The day after the 1 night stand before: the aftermath of 2013 budget

The 2013 spend and feel good budget has been read for the nation’s attention and parliament’s debate. The debate is probably useless, for the Janji Ditepati administration, chronic, habitual spending above budget is a given.  This habit is well documented
Malaysia Putrajaya asks for RM14b more to spend
UPDATED @ 12:04:39 14-06-2012
By Shannon Teoh
Jun 14, 2012
 KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — The federal government tabled a supplementary supply Bill today, asking for RM13.8 billion more to spend this year, fuelling fears the Najib administration will not be able to rein in the deficit and breach the statutory debt ceiling.
Therefore, rather than dwelling too much in detail into a current and soon to be derailed budget, let’s project into the future base on the path Malaysians been dragged down unto for the past decade.

Qucik glance BN budget vs PR budget

It has been number crunching nerd's dream week as both Barisan Nasional administration and Pakatan Rakyat shadow administration unveiled their respective budget within a day between them.
There is so much to talk about when one put both of them together. I limit myself for the moment to comment on Vision, Cost of Living and Crime and Safety aspects.


Education Ministry's latest project

This is a picture of a YTL-sponsored Wi-Fi tower in the midst of being setup at a primary school somewhere in Taman P. Ramlee Wangsa Maju. According to YTL employees the Education Ministry has approved the YTL sponsorship and towers such as these will be erected in most if not all schools.

Touch n Go Rapid KL - consumers at losing end

My recent experiences with Touch n Go is infuriating experience. TNGSB is a private limited company whose shareholders are CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, MTD Capital Berhad and PLUS Expressways Berhad. They are cash rich and earning super normal profit and very much a GLC way of thinkig and working.