corporate governance and credibility of our finance industry is anybody's guess

4) power grab in Perak and the subsequent usage of various statutory machinery and facility to frustrate the democratic process (including physical harming of an innocent tree)

Well, the voters and tax payers can enjoy the road show and, if only the implications are not so deadly serious, we can laugh it out but our future, security, welfare and livelihood and our children's same are at stake. When Idris Jala said by 2019 Malaysia will go bankrupt, I think the omitted first part of the sentence should be "IF MALAYSIANS ALLOW THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION TO CONTINUE...." well not said, chaps.

A case of bullying the wrong person in Sarawak?

This report in Sarawak Tribune caught my attention:

Meradong’s Ting Tze Fui referred to Committee of Privileges


Saturday, 22 May 2010 00:17

KUCHING: The people’s representatives at the State Legislative Assembly enjoy privileges and immunities that the august house provides but they must be responsible for their words.

“We welcome constructive criticism or genuine issues concerning their respective constituencies to be brought up for discussion in the Dewan.

“As state assemblymen, they have the right to speak, but rights must come with responsibility and whatever claims are made must be properly substantiated,” said Second Finance Minister and Minister of Environment and Public Health Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

He told reporters this after the morning session in which he moved the motion to refer Meradong assemblywoman, Ting Tze Fui, to the Committee of Privileges for failing to substantiate her allegation that “insinuated breach of trust, dishonesty and financial mismanagement of the highest order”, therefore committing a breach of privileges and violating Standing Order 32(6).

During a debate on the state budget on November 12, 2009, Ting alleged that “millions and millions of ringgit were unaccounted for, precisely squandered”.

“Despite ample opportunity given to her to either withdraw or provide proof of her allegation, she failed to do so. Therefore, I reserve the right to move the motion referring her to the Committee of Privileges and let the committee investigate into the charge and present the report to the Dewan for further action deemed fit.

“These are very serious allegations and I categorically deny these allegations in the strongest possible terms.

“Such allegations will spoil the image of Sarawak and will erode public confidence, particularly investors’ confidence in the state. Who would dare to come in and invest?” said Wong who is also Bawang Assan assemblyman.

This is a disturbing and infuriating development. Dato Seri Wong's explanation, in summary means the following:-

1) YB Ting criticised the BN Sarawak administration of improper financial management in a state budget debate - isn't that what an opposition Wakil Rakyat's job suppose to be?

2) In a debate, you are suppose to defend yourself with facts and arguments, and not

2.1 threaten the opposition to withdraw their argument
2.2. do it almost 7 months down the road after a by-election defeat in Sibu

2.3. re-write arguments you can't counter in a debate as "allegation" in controlled media

Does Dato Seri Wong care to deny the following from the Auditor General's report for 2008 (the latest available in the website) ?

# a 27% budget overrun of RM923 million in state coffers alone

# 100% overrun in hospitality expenses - how many Sarawakians have issues with sufficient and adequate food on the table? Note other above 1/3 cost overruns, any branch manager in private sector will have a lot to answer but for Dato Seri Wong, his administration is immuned from such basic commonsense scrutiny of public funds.

# For 2 years running, more than 50 companies in which state statutory bodies (Badan Berkanun Negeri) invested suffered financial losses compared to 30 or less which is financially viable.

So is there a basis for YB Ting to raise the point in a debate?

And just what does he mean investors' confidence are affected?

What would concern an investor more - a functioning state assembly loaded with intelligent debates and ideas or failing state investments and mushrooming kangaroo courts suppressing scrutiny and accountability?

I suppose the Privilege Committee would recommend a suspension or even suspension of pay, something YB Gorbind Singh is challenging. By extension, Dato Seri Wong seems like leading a task force to suppress the voices of Sarawakians coming through YB Ting by denying their representation in the state assembly for a period of time.

When I read through YB Wong Ho Leng's blog, more unfair practices emerge

1) YB Ting was only given 10 days to prepare her defense; no later date was allowed because the 6 BN chaps "have their own programmes" - surely set it 1 month down the road or just cancel a golf appointment of two should do the trick?

2) she was to foot all her own expenses for her defense including bringing in 8 witnesses; when this jolly charade out of the blue is not what she or rakyat biasa of Sarawak wanted. If the 6 YBs have their "own programme" what about the 8 rakyat Malaysia who these wakil rakyats are suppose to think, speak and act for?

This looks to me like a clear sign of an attempt to bully the youngest female opposition member. The timing of and the arrangement for the PC hearing sounds suspiciously a reaction to the Sibu by election 3,000 majority drubbing (I believe in spirits but not ghost).

After a 2 hour hearing in a PC comprising exclusively of BN ADUNs....


Ting, who called a press conference after the two-hour hearing, claimed that "it's just a hearing to protect the chief minister and his cronies."

Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh, the complainant, had tabled the motion for her to be referred to the committee. It was supported by all the Barisan Nasional representatives

- Enough said, even the PAC in Parliament comprise both BN and PR Wakil Rakyat

To assess YB Ting's case for her defense, why not hear from the person herself in a DUN sitting on this matter? She certainly come across as a good debater loaded with facts.




And I pity the 6 chaps on the high bench. I imagine they think it will be a walk over before a lass fretting nervously over her fate and trembling uncontrollably from fright, onthe verge of tears.


I heard from believable source that an expected 30 minutes one side affair turned into a real scrap for 2 hours. It is hard for the 6 chaps to defend against such a fact-laden and eloquent lady and only by sheer brute force in numbers they struggle to passed the already decided verdict (whether still wet in pants I don't know) - if that is not another waste of tax payers' money I don't know what is.

She might have gone down fighting as expected but the 6 gentlemen have left with significant mental scares and missed appointments.

Just spare a thought for YB Ting. At a time when young ladies her age are having the time of their lives, she is there fighting for the rakyat (some appreciative and some very much not so) and enduring gamesmanship, suppressing anger and frustration, and now victimization.

Do you not wonder, what makes people like her and the rest of the sincere YBs do what they are doing?

Are we, ordinary Malaysians who just grumble and complain, able to do a fraction of what they are doing day in day out, fatigued mentally and physically to the bones?

Do we have the presence of mind to ask ourselves, should we assist them and how can we assist them?

Malaysia could be at the threshold of a significant point in the nation's history. Perhaps this is a time when we should not ask what the country can do for us, but what can we do for our country.


The following are the points she raised extracted from the link above....certainly sounds more creditable and intelligent than whatever certain hate-inciting, party hopping Wakil Rakyats in the Parliament.

1. Sarawak State Government investment in the First Silicon Sdn Bhd has caused the government to suffer RM2.4 billion losses.

She said on March 22, 2006, the company merged with X-Fab Semiconductor Foundris AG to form X-Fab Silicon Foundries N.V where the state government absorb all its liabilities to the tune of billions of ringgit.

Ting claimed the state government pumped in millions of the taxpayers’ "blood and sweat" money into the company. But its losses still stood at more than RM4 million on June 30, 2009.

2. Sarawak International Medical Centre was constructed by the state government costing more than RM350 million with 168 beds which is equivalent to RM2 million per bed.

Pointing out that the Shah Alam hospital project with 300 beds tendered at RM482 million was still able to pay out a commission of RM77 million which means the 300 beds can be built at around RM400 million.

Ting said the state government approved the project launched in 1998 which was to be completed in three years. To-date the SIMC is still not in operation and stands idle like a white elephant.

3. Titanium Management Sdn Bhd was awarded to built 384 bridges in Sarawak but only 322 bridges were constructed. The amount was supposed to be RM550 million but the state government paid RM947 millions. The cost, she said, was overblown by 72%. The disclosure of this was obtained from the Auditor General’s report in 2006.

A company search of Titanium Management revealed was that one Haji Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib of Wisma Mahmud owns 1,430,000 shares out of 2,400,000 total issued shares, she said.

She added that the Chief Minister’s son is Titanium's biggest shareholder (60%) that she claimed is in clear conflict of interest in getting the awards for building and repairing of all the bridges in the state.

4. After suffering the worst electoral losses in BN history, the then Prime Minister announced a grant of RM1 billion to Sarawak. Ting said up to date, no ordinary Sarawakian has any idea or clue to the whereabouts of the money or how it was spent.

The CM, who is also the finance minister, has failed to tell the House or the people of Sarawak where the money was spend, she added.

On Nov 29, 2009, Ting said The Star, Sin Chew Daily, United Daily and See Hua reported that billions had been siphoned and 60% of government allocation leaked. This report appeared in the front page of The Star.

She said Wong, the complainant, has misled the House and the people of Sarawak by misconstruing without any substantive proof that the MACC Deputy Director had on December 28, 2009 revised the billions to a mere RM6 million.