The debt driven 5.4% GDP growth in Q2 2012

The Q2 2012 Gross Domestic Product growth of 5.4% seems to be a pleasant surprise from 1Malaysia administration.
The Second Finance Minister who is on top of the numbers pointed out the oil rigs are responsible.
Tuesday August 21, 2012
Husni: 5.4% Q2 growth a boost for Malaysia
IPOH: The better-than-expected 5.4% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter is a confidence booster for Malaysia to perform better for the rest of the year.
Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah attributed the current positive growth to the resumption of operations at oil rigs, which had affected the country’s production of crude oil previously.
 According to Jabatan Statistik Malaysia, however, has more to say:

SPR: to random or not to random

Tindak Malaysia, a NGO specializes in training volunteers as Polling and Counting Agent (PACAs) for elections, recently advocated their insistence on randomization of ballot papers to the SPR.

What is randomization?
In a nutshell, it means the ballot papers are not to be torn and handed out to voters according to the sequence in ballot booklet.

Janji Ditepati and national debt

A quick look at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) annual statistics shows the following:
·         From 2007 to 2011, the GDP increased on average, 6.4% a year and between the years, our GDP increased by 28.2%
·         During the same time, external borrowings increased  on average 8.2% a year and between the years, our external debts increased by 37.2%
·         During the same time, Hutang Dalam Negeri Persekutuan increased on average 15.2% a year and between the years, our HDNP increased by 77.22%!
In short, as much as Najib praised Malaysians for being hardworking; his administration works much harder at incurring debts. Tell me who should be bersyukur?

Janji Ditepati Part 2

Najib administration’s initial flagship i.e. promise was the expensively financed research project New Economic Model. It was a well written piece and carries plenty of good ideas. The PM promised us the NEM will usher us to a better new place.
KUALA LUMPUR: The New Economic Model (NEM) unveiled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Tuesday will generate benefits for all Malaysians, irrespective of race under its inclusive growth goal and approach.