Felda: protest march and we are paying for it

Feldas' settlers' are pretty unhappy and decided to march in KL.


Farmers to march against FGVH amid dismal share price
December 27, 2012KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 — Some 30,000 farmers are expected to converge on the city tomorrow against plantations giant Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) in what they claim is a bid to save the federal land authority — seen as among the last pillars of the Malay community — from crumbling.
 The share price of FGVH had dipped two sen below its initial public offering (IPO) of RM4.55 in early trade at 10am today, continuing its dismal performance in recent months which has angered a group of first- and second-generation palm oil farmers who hold stock in the company.
 FGVH’s share price rebounded later in the day to close at RM4.60 on Bursa Malaysia when trading halted for the day.

Can a hair dresser bring down a democracy movement?

Recently there is a series of absurd looking but well timed “incidents” of “religious confrontation surfacing in controlled main stream media mainly accessed by the non-muslim community.
I am talking about the hair dresser who got fined by the Kota Bahru Municipal Council and now the non-muslim people being cautioned for indecent behavior by the same authority.

I would like to say, it is an insult to tens of thousands of decent hairdressers and customers who like nothing more than a normal way of making a living and get a routine chore out of the way respectively. Do I get a woody while having my hair cut? Never.
However, the above incident, as abominable as it is, is being blown up with strong scent of 2 elements: expectedly timed prior to a GE and subsequent high profile follow up reports that has vote persuasion happen all over it.

The day after the 1 night stand before: the aftermath of 2013 budget

The 2013 spend and feel good budget has been read for the nation’s attention and parliament’s debate. The debate is probably useless, for the Janji Ditepati administration, chronic, habitual spending above budget is a given.  This habit is well documented
Malaysia Putrajaya asks for RM14b more to spend
UPDATED @ 12:04:39 14-06-2012
By Shannon Teoh
Jun 14, 2012
 KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — The federal government tabled a supplementary supply Bill today, asking for RM13.8 billion more to spend this year, fuelling fears the Najib administration will not be able to rein in the deficit and breach the statutory debt ceiling.
Therefore, rather than dwelling too much in detail into a current and soon to be derailed budget, let’s project into the future base on the path Malaysians been dragged down unto for the past decade.

Qucik glance BN budget vs PR budget

It has been number crunching nerd's dream week as both Barisan Nasional administration and Pakatan Rakyat shadow administration unveiled their respective budget within a day between them.
There is so much to talk about when one put both of them together. I limit myself for the moment to comment on Vision, Cost of Living and Crime and Safety aspects.


Education Ministry's latest project

This is a picture of a YTL-sponsored Wi-Fi tower in the midst of being setup at a primary school somewhere in Taman P. Ramlee Wangsa Maju. According to YTL employees the Education Ministry has approved the YTL sponsorship and towers such as these will be erected in most if not all schools.

Touch n Go Rapid KL - consumers at losing end

My recent experiences with Touch n Go is infuriating experience. TNGSB is a private limited company whose shareholders are CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, MTD Capital Berhad and PLUS Expressways Berhad. They are cash rich and earning super normal profit and very much a GLC way of thinkig and working.

The debt driven 5.4% GDP growth in Q2 2012

The Q2 2012 Gross Domestic Product growth of 5.4% seems to be a pleasant surprise from 1Malaysia administration.
The Second Finance Minister who is on top of the numbers pointed out the oil rigs are responsible.
Tuesday August 21, 2012
Husni: 5.4% Q2 growth a boost for Malaysia
IPOH: The better-than-expected 5.4% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter is a confidence booster for Malaysia to perform better for the rest of the year.
Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah attributed the current positive growth to the resumption of operations at oil rigs, which had affected the country’s production of crude oil previously.
 According to Jabatan Statistik Malaysia, however, has more to say:

SPR: to random or not to random

Tindak Malaysia, a NGO specializes in training volunteers as Polling and Counting Agent (PACAs) for elections, recently advocated their insistence on randomization of ballot papers to the SPR.

What is randomization?
In a nutshell, it means the ballot papers are not to be torn and handed out to voters according to the sequence in ballot booklet.

Janji Ditepati and national debt

A quick look at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) annual statistics shows the following:
·         From 2007 to 2011, the GDP increased on average, 6.4% a year and between the years, our GDP increased by 28.2%
·         During the same time, external borrowings increased  on average 8.2% a year and between the years, our external debts increased by 37.2%
·         During the same time, Hutang Dalam Negeri Persekutuan increased on average 15.2% a year and between the years, our HDNP increased by 77.22%!
In short, as much as Najib praised Malaysians for being hardworking; his administration works much harder at incurring debts. Tell me who should be bersyukur?

Janji Ditepati Part 2

Najib administration’s initial flagship i.e. promise was the expensively financed research project New Economic Model. It was a well written piece and carries plenty of good ideas. The PM promised us the NEM will usher us to a better new place.
KUALA LUMPUR: The New Economic Model (NEM) unveiled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Tuesday will generate benefits for all Malaysians, irrespective of race under its inclusive growth goal and approach.

Janji Ditepati...part 1

With the issuance of the standard “avoid misunderstanding” excuse, the much maligned Janji Ditepati slogan is removed from Merdeka Day but perhaps reserved for BN Day celebration later.

Gov't scraps controversial Merdeka logo
 9:18AM Jul 29, 2012  
The government has decided to replace the 55th National Day celebrations logo with the standard 1Malaysia logo after a week of public outcry.
Announcing this in a post on micro-blogging site Twitter, Information, Communications and Culture Rais Yatim said this is to "quell misunderstanding".
"To quell some misunderstanding, we (will) only have 1Malaysia as (the) logo for Merdeka (and) Hari Malaysia," he said

The lyrics of the songs celebrates Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia,  the way this country is runned until welfare payout is celebrated, is most unusual by world standards.
The back pedaling however, do not excuse tax payers and public at large for examining the current administration’s intention and performance , as it claims that it fulfills promises.

Musings about the private retirement fund

Another attempt to create feel good feeling sees the Finance Minister launching private pension fund scheme.

PM launches new voluntary Private Retirement Scheme

KUALA LUMPUR: The voluntary Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) was launched on Wednesday by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that will allow employees and self employed the opportunity to save for their retirement.
To encourage savings under the scheme, individuals are granted tax relief of up to RM3,000 and employers are provided with tax deduction on contributions to the PRS on behalf of their employees above the statutory rate of 19%.
A total of 24 funds will be managed by eight Private Retirement Schemes providers which would be available to the public this September.
A finance minister is suppose to be overseeing the compliance of its finance industry players, and not becoming their sales promoter. There is clearly a conflict of interest but just for the sake of looking nice, anything could be politicalised.
The description itself is clear, "PRIVATE" means private sector driven, not by public servants on public's money and time.
Do you ever see Obama/Margaret Thatcher/Angela Merkel or even Mahathir become spoke person for commercial product while in office?

Volunteering with favours

I am very surprised by this latest beating of my tax money.


PM: RM100mil 'seed money' for IM4U volunteer programme

KUALA LUMPUR: A special RM100mil fund will set up to spearhead the 1Malaysia For Youth (IM4U) programme, in a bid to instill a greater spirit of volunteerism amongst the nation's youth, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced Sunday.

He said the fund, named Dana Sukarelawan 1Malaysia (DRe1M), will be managed by a special task force with administration and distribution of allocation done online.

He also said he would personally head an IM4U board of trustees to oversee the smooth running of the youth volunteer programmes.


He also announced that 2013 will be declared the Year of Volunteerism to further instill the spirit of volunteerism amongst youth.

More than 50,000 youths are participating in a variety of 16 volunteer programmes in Klang Valley and Selangor.

Don’t learn NOT to pay your debts

The prime minister said that Pakatan Rakyat are teaching people bad things, very bad things, such as debts are not to be settled.
Opposition teaching people bad things: PM

PEKAN -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today opposition political parties in the country seem to be teaching people bad things, even matters contrary to religion.
 Evidently, three bad things were that debts do not have to be settled, good deeds can be forgotten and promises need not be fulfilled, he said.
Well growing up in a country that is administered by Alliance-BN administration for more than 50 years, whereby we live and learned from education system, judicial system and kepimpinan melalui teladan set by one of the longest political alliance in power, I wonder where the bad teachers learn from?
Let’s look at some fine case studies which serve to “teach people” not to repay debts.

IHH Healthcare Berhad listing: For it means for the man and woman in the street

PM Ah Jib Khor continues to mesmerize the public, with imminent and oh-so-secretive timing of GE, with another of his Economic Transformation Plan gizmo – listing of IHH Healthcare Berhad.


KUALA LUMPUR: The listing of IHH Healthcare Bhd (IHH) further affirmed the development and the maturing of Malaysia’s private healthcare sector and its emergence as a key player on the international stage, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said.
“I can safely say that this also offers further evidence of the vibrancy and depth of our capital markets, once again underlining the fact that Malaysia is a bright spot on the otherwise dark canvas of global finance,” he said at the launch of IHH’s initial public offering (IPO) prospectus here today.
He said the listing of IHH was an example of Khazanah Nasional Bhd’s commitment to delivering a clear and coherent regionalisation strategy, bringing together best-in-class business through a combination of mergers, acquisitions and collaborations.
“With this listing, IHH can further cement its role as a leading force in the global healthcare sector,” he said.
Wah, very nice big words Ah Jib Kor. But what do you mean-ah?

What is so great about vote buying?

We probably should have anticipated what was more to come after the the legendary and trade mark setting sentence of "you help me, I help you" vote buying rallying call in Sibu.

Since then it is disbursement here, there any everywhere.

The total bill we tax payer has to foot, 11 weeks into the prime minister's creation of feel good feeling during his trade secret period is RM606.68 million.


PM, DPM disburse RM600mil over 11 weeks

The government had disbursed RM608.68 million over 11 weeks to the people through Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin's official nationwide visits.
According to a parliamentary written reply, the "urgent allocation" approved from January to March 15 was handed out during their 14-state visit, with Perak recording the highest at RM220.38 million for 34 projects.

Jerai PAS MP Mohd Firdaus Jaafar on Tuesday had asked the Prime Minister's Department to list to all the allocations approved for the prime minister's official tour of the states.

Allocations for Johor ranked second, with RM201.40 million doled out for 24 projects, while the Federal Territories came in third with RM63.25 million dispensed for nine projects.

Najib’s recent marathon forays to Perak and Selangor focussed on opposition-held areas, distributing goodies and promises to boost BN’s popularity, had fuelled speculation that polls might be announced soon.


While RM606.68 million seems huge, it represent a minor investment to secure BN's continue power hold and loose change to wealth generation and preservation of those who waltz in the corridor of power and its lucky associates. The added bonus is that your lenders, being the tax payers, have no recourse against your personal assets, unlike a normal businessman or housebuyer begging support from a tightly regulated financial instituion.

Evidence Act or Clamping Act?

The recent amendments in the Evidence Act which basically deem bloggers and victims of hacked facebook account owners as person who posted all comments in their space until proven otherwise is the best proof of Najib’s “the best democracy in the world claim” pudding.
Sunday May 27, 2012
Cyber bullies and stalkers often get away because of lack of evidence
PETALING JAYA: “It wasn't me.” That's the most common response from people when a hate or threatening message is traced to their Facebook or Twitter or any other Internet account.
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission says it is almost legally impossible to take action if all that a person has to do is to deny any responsibility.
“Think of the victims. People who have been slandered or whose lives have been threatened,” commission chairman Datuk Mohamed Sharil Mohamed Tarmizi said, adding that many a time cyber bullies and stalkers who often use “the cloak of anonymity” have got away because of lack of evidence.

Claims of safety for Lynas plant is based on selective science

I refer to the article "Thorium Lynas tidak berbahaya - A. Rahman Omar" published in Malaysian Insider [1].  He claims that Lynas' waste is safe because the radioactivity is very low.  But he conveniently ignored the fact that the WLP waste is still almost 40 times greater than background levels [2].  We oppose the plant because there is no scientific consensus on how safe this level is.

Some scientists believe that the IAEA has grossly underestimated the risks of internal emitters.  They formed the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) to challenge IAEA's International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) risk assessment model.  One of the proponents of the ECRR, Chris Busby opined that the ICRP may have underestimated the risk of inhaled thorium internal emitters by 100-200 times [3].

Lynas' waste as harmless as table salt? Really?

A very well researched and written article by Mr Soo Jin Hou which was denied publication elsewhere....for what reason, I do not know.

In a highly publicized press conference on 3 April 2012, Lynas demonstrated that their WLP waste is lower in radioactivity than table salt [1] [2].  The implication of this experiment is very detrimental to the stop Lynas campaign.  One of the main rebuttal against the IAEA review is that its International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) model has underestimated the risk of internal emitters, which are radioactive particles that are ingested or inhaled.  If the common salt has higher radioactivity than Lynas' wastes, the entire argument on internal emitters will be void

Oops, slip of tongue, Minister!

Malaysian politicians say the darnest things...........


Hisham: Photo equipment seized as part of SOP

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the confiscation of memory cards and cameras belonging to journalists during the Bersih 3.0 rally were part of the police’s standard operating procedure (SOP).

Speaking at the Kuala Lumpur general hospital, Hishammuddin said this when asked why the items were seized since he claimed that the police had nothing to hide.
I don’t know. This is the standard operating procedure of police…,” he said.

How can the minister contradict himself in one sentence? "I don't know" and "standard operating procedure" should not come in the same sentence.

For example, if you ask a surgeon what is the expensive, risky and painful procedure is to be taken, how much confidence would you have if the surgeon paraphased Hishammuddin and says "I don't know. This is the  standard operating procedure of the hospital...."?

From FaceBook: How the northern barricade was really breached

This is a video passed on to me via FB from a fellow-blogger. Shows seconds before the northern Dataran Merdeka barricade was breached.

I am so proud of you, Dad...

Stand-off in front of DBKL today. Pic: resident.wangsamaju
While I was busy uploading pictures and scouring the internet for news, pictures and most up to date information on BERSIH 3.0, little did I know that my dad had a little adventure of his own up north. In a way, I felt ashamed that I did not do what he did but on the other hand, I am so proud of him for what he did.

PDRM trying to close off Masjid Jamek LRT

The roaring businesses on Bersih3.0

Jalan TAR


12.35pm - Update from Loong
News updates!! Apparently there were paratroopers from the air force were trying to air drop onto Dataran Merdeka but were "blown off course" by the wind.

Further confirmation that Pasar Seni is closed but Police are just monitoring the situation.

12.45pm - Updates from Loong
Huge crowd stopped at the police barrier beside Central Market. Looks like the crowd is waiting for BERSIH's leaders to arrive.

BERSIH 3.0 Up and Around - UPDATED at 12.55pm

Petaling Street. Pic: resident.wangsamaju

It is pretty obvious this man here is fighting for his future generations. Kudos, he can stand tall and tell his grandchildren that he was there to fight for their future!

Many Malaysians from around the globe will congregate in various locations around the world tomorrow for a cause to save our nation from further tyranny, corruption and various malpractices through the demands for clean and fair election.

Many stand firm in their desire of wanting to see a clean and fair elections while many are also apathetic about the effects and repercussion of election malpractices that has plagued our nation for many many elections.

Son, can you bring me along with you to Bersih 3.0?

“儿子,你可以带我一起去 Bersih 3.0 吗?”

from http://www.breezygarden.blogspot.com/