Stupid law, stupid results part II

In the run up to an anticipated snap GE, the prime minister dangled previously unimagined sweet promises.


Najib: We value an independent judiciary
By V. Anbalagan and Sean Augustin

PUTRAJAYA: The prime minister said that his administration respects and understands the need for an independent judiciary.

"My administration is committed to an independent judiciary, which is an essential ingredient in nation-building," Datuk Seri Najib Razak said in his speech during his maiden visit to the Palace of Justice (POJ), here yesterday, which houses the Federal Court and Court of Appeal.

Najib: ISA repealed to make Malaysia best democracy

Well, he got a very easy thing to do to prove how serious he is with regards to those lofty goals and put away the ghost of Perkasa torpedoing his previous flagship called NEM (not to mention a tragic waste of tax payers' money succumbing to subcontractor of some sorts to a political party)

Stupid law, stupid results

Law is man-made regulations. People make mistakes and bad people makes bad decisions. When bad people make law, we ended up with bad laws.

For decades, inadequate delivery systems have diverted our law makers from their original legislation duty to that of local councilors, rendering the due process of drafting progressive, fair and reasonable law as a secondary, or even ignored, role.

World Class Parliament = World Class Law = Good Place to Live
Crap Parliament = Crap Law = Crappy Place to Live

Within the MP ranks, with characters such as “close one eye”, “bocor” and “RM1 million FB page”, how many right minded tax payers can safely say they have the utmost confidence in their ability then?

This is what I have in mind when I read some of the laws relating to conduct of general elections.

Kod Negara 71: mistake or not?

This kod negara 71 business is getting more and more interesting. It is quite clear that it is not one of the 199 country codes listed by JPN in their official website.

A senior UMNO figure conducted a serious and vigorous defense on this matter.

His salient points are:

# some of the opposition figures are holding kod negara 71
# the code is really meant for people born overseas

The answer to Bersih 2.0 is Project IC 2.0 – now I know why we marched (dwi bahasa)

Translation of key points in the report entitled “Pemuda Pas discovered more than 170,000 suspicious voters”, published in Oriental Daily on 22nd September 2011
Terjemahan kenyataan-kenyataan utama dalam laporan akhbar bertajuk “Pemuda Pas menjumpa lebih daripda 170,000 orang pengundi yang mencurigakan” dalam akhbar Oriental Daily bertarikh 22 haribulan September 2011.

Pemuda Pas discovered more than 170,000 suspicious voters
“Pemuda Pas menjumpa lebih daripda 170,000 orang pengundi yang mencurigakan”

Solid waste management or sordid waste management?

 Despite a lot of hard selling by the deputy prime minister in the Sun and the NST today, I am still skeptical that we tax and rate payers will be getting a rakyat  diutamakan deal out of the 22 years concession granted to Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, SWM Environment Sdn Bhd and Environment Idaman Sdn Bhd pertaining to waste management.

The US have Area 51, we have Kod Negara 71

The revelations for the past few weeks have been alarming. After Mismah gate, there is “aqua ICs” discovery by YB Anthony Loke and now even  official Bangladeshi website is revealing the assault of citizen’s right and democracy in Malaysia.

NKRA : a closer look at the big numbers by a simple man

The Prime Minister has announced 8 new investment projects worth RM1.4 billion under six National Key Economics Areas (NKRA) covering agriculture, education, aerospace, wholesale, retail and manufacturing.
 ETP: PM announces RM1.43bil in investments
On first impression, the big zany numbers look impressive so let’s take a closer look.

Permission for Lynas to operate in Australia... not!

Lynas' executive chairman Nick Curtis claims that they have permission from the Australian government to set up the entire rare earth processing and waste disposal facilities in Australia. This license was actually granted to Ashton Rare Earth Limited in 1992, but was fully transferred to Lynas through a series of corporate exercise. Lynas has often used this license as a means to discredit the rationale of those who oppose the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng. After all, given Australia's tough environmental laws, if it is approved in Australia, why kick up a fuss in Malaysia?

Not only the voting processes is screwed up, but the whole world too (dwi bahasa)

I am shocked beyond words when I read Anthony Loke’s disclosure in a press conference today, pointing out numerous army wives carrying ICs with ending odd numbers (which is meant for male citizens) and bearing the exact date of birth of their husbands. One or two of such instances can be explained as errors or coincidence but dozens of them appearing in 2nd quarter of 2011 while GE hype is brewing?

Saya terpegun tatkala membaca siding akhbar saudara Anthony Loke hari ini yang mendedahkan isteri anggota tenteta membawa IC berakhir dengan nombor ganjil (yang memang ditetapkan untuk golongan lelaki) dan mempunyai tarikh lahir yang sama dengan suami mereka. Sekiranya berlaku sekali dua kali, mungkin boleh dianggap sebagai kesilapan atau kebetulan namun mengapakah berpuluh-puluh kejadian ini menjelma serentak dalam suku tahun 2 2011 tatkala ura-ura pilihanraya akan diadakan?