Munirah Bahari would have remained an unknown, until she opened her stupid fat mouth..

Is this a publicity stunt to gain attention? Or does Ms Munirah seriously believe what she says?

It seems the only way to gain media attention nowadays is by either entering politics, or saying something really stupid. It seems this lass here decided the latter was easier.

She's so famous now I doubt I even need to mention what she did. However for ignorance sake; vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia Munirah Bahari stated that school uniforms ie white blouses are the causes of rape and children born out of wedlock.

By now, this old piece of news has received many backlashes, so I'm just going to sum it up in my own words.

1) Nobody agrees with her that the school uniform is the real cause of rape or children born out of wedlock.

2) Almost everyone agrees she is a stupid ignorant girl, whose ideas will send women back at least 500 years.(sigh I guess there is a truth to the saying that it is women who oppress other women)

3) As vice-president of a student association, she has sparked great worry among the older generations that this is the quality of students today; mainly stupid, naive, ignorant, lacking logical thinking, and obsessed with sex.

I doubt my own capacity to reach out to people, but if you perchance upon this posting, let me assure you that the younger generation is not as warped as you think. I can assure you that this lass here is really one in a hundred and I hope I represent the other side of the coin where we young ones are just as concerned and interested in the well-being of the country.

Do not judge us just because of one warped mind and generalize that all of us are just as unthinking and brainwashed. Of course, the MSM will never bother to portray this other side of youth. That way, they can always name us 'unpatriotic', or should I call in 'unUMNOtriotic'?

I can't stand Bulletin Utama anymore!!!!!!!

Every 8.00pm on TV3, Buletin Utama come on and irritates the hell out of me!

Here are the reasons why:

1) They have breached their journalistic duties by withholding information from the public. This means that the public is denied the choice of making a free and informed decision.

2) They have given gross misrepresentations of the 5 pakatan rakyat led states, not by lying, but by telling half-truths.

For example today, they gave lengthy airtime to Selangor state opposition leader, toyol about the state government's failure to fulfill their manifesto and even highlighted one of the responses apparently from an email which apparently was not happy with the implementation of the pig farm.

Then when they interviewed Khalid Ibrahim, they only took the first 2 seconds of his response where he said "we do not want to make too drastic changes" could see he was about to go on, but was obviously cut off the air.

When is the MSM going to learn that they can't continue to feed us with blatant lies anymore? People just get cheesed off watching all these biased propaganda. I for one would think that they learned their lesson after the 12th GE. It was not only the 'alternative' media who contributed to it, but the MSM indirectly contributed to it by continuously licking the boots of their masters, thus making people feel even more hatred and disgust towards the government.

Nowadays, me and my father just watch the news for laughs at how these people try to put everything in favour of their masters. Then we go online to get the real stories. MSM has definitely lost its place as the trusty informant of current issues. And their continuous spiral downwards, causing themselves to lose credibility, they have noone to blame but their own selves.

DBKL should be skinned and eaten alive

Or should I just call them snakes? That would be appropriate considering they have no backbone, no particular use to humans except a deadly threat and whenever they are present all that is noticed is they breed contempt and disgust.

Have you ever felt a warm welcome when you see a DBKL officer? I doubt the answer is yes. Worst of all is the mainstream media seems to be a big supporter of DBKL.

On the 8.00pm news yesterday they featured the hawkers protesting in front of the DBKL building and as usual the one sided media only interviews the DBKL officer who has the nerve to say 'when we don't do our job they call us corrupt, when we do our job they complain'.

Hey BODOH, if you don't know how to do your job, step down. I'll do it for you!

If you don't do your job and get paid for not doing your job, like in petaling street where once the vcd vendor pays you off he can wave his whole collection of porn for sale in your face, and you wouldn't give a sh#t, have we not the right to call you corrupt?

When you go around writing tickets in unnecessary places, which I wrote about a little after the GE12, or start harassing people, you claim to do your job?

Seriously, why do we have DBKL except to harass our lives? These are gangsters who show no respect to the people, or the representatives of the people. I wish we were under the Selangor state just like in the good old days, at least they have the power to fire their MBPJ staff if they pull any hanky-panky like this.

I see it is an uphill task for any MP in KL to move any change because of these snakes who answer only to the tune of the pied piper, and the disgruntled ex-MP's who try to win our attention by introducing ideas so blatantly stupid that it is the joke of the town. Yes, I'm talking about the rat-catching for RM2.

In fact a friend was just asking me what to do with the 6 rodents she caught in her house. I told her to send it over to Wangsa Maju and collect her money, cos hey! these mice don't have registered addresses do they?

Yeap, I hate living in KL just because we have a bunch of IQ below 100 people who just love to disrupt our lives and play 'we are the big boss'. Hey, that's their job right? or so they claim.

Video: Afternoon walkabout at Desa Setapak, 17th May 2008

All the thorns in the meat

That is literally translated from 'Duri dalam daging'.

It seems Tun Musa Hitam commented that Dr M's resignation from UMNO is a thorn removed from their midst. The lashback from Dr M is that TMH himself used to be a thorn that needed to be removed during the 80's. Well to me, there seems to be more thorns in UMNO and their BN components that are still acting like thorns do; being a stick in the ass pain to citizens!

Let's first talk about the age-old thorn that will not be removed, Sammy. Not only is he thick-faced enough to stay on as MIC president, but he is also now doing a 180 degrees turn, and trying oh! so hard to help the Indian community since he's no longer road works minister and doesn't have to deal with trying to con the cheapest price out of sub-contractors while pocketing a good fortune from the excess left. Yeah Sammy, I still remember your shoddy work on the MRR2 highway!

Next would be the Chinaman stalwart Ong, the chief Ong that is. I know its confusing, so many Ongs in the MCA party a bit hard to know which one I'm referring to-lah! Ong also seems to have a lot of free time nowadays, no longer building low-cost houses that never seem to materialize and also collecting lots of "Ong"(hokkien translation) into his pockets at the same time. Now he spends his free time trying to get in the main stream media by making stupid remarks, also doing a 180 degree turn, complaining that the Chinese people are duped into voting for DAP and PAS will form a religious state. Now he talks about fighting for Chinese people.

I hate calling them dogs, as everyone else does. Hello! Dogs are loyal and faithful. Also a dog doesn't bite the hand that's been feeding you for the past 50 years. I call them 'janus-faced'.

Two faces, one looking on the inside and one more looking on the outside. The face looking inside the BN component is ever-faithful as long as benefits are thrown their way. The face looking outside is one that claims to protect their own 'race'.

None of these thorns are removed. In fact, compared to thorns such as his Deputy and SIL, Badawi is really just like a blade of grass, it tickles you but it doesn't hurt you much.

And what is the worse thing about removing thorns? Especially so many of them? It will definitely hurt, but think of the relief after the healing process. I hope Pakatan Rakyat will be able to be the balm that soothes when the thorns are removed.

CLP abolishment a good move.

Sorry for this outdated piece of news and also for not posting in quite awhile because I've been busy with my finals. However, this piece of news probably will have an impact very significant to fellow law students and aspiring future lawyers such as oneself.

I remember a couple of months ago there was an open letter posted on Malaysia-Today regarding the CLP exams. The writer lamented that CLP had a very low passing rate and the marking scheme was discretionary so you couldn't tell why someone failed the paper. A rough figure (hearsay mostly) that I can come up with on the CLP passing rate is roughly about 10-15% a year. Compare this to the Bar exams in the UK which is about 60-70% a year!

Now that we've cleared up the boring statistics, lets get down to the real issue! The CLP exam was introduced initially to aid students who did not qualify for the Bar exams with the minimum of a second lower class honours. Then, in 2002 it was revamped to admit only second class lower degrees and above just like the Bar exams.

One of the comments of the letter, stating that if we students can't pass the CLP then we should forget about being a lawyer is clearly harsh in the light of circumstances surrounding students who sit for the exam.

Note, CLP is not taken by local grads, only degrees from other countries have to sit for it. Now, if most students can afford to spend their final years in UK, then really they would opt to sit for the Bar exam because it is more recognized and the chances of passing is much much higher.

Unfortunately, for students like me, we only achieve a UK LLB degree through a distance learning programme with the University of London, therefore limited resources forces us to sit for the CLP exam locally.

Also, The UOL external is one of the toughest degree programmes to get through with the amount of students achieving second class lower and above averaging only about 40% a year.

Now, when these 40% sit for the CLP, only 10-15% out of them pass. Do you see the inconsistency yet?

How is it possible that a local exam initially intended to help academically deficient students have a much lower passing rate when they are admitting students of much better quality compared to what they planned earlier?

And also imagine how it feels for students who go into the exam halls, and the invigilators saying things like "well 70% of you will fail, so I'll see you next year". How would they know that beforehand?

Therefore, I welcome the abolishment of the CLP, although I'll probably still have to sit for it since it won't be implemented so soon. However good for future students and also the legal system in the country since if they really do plan to implement it across the board for both local and overseas graduates, definitely they will be able to filter out and produce better legal scientists for the future.

Perhaps with proper implementation, our judiciary which has not yet been able to recover from the 1988 crisis will have hope in one day restoring it's integrity. As Hans Kelsen the famous Austrian jurist once said, 'ideas are held in greater esteem than power'. We seriously need that in our country.

DBKL KL Structure Plan 2020

Managed to visit the roadshow at Carrefour Wangsa Wangsa Maju. On display are DBKL's future development plans for Kuala Lumpur. The colorful maps with legends depicting the future plans caught my eye. I inquired about the current map ('as-is'), so that it could be compared with the 2020 plan. To know the differences I was asked to 'study the plan in detail'. I realised that even if I studied the plan is detailed I would not have a clear picture of what DBKL is going to change- that's because there is no comparison between current and future scenario.

And city folk are asked to write-in on concerns or protests?! How are we going to know what to protest if we don't understand the plans? It is going to take months to research and compare! I urge the MPs question DBKL- DBKL should make it clear in its roadshow on what is happening and what is going to happen, not just ask city folk to study the plans. What crap.

Dr M quits UMNO

Dr. Mahathir announces at 12:35pm today that he is quitting UMNO, followed suit by Sanusi Junid. Main reason cited for leaving UMNO is the lack of confidence in Badawi, the current PM's leadership of UMNO.

Is it for good or just to pressure Badawi to step down? If quit now, can rejoin later? Somehow quit or not, there is not enough time for UMNO to repair its damage.

Afternoon walkabout at Desa Setapak, 17th May 2008

Update: You may be wondering what's Wee Choo Keong doing in this wordless blog? What he is doing is related to here.

Ketuanan Melayu

This appears as a comment in TDM's blog.

First of all the term 'Tuan Melayu' should be dropped because it has links deeply entrenched in racism- that's what the non Malays think.

What's the point of being a Tuan Melayu when Malaysia is not economically doing well. We should not be preoccupied about fighting for race rights and that's what we are doing- waste of time, waste of resources. The Malay politicans should point their people in the right direction and that is to cultivate the Malay minds to drop that Tuan Melayu thing and start thinking about Tuan Dunia, building up the country's economy- that's the real perjuangan. If we keep on berjuang for racial power and rights Malaysia will still be running on the same spot 50 years from now. The Malay population is trending upwards in terms of composition- in future who knows it'll be near 90- plus percent. When this happens what's so special about being Tuan if the standard of living is stagnant or deteriorated, bitten by inflation; vast majority being unemployed; high crime rate and so on. Even now, being the majority race, what is there to berjuang? Why can't Malays berjuang economically, competing against the world instead of internal bickering and racism.

'Tuan Melayu' is no longer applicable in the context that it's being sold to the public. We should drop it- it incites hatred and racism. Sad to say, it's also quite an uphill task for the good Malay brothers who try hard to reinvent and salvage the term 'Tuan Melayu' for the better. Uphill task because of the term was propagated and capitalized the wrong way by unfit politicians; blemished with racism and some bloodshed.

Malays need to think internationally, think outside the racial box- berjuang not against other races but berjuang to upgrade job skill sets, berjuang to improve technologies. They also need to start thinking about perjuangan with all other races in Malaysia.

Yes, sure, this is some kind of wake up call by TDM, but using 'Tuan Melayu' drowns his intended message. The term 'Tuan Melayu' is racist.

Storm brewing in MCA

Chua Soi Lek's frank opinion on leadership, party and movies...

If you have read the news you would know what I mean. Spy squad in MCA targeting MCA internal factions? Does it mean most of the personalities in MCA has a 'movie' (unknowingly at the time of making) made, awaiting release?

YB visits Taman Teratai Mewah

I got up bright and early on that Sunday morning. Met up with YB's Legal Asisstant to show him the way. As early as 9.30 am, a crowd of supporters consisting of men and women were waiting with anticipation.

A few were sporting attire to show their support mainly caps and shirts with PKR logos. Flag carriers were waving their flags enthusiastically. You could see these everyday people beaming with pride. I would call it patriotic; reminds me of school days when we used to carry the flags of our various sports-houses proudly wearing the colours and parading. But the government of the day probably would not see it that way.To them patriotism is carrying dark blue flags with the "dacing", nothing else; and God forbid we wear yellow shirts and congregate, that would be reason enough to throw people into jail for "national security" issues but again I am digressing.

YB arrived at 10.00 am sharp and proceeded to have a short press conference with news reporters. The group then proceeded to the wet market allowing YB to meet the people and hear their grievances. YB shook hands with everyone, making sure no one was left out and made small talk with a few of the stall owners.

Many people took the opportunity to voice their concerns over certain matters which had been bogging them down. It seems this area has been severely neglected by the previous administration from an outsiders point of view. Heaps of rubbish are piled up in corners, traffic congestion and lack of parking space causes cars to be parked on both sides of the narrow main road. Even drains flood every time it rains due to clogging and the shallow drainage system.

YB took notice of these problems and highlighted it to the press. He also pointed out that the rubbish problem is the cause of mice and must be eliminated before mice can be eradicated, drawing appreciative laughter from the crowd.

As I was passing by, a lady from the coffee stall called me over and asked for the number of the service center. As I was giving it to her, she remarked to a friend that "since YB is in charge now let him settle all our problems".

This remark disturbed me greatly mainly because people seem to take it for granted that MP's are there to solve ALL their problems and have superhuman powers to get everything done. Another example of this was a lady who came up to YB asking him to give financial support to her every month as she had a handicapped child!

Now I see that being an MP is a big headache. How do you expect to meet such unrealistic expectations? And how do you explain to these people the correct method to go about asking for help? They expect a Superman to come and rescue the day. Hey I don't know if you noticed, but MPs are humans too!

But overall, I applaud YB Wee Choo Keong for the effort to meet his constituents and setting his mind to solving their problems, from personal to community to national level. Now I see that being an MP is not a bed of roses, and it takes great strength, determination and patience to be in that position and yet still stay concerned over the people's needs and wants.

We must get rid of the mentality that MP's are here only to resolve our 'longkang issues'.

Having said that, I hope YB does not give up in affecting change at a national level by being bogged down by his constituency problems. People must realize that being an MP is a two-fold job; One is to take care of community issues, and the other is to represent the people's voice in parliament. Both are equally as important, and never should one take precedent over the other.

Bad road conditions at Jalan Wangsa Melawati 1

When is the abuse of power going to stop?

I hope Malaysia Today doesn't mind me plagiarizing this article.

My question is this. Why does the police force have to act like a bunch of hooligans? Who pays their salary? Do they know that we law abiding tax payers are their real bosses?

Yes, I know they have meager salaries that amounts only to the allowance of some affluent teenagers, but who sets their salaries? We are an oil-producing, palm-oil producing, timber-rich country with abundance of resources.Surely some money can be set aside for the police force to carry out their duties. I agree government servants should be payed more. But have they shown us that they deserve it?

Who do you trust and where do you go to when you need protection from the police.

Posted by labisman

Saturday, 10 May 2008

On the 8th May, Wednesday, I went to dataran at 7.10 pm to stand vigil and came across the barricades. I was about 5 ft away when an Indian possibly a plainclothes policeman shouted at me to get away in a loud voice. When I asked him why, he asked me not to talk.

Quite immediately another person this time a uniformed policeman by the name of Zulkarnain shouted at me in Malay to get out from there. When I looked at him and asked him why since I was already outside the barricades he said he could arrest me.

When I asked him why, he got 2 policeman to escort me into the police black maria that was nearby. I sat inside and the double doors were locked. When I tried to use my mobile phones I was shouted at by the same man to turn off my phones otherwise I would be taken to the police station. I managed to send out some smses by which time I was asked to come out of the truck and ushered into a patrol car with a policeman sitting on either side of me and taken to the Dang Wangi police station.

Quite soon both my mobile phones showed network busy and could not call out. Then I was continuously shouted at by several policemen who asked the reason for my being at dataran. I did not speak much to them. When I spoke in English I was again shouted at by more of the personnel that as a Malaysian I should speak in Malay to them.

I demanded to be released but no one bothered to hear me.

At about 10pm one man in baju Melayu and songkok came and abused me further even to the extent of saying that it was a big mistake to have allowed Indians to stay in this country. Soon after I told them that if they were not going to give me a reason or to arrest me or return my ic that I was going to walk out of the room and go home. To this, the man in the songkok whipped out a pair of hancuffs and hung it on the door knob and shouted that if I dared to walk out he would handcuff and arrest me. My 2 bolls dropped an inch and I sat down.

About 10 minutes later one person came and returned my ic but said nothing. Since no one said nothing I got out of the room and ran for my life.

This is my story. I was glad when I got home. Took me a day to recover and mull over the happenings and decide to write to you.

This is not the first time I have been to police stations but the experience is not nice at all, so I can sympatize with you and your family.

Sir, you take good care.


Is there an independent body we can report law abusing policemen to? What about harassment? Many times policemen set up roadblocks just to fill their own pockets. Are we allowed to ask for a permit allowing them to set up that road block before they question us? Can somebody please educate me on how to deal with these hooligans?

If we setup a guideline then we can educate other people on their rights.

Wee Choo Keong, MP Wangsa Maju- Royal Address at the Parliament today


Tuan Yang Di Pertua, saya berdiri untuk mengambil bahagian dalam perbahasan usul untuk mempersembahkan ucapan dalam Dewan yang mulia ini dan pertama-tamanya merakamkan ucapan ribuan terima kasih dan menjunjung kasih atas Titah Ucapan Tuanku pada pembukaan Penggal Pertama Parlimen yang ke-12 ini.

Izinkan saya terlebih dahulu mengucapkan tahniah kepada Tuan Yang Di-Pertua kerana telah dipilih sebagai Tuan Yang di-Pertua Dewan Yang Mulia ini dan juga kedua-dua Timbalan Yang DiPertua yang juga dipilih oleh Dewan Yang mulia ini.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Ucapan syabas saya rakamkan kepada rakyat amnya, dan secara khususnya pengundi di negeri Wilayah Persekutuan (khasnya Wangsa Maju), Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Pulau Pinang dan Selangor kerana cukup berani membuat satu penegasan dalam pendirian politik mereka dalam pilihan raya umum baru-baru ini. Ucapan tahniah kepada Pakatan Rakyat (Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Pas dan DAP) kerana bukan sahaja dapat mengekalkan kuasa di negeri Kelantan, bahkan menambahkan pemerintahannya di lima lagi negeri. Di samping itu, tahniah juga kepada rakyat di negeri lain yang berjaya mengurangkan penguasaan majoriti Barisan Nasional yang boleh dijadikan sebagai asas mencapai kemenangan lebih besar dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang.

Malahan, ianya tidak akan lengkap kalau saya tidak mengucapkan terima kasih kepada MENANTU yang bersikap seperti Perdana Menteri, yang telah menyalahgunakan kedudukannya sebagai MENANTU sehingga menyebabkan kemarahan bukan sahaja kepada penyokong BN tetapi juga seluruh negara.

Isu-isu yang saya igin membangkitkan disini ialah:


Soal keselamatan negara dan rakyat sentiasa menjadi tumpuan kita. Pembangunan dan kemakmuran tidak bermakna sekiranya rakyat Malaysia tidak berasa selamat untuk bergerak di dalam kawasan kejiranan mereka sendiri. Oleh itu, Kerajaan sepatutnya menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan agensi penguatkuasaan undang-undang untuk memerangi jenayah habis-habisan.
Anggota polis perlu dilengkapkan dengan sumber, latihan dan peralatan terbaik untuk menentang jenayah.

Kadar jenayah yang semakin meningkat beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini menjadi petunjuk yang amat jelas bahawa Polis Diraja Malaysia telah gagal dalam menjalankan tugasnya. Tidak cukup dengan itu, pihak polis membenarkan diri mereka menjadi alat paksaan dan keganasan untuk mengekalkan kedudukan kerajaan berkuasa. Pihak polis mesti menukarkan fikiran dan sikap mereka jikalu mereka mahu dapat penhormatan rakyat jelata.

Pihak polis mesti menumpukan perhatian pada pencegahan jenayah demi untuk mengelakkan rakyat yang tidak berdosa menjadi mangsa jenayah. Contohnya, wanita yang tidak berdosa menjadi trauma setelah menjadi mangsa ragut. Sesetengah mangsa ini malahan meninggal dunia akibat mengalami kecederaan yang teruk. Satu lagi contoh ialah adik Nurin yang berusia tiga tahun dan telah meninggal dunia turut menjadi mangsa penjenayahan.

Soal keselamatan negara dan rakyat sentiasa menjadi tumpuan kita. Pembangunan dan kemakmuran tidak bermakna sekiranya rakyat Malaysia tidak berasa selamat untuk bergerak di dalam kawasan kejiranan mereka sendiri. Oleh itu, Kerajaan sepatutnya menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan agensi penguatkuasaan undang-undang untuk memerangi jenayah habis-habisan. Anggota polis perlu dilengkapkan dengan sumber, latihan dan peralatan terbaik untuk menentang jenayah.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Bagaimanapun, kadar jenayah yang semakin meningkat beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini menjadi petunjuk yang amat jelas bahawa Polis Diraja Malaysia telah gagal dalam menjalankan tugasnya. Tidak cukup dengan itu, pihak polis membenarkan diri mereka menjadi alat paksaan dan keganasan untuk mengekalkan kedudukan kerajaan berkuasa.

Disebabkan demikian, hak rakyat dipijak-pijak. Sebuah badan polis yang professional dan cekap memerangi jenayah, menghormati hak asasi manusia, tidak berpihak dari segi politik ketika menjalankan tugas, dan bebas daripada rasuah hanya boleh diwujudkan dengan sebuah badan pemantau yang bebas dan mempunyai kuasa secukupnya.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Sejumlah besar anggota polis yang ditugaskan untuk berkhidmat pada ketika ini boleh dikatakan tidak memberi tumpuan kepada perlindungan rakyat biasa dan kawasan-kawasan kejiranan. Masa, wang dan tenaga dihabiskan secara berleluasa untuk melakukan siasatan senyap, mengekang hak asasi, dan terlibat dengan korupsi dan penyalahgunaan kuasa.

Walaubagaimanapu, Kerajaan sepatutnya menaikkan gaji, elaun dan peruntukan perumahan pihak polis sebanyak sekurang-kurang 20 peratus bersesuaian dengan tanggungjawab mereka yang sanggup menggadai nyawa demi memastikan keselamatan rakyat terjamin. Peningkatan gaji, elaun dan peruntukan perumahan ini juga adalah penting untuk menjamin taraf kehidupan mereka lebih-lebih lagi kos hidup yang semakin hari semakin meningkat. Selain itu, menambahkan program latihan yang dilakukan pada kadar yang kerap mesti dibuat dan memastikan pasukan polis sentiasa diperkemaskan dengan teknik pencegahan jenayah terkini.

Dalam masa yang sama, pihak polis juga perlu dipertingkatkan kualiti perkhidmatan mereka. Pelaksanaan kesemua 125 cadangan-cadangan yang dibuat Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salahlaku Polis (IPCMC) perlu diimplementasikan dengan segera, sebagaimana yang dicadangkan oleh Suruhanjaya DiRaja Pembaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan PDRM pada tahun 2004 untuk menjamin pembasmian sebarang bentuk penyalahgunaan kuasa di kalangan polis termasuklah jenayah, rasuah dan keganasan. Melaksanakan IPCMC dengan serta merta adalah untuk memastikan taraf profesional serta menjamin integriti tertinggi dalam pasukan polis.

Saya amat hairan kenapakah Kerajaan menubuhkan sebuah Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salahlaku Polis (IPCMC), Perdana Menteri sendiri teleah mengumumkan bahawa Kerajaan akan menimplementasikan cadang-cadangan tersebut dan selepas pasukan polis menetang cadangan-cadang IPCMC ini, Perdana Menteri menarik balik keputusanya untuk memimplementasikan cadangan tersebut. Ini adalah satu lagi contoh flip-flop Perdana.

Jikalau Kerajaan serius untuk mengawal jenayah supaya Negara kita mencapai kepada “zero tolerance”, Kerajan seharusnya memimplementasikan cadangan Suruhanjaya tersebut dan menubuhkan IPCMC dengan segara.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Demi faedah semua pihak, kerajaan juga mesti memastikan sekurang-kurangnya 60% pihak polis ditugaskan sepenuhnya dengan tanggungjawab mencegah jenayah yang mempunyai kesan langsung dan pantas ke atas keselamatan rakyat dan setiap kawasan

kejiranan. Menggandakan bilangan anggota peronda polis yang ditugaskan untuk mengawal keselamatan di kawasan-kawasan kediaman adalah antara rancangan yang perlu dilakukan sekarang. Pihak polis perlu dibekalkan dengan peralatan yang lebih berkesan untuk memerangi jenayah. Peruntukan mesti disediakan tanpa sebarang pengecualian ke atas peralatan dan teknologi yang mampu menjamin keselamatan rakyat di semua peringkat.

Kebimbangan rakyat mengenai keselamatan mereka begitu serius sejak kebelakangan ini. Tindakan akan menjadi lebih berkesan dengan menempatkan lebih banyak balai polis, pondok polis dan juga 'checkpoint' polis di kawasan-kawasan perumahan, membenarkan kawalan bersifat langsung dengan kehadiran polis untuk mengurangkan sebarang bentuk potensi jenayah di kawasan-kawasan tersebut.


Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Kita menyambut baik semua orang asing dating ke Malaysia secara sah. Kita juga menghargai sumbangan pekerja asing dalam membantu pembangunan ekonomi negara ini, khususnya di sector hartanah dan sector lain.

Walaupun kita mengalu-alukan kedatangan mereka, kita tidak seharusnya lupa bahawa kebanjiran pendatang haram dari Indonesia, Bangladeshi, China dan Myamar membawa bersama pelbagai gejala sosial yang tidak sihat. Apa yang paling kita bimbang sekali ialah penyakit sosial seperti merebaknya pelacuran, permusuhan sesama pendatnag haram, rompakan, pecah rumah dan jenayah yang lain. Beberapa tahun lalu kegiatan pecah rumah berlaku hampir di seluruh Negara dan kebanyakannya adalah angkara pendatang asing.


Tuan Yang Dipertua, Jalan Petaling di Kuala Lumpur telah tekenal sebagai sebuah destinasi pelancongan di negara kita. Malangnya imej Jalan Petaling telah tercemar dengan kebanjiran pendatang tanpa izin yang telah mendominasi kawasan Jalan Petaling.
Pendatang tanpa izin adalah salah dari masalah terbesar negara

Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia telah jemu dengan pendatang tanpa izin yang menjadi ancaman sosial pada negara. Oleh itu, tindakan tegas dan terancang perlu diambil untuk menghantar pulang pendatang tanpa izin ke Negara asal mereka.

Tugas membersihkan pendatang tanpa izin di Jalan Petaling adalah penting. Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Polis dan Jabatan Imigresen harus segera mengambil tindakan bersama untuk menangkap dan menghantar pulang pendatang tanpa izin mulai di Jalan Petaling dan di seluruh negara secara amnya.

RAKYAT SINGAPURA – Pendatang Haram?

Terdapat ramai rakyat Singapura yang hidup dan bekerja di Malaysia selama bertahun-tahun lamanya – malahan ada yang lebih daripada 10 tahun. Ada rakyat Singapura menggunakan Malaysia sebagai tempat kediaman mereka. Kategori rakyat Singapura yang menetap di Malaysia ini menggunakan Pas Sosial dan mereka akan meninggalkan Malaysia pada penghujung setipa bulan ke negara jiran seperti Thailand untuk memperbaharui Pas Sosial mereka.

Perlu ambil perhatian bahawa kategori rakyat Singapura ini yang tinggal dan bekerja di Malaysia telah menyalahgunakan keprihatinan kita. Saya pasti jika cara ini digunakan di Singapura, pejabat Imigresen Singapura tiak akan ragu-ragu mengambil tindakan ke atas rakyat Malaysia.

Bagaimanakah Jabatan Imigresen membenarkan rakyat Singapura seperti ini tinggal dan kembali semula ke Malaysia setiap bulan dan aktiviti seperti ini telah berjalan tanpa dikawal. Saya percaya rakyat Singapura seperti ini juga boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai pendatang asing seperti warga pendatang asing yang lain.

Saya meminta kerajaan terutama sekali Jabatan Imigresen mengetatkan penguatkuasaan dan tidak membenarkan rakyat Singapura mengambil kesempatan ke atas undang-undang kita.


Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Gejala rasuah menjadi berleluasa di dalam kerajaan dan tidak boleh dicabar di bawah perlindungan pemerintah yang berkuasa. Projek-projek mega diberikan kepada individu-individu dan syarikat-syarikat yang mempunyai hubungan politik yang baik dengan mereka yang berkuasa. Ini mengakibatkan kos-kos projek melambung tinggi ke tahap yang melampau yang akan dibiayai dengan wang cukai daripada rakyat. Kos projek yang melonjak juga bermakna kos hidup yang semakin tinggi dan pembayar cukai terpaksa menanggung kedua-duanya akibat rasuah yang berleluasa.

Badan Pencegah Rasuah seharusnya menjadi sebuah badan yang bebas daripada Jabatan Perdana Menteri dan hanya melapor kepada Parlimen sahaja. Saya bersetuju dengan YB Pasirt Mas bahawa Kerajaan sepatutnya menandantangani ke atas “United Nation Convention Against Corruption” dengan izin.

Usaha kerajaan untuk membendung gejala rasuah ini nampaknya tidak dilakukan secara bersungguh-sungguh. Ini terbukti, sebanyak 18 kes rasuah yang diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri membabitkan individu berprofil tinggi termasuk menteri dan sampai hari ini 18 individu ini belum lagi dituduh di Mahkamah. Rakyat masih tertunggu-tunggu dari tahun 2004 sehingga hari, bilakah 18 individu yang berprofil tinggi akan dituduh mengenai dengan kes rasuah.


Beberapa perkembangan sejak kebelakangan ini jelas membuka ruang untuk ketelusan dan integriti Institusi Kehakiman Negara dipertikaikan.

Pendedahan lengkap oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang

mendedahkan bukti bagaimana Hakim dipengaruhi oleh pihak luar dalam membuat keputusan dalam kes melibatkan beliau. Saya bersetuju dengan HAli Yang Berhormat dari Ipoh Timor bahawa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Ahli Yabg Berhormat Bagan dan Menteri Besar Pulau Pinang, YB Lim GuanEng dan saya adalah mangsa ketidadilan yang dikenakan kepada kami oleh hakim tertentu.

Implikasi pendedahan tersebut ialah negara berada dalam krisis. Institusi yang seharusnya menjadi pelindung keadilan dan harapan rakyat kini hancur maruah dan kehormatanya. Negara yang rakyatnya tidak menghormati sistem perundangan serta kehakiman bakal berdepan dengan masalah yang lebih hebat. Di mata dunia juga Malaysia akan dipandang lebih buruk.

Skandal pita Lingam baru-baru ini telah mengukuhkan persepsi awam bahawa badan kehakiman di negara ini adalah korup dan berpihak kepada kerajaan berkuasa, terutamanya selepas krisis kehakiman 1988 (selepas Tun Salleh di buang kerja). Ia telah gagal mempertahankan hak rakyat dan memberikan keadilan kepada mereka yang menjadi mangsa kepada golongan kaya dan berkuasa.

Dalam “hearing” Suruhanjaya Sesiatan DiRaja mengenai dengan pita Lingam, seluruh Negara telah tahu bahawa Lingam adalah amat hebat sehingga dia boleh menulis Alasan Kehakiman untuk seorang hakim. Bukan kah ini hebat?

Nama hakim Mahkamah Rayuan pun ada timbul dalam Suruhanjya Sesiatan DiRaja tetapi hakim ini masih “despense justice” di Mahkamah Rayuan. Nama beliau ialah Datuk Low Hop Bing. Saya berharap Ketua Hakim Negara mengambil tindakan dengan segera terhadap isu ini.

Kita menyambut baik titah Pemangku Sultan Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah pada Persidangan Hakim-hakim Malaysia bulan lalu bahawa badan kehakiman mesti sentiasa mempertahankan fungsi dan semangat Perlembagaan Persekutuan tanpa mengorbankan doktrin pengasingan kuasa, Rukun Negara dan kebebasan badan kehakiman itu sendiri dalam menegakkan sistem keadilan.

Cadangan penubuhan Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman juga mendapat sokongan ramai dengan pelbagai pihak meminta saranan itu segera dilaksanakan bagi membantu mengurangkan kemungkinan berlaku penyalahgunaan kuasa dan ketidakadilan dalam sistem perundangan negara ini.


Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Dalam pilihanraya umum baru-baru ini, Pakatan Rakyat telah mencapai kejayaan yang cukup gemilang di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Calon Pakatan Rakyat hanya kalah di satu kerusi sahaja, iaitu di Setiawangsa. Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan

adalah satu-satunya calon dari Barisan Nasional (BN) di Kuala Lumpur yang dipilih dalam pilihan raya umum 8 Mac lalu. Dengan kata lain, beliau adalah ahli pembangkang dalam parlimen Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Tetapi parti yang kalah dengan teruk, telah berkuasa. Ini adalah satu fakta yang tak pernah berlaku di dalam maysarakat berdemocrasi di seluruh dunia.

Lebih dari itu, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan hanya bergantung kepada undi pos untuk meyelatkan kerusi Parlimen Setiawangsa. Oleh itu, beliau sepatutnya dilantik sebagai Menteri Undi Pos.

Di bawah Akta Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Bandar Kuala umpur adalah satu-satunya pihak yang mempunyai kuasa ksekutif dan bukan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan. Oleh itu, jawatan ini perlu dimansuhkan dengan segera. Padahalnya 1995 sehingga 2004 Kemkenterian Wilayah Persekutuan telah dimansuhkan dan Kuala Lumpur ditakbirkan lebih baik daripada sekarang kerana tiada Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan timbalannya main politics ariah.

Saya dengan ini mendesak Perdan Menteri supaya tidak membazirkan wang rakyat dan memansuhkan jawatan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan yang tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk melakukan apa-apa bagi kepentingan penduduk Kuala Lumpur dan kewujudan Kementerian ini untuk memain peranan politik BN sahaja.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Saya juga ingin menarik perhatian bahawa cara perlantikan Anggota Lembaga Penasihat DBKL oleh Datuk Bandar juga perlu digubal. Dan alhli-ahli Lembaga Penasihat tersebut adalah dari BN dan kuncu-kuncunya. Demi mengimbangi keadaan ini, saya menggesa semua Ahli Parlimen Kuala Lumpur dilantik secara automatk sebagai Anggota Lembaga Penasihat DBKL, bagi membolehkan suara rakyat diwakili dalam pembentukan dasar serta penilaian pelaksanaan dasar DBKL.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Demi menyelesaikan semua masalah social di Kuala Lumpur, kita mesti menggubal Federal Capital Act supaya membolehkan jawatan Datuk Bandar dilantik oleh semua penduduk Kuala Lumpur. Inilah satu-satu caranya membolehkan Datuk Bandar dapat memenuhi kehendak Rakyat dan menjadi lebih bertanggungjawab dan telus.


Hari ini, kawasan Parlimen Wangsa Maju telah rancak dibangunkan dengan rumah-rumah kediaman dan komersial. Ia memang tidak dinafikan sebagai satu perkembangan yang baik. Bagaimanapun, terlalu banyak projek perumahan dan bangunan-bangunan perdagangan secara berlebihan dan tidak terkawal juga mendatangkan kesan yang negatif terutamanya banyak projek perumahan ini hanya dilakukan oleh sebuah syarikat pemaju yang sama, iaitu Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd.

Banyak projek di bawah Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd telah diluluskan oler DBKL untuk Wangsa Maju tanpa memikirkan kemudahan-kemudahan awam di kawasan tersebut. Sudah terdapat pembangunan berlebihan di Wangsa Maju dan telah menyebabkan kesesakan lalulintas di Jalan Genting Kelang saban hari.

DBKL harus siasat sama ada projek perumahan dan bangunan dagangan di Wangsa Maju oleh Plantinium Victory Sdn Bhd ada mengikut polisi pembangunan DBKL dan peraturan-peraturan pembangunan yang sedia ada.

Sebidang tanah yang bersebelahan dengan sebuah tasik di Jalan Genting Kelang telah digunakan untuk projek perumahaan, sekali lagi ia dilaksanakan oleh Platinum Vicotry Sdn Bhd. Apakah sebab tanah ini diperuntukkan dan adakah suatu tender persendirian untuk projek ini telah dibuat? Kenapkah Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd telah diberi layanan dan keistimewaan.


Tuan Yang Dipertua, tujuan utama penubuhan Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Negara (PAC) ialah memeriksa dan memantau urusan kewangan negara dan memastikan ketelusan pengurusan dan pentadbiran kewangan negara ditadbir secara baik dan sempurna.

Untuk membentuk sebuah kerajaan yang bersih, bebas daripada rasuah, boleh dipercayai dan memelihara kepentingan rakyat, kerajaan sepatutnya melantik ahli pembangkang sebagai Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Negara (PAC).

Jika Perdana Menteri seringkali menegaskan ketelusan dan sedia mendengar kebenaran suara rakyat, maka sudahlah tiba masanya untuk melantik daripada kalangan Ahli Pembangkang untuk menajdi Pengerusi PAC demi memastikan segala urusan kewangan negara tidak berlaku sebarang penyelewengan dan membazirkan wang rakyat.


Untuk mengwujudkan sebuah masyarakat yang bermaklumat, sebuah masyarakat yang bebas dan bertanggungjawab dan sebuah kerajaan yang baik dengan pemerintahan yang telus serta berani memikul tanggungjawab, maka kita sebenarnya memerlukan satu undang-undang yang menjamin kebebasan maklumat dan juga maklumat/data yang disimpan oleh pihak kerajaan atau syarikat swasta seperti bank-bank dan lain-lain.

Pada 24 Mei 1993 semasa saya sebagai Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bintang, saya telah menyeru Kerajan untuk melusluskan satu akta bernama Freedom of Information Act. Di mana akta ini boleh mengawal supaya data-data yang disimpankan oleh polis, syarikat-syarikat perbankan dan lain adalah seratus-peratus betul.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Kita tidak boleh menafikan bahawa data-data yang disimpan oleh insitusi yang menyiman data seperti CETOS, institusi perbankan dan lain di mana orang awam dalam rekodnya adalah seorang bankrap sedangkan orang tersebut bukanya seorang bankrap. Keadaan ini menjejaskan kepentingang orang tertentu.

Di Amerika Syarikat mereka ada Freedom of Information Act dan di UK ia ada Data Protection Act. Di UK orang awam boleh menulis surat kepada mana agensi kerajaasn, syarikat perbankan dan lain untuk mendapatkan apa-apa maklumat mengenai dengan meraka ataupun informasi mengenai mereka dan agensi kerajaan atau syarikat tersebut mesti memberuikan maklumat mengenai beliau dan beliau ada hak untuk membetulkan maklumat yang tidak betul. Negara kita sudah sampai masa untuk meluluskan satu Freedom of Information Act atau Data Protection Act.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,

Saya menyeru Kerajan supaya membentang satu ruang undang bernama Freedom of Information Act atau Data Protection Act.

Due to time constraint I was unable to speak more on the Government’s special treatments given to AirAsia.

Tuan Yang Di Pertua,


I did object to the special treatments given to AirAsia by the government.

I also questioned the government on the issue of helping AirAsia, which is a private company.

I also questioned the government for building the LCCT for AirAsia’s use and for it to be called the home of AirAsia.

I also talk about building of LCCT. To my estimation the LCCT as it were should not cost more than RM20 million but the actual cost of LCCT was RM108 million.

I also question the Minister of Transport why there was no open tender for the LCCT project. I also questioned the Minister of Transport on what basis the LCCT project was given to Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd.


Demi mengelakkan AirAsia daripada terus monopoli, saya menyarankan supaya kerajaan mengamalkan dasar langit terbuka dengan membenarkan syarikat-syarikat penerbangan yang lain seperti MAS menjalankan perkhidmatan Tambang Murah dalam negara.

Kenapakah kerajaan memberikan hak keestimewaan kepada AirAsia untuk monopolikan low cost carrier services di dalam Negara.


Buat masa ini, iklan tambang AirAsia tidak menunjukkan harga yang sebenar. Ia mengiklankan RM9.99 tidak bermakna RM9.99 telah perlu ditambahkan dengan cukai lapangan terbang dan lain-lain-lain bayaran. Harga sebenar boleh mencecah RM150 dan bukan RM9.99 seperti yang diiklankan. Taktik perniagaan seperti ini tidak beretika dan sepatutnya diberhentikan.

Kerajaan perlu menghentikan kegiatan yang tidak sihat ini. Kerajaan perlu mengeluarkan undang-undang baru bahawa semua harga tambang yang diiklankan mestilah sama dengan harga yang perlu dibayar oleh penumpang di bawah sistem satu tambang.


Polis kerajaan Malaysia untuk syarikat asing menjalankan perniagaan di Malaysia ialah sekurang-kurangnya mempunyai 30 eduiti kepada Bumiputra.

American International Assurance Co Ltd (AIA) adalah satu-satunya syarikat asing yang diberikan hak keistimewan untuk menjalankan perniagaan di Malaysia tanpa membeikan 30 equiti kepada Bumiputra.

Kerajaan sepatutnya memberitahu kepada kita kenapa AIA diberikan keistimewan dan dikecualikan daripada sebarang polisi kerajaan untuk menjalankan perniagaan di Malaysia.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Latest update on Raja Petra

Plucked from Wee Choo Keong's blog posting at 11:09am today- RPK remains in Sungai Buloh prison at his own will and have started a hunger strike. He has voluntarily refused to post the RM5,000 bail and chose to remain in jail.
Meanwhile, the international and local press have picked up the news in detail- at this point in time there over 120 articles on RPK's charge.

Dear RPK, we are behind you.

Feelings of shock and sadness, anger and disappointment pulsed through me as I opened Malaysia Today's web and read RPK's latest piece titled What is Islam. It seems to be a spreading fact that RPK will be arrested soon and charged.

I hope and pray that they will not treat him unjustly, but this is merely wishful thinking. The sad fact is we know, with the current state of the police force and the people in power, there will be no justice done. We know, that if given the chance he'll probably get a beating before anything is confirmed.

This seems such a bleak situation.

But after reading all the comments and follow up on this piece of news, I also know that when RPK is treated unjustly and is denied his rights, there will be people who will rise up and cry to the injustice. There will be huge outbursts and massive waves of feelings just like mine.

The desire and hunger for justice to be done, tyranny to be stamped out and to show that people are the boss,! No one has the right to deny us our rights and cause us misery just because we fight for what is good, what is real and what is right.

Therefore, to all supporters of the free press and supporters of RPK, I pledge to oppose injustice to RPK in any way I can. Perhaps I am a drop in an ocean, which alone cannot cause waves, but when small drops form together, they can cause waves of change.

Wee Choo Keong kicks butt

As we know Raja Petra was detained by the police yesterday for the article called 'Let's send Altantuya murderers to Hell' on Malaysia Today. But look what Wee Choo Keong did when he arrived at Bukit Aman that day.

OK, live telecast on parliament proceedings is on again

It was off, and now it's on again. Off because the PM was 'ashamed' of the 'how ' the proceedings went. Well I thought it went on fine except for the '...duduk, duduk...' ('...Seat down, seat down..') pleas from the chief speaker, What the heck- even the BN MPs want the live telecast to go on.

Overwhelming hits on Tun M's blog

The blog just started 2 days back and has hit nearly 141,ooo hits at this point in time!