Who is Ganeson?


Who is Sivakumar? He is just the Tronoh assemblyman,” he said.

“The procedures and the agenda of the sitting can always be altered, isn’t it? Standing Orders 13 (2) says this isn’t it?” he said.

If Ganeson has these 2 questions, as a tax payer, one should wonder

1) "just an assemblyman?" - how much does Ganeson value, respect and consider the voters' given right?

2) what was the basis of Ganeson being elected as the Speaker since he was not even elected into the DUN by voters?

3) a change of procedures and agenda, allowable being as it is, should have reasons that serves public interest, isn't it? If Ganeson simply justifies that the SO allow him to change, without underlying reasons for change that serves the public's interest, the change is merely "a frolic of his own" at best, and at worse, ... leave it to every respectable mamak stall lawyers' interpretation.

Remember this day, my dear Perakian voters. It might well be a day that the unelected thwarted the elected and enthrusted. I leave the events unfolding today for your interpretation.

Brief remarks about Najib's first budget

So Najib delivered his first budget today, dropping the term “1Malaysia” here, there and everywhere.

This blog post is not designed to heap praise on him. BN has full time and well paid (by whom?) politicians and journalists doing that. I am viewing his maiden performance as a tax payer who foots part of his salary and benefits.

We do have the annual incremental goodies – increase of personal relief and insurance premium relief by RM1,000, offset by re-introduction of real property gain tax at 5%.

The funny thing is Najib spoke about the concern about credit card debts and the solution is imposing RM50 and RM25 respectively on principal and supplementary cards.

The sums look innocent enough until I saw this . As at August 2007, the total number of principal and supplementary cards in Malaysia was 8.22 million and 1.15 million respectively. Apply the 2 tax and the total additional collection is a whopping RM440 million!

If you want to control credit card debts, more effective measures would be to impose stricter guidelines on qualification, credit limits of cardholders and limit the number of cards held. Not by increasing the financial burden of all cardholders, whether they are having a debt problem or not.

Najib spoke of towards high income society. (I wonder what inspired him, probably he read it here). He mentioned a specific target of 2.5% income growth for the next 10 years. Without specifically mentioning how this is going to be achieved, it is merely sloganeering again.

He did not speak of how he intended to create an environment whereby high value jobs can be created or a visible plan to create a competitive and capable work force here. He did not even address one of the main cause of artificially low wages here – the high percentage of foreign labours and the plea for minimum wage level to be set.

I rather have a revision of the 1971 Universities and University Colleges Act to grant undergraduates more freedom to pursue intellectual growth rather than having a gimmick of RM50 discount for train rides and internet charge.

These 2 measures are derisive when considered against the weight of the act on the shoulders and mindset of the undergraduates. Free them the restriction on mind and body and we have a better chance to create innovative and creative graduates to improve our human capital.

Najib spoke of 1Malaysia and in his UMNO AGM he brought the message that no one should be marginalized in his 1Malaysia and yet when he spoke of his allocation for agriculture sector and specifically a RM58 million allocation for livestock farming, he mentioned only lembu and kambing. Pig farmers, who have been paying taxes all along and suffering numerous harassment, are still a political hot potato?

This is what I feel been omitted from Najib’s budget

No mentioning of Petronas. The huge pot of money there still remains out of the common rakyat’s view and we are not entitled to get relief from the most significant natural resource of our country.

That is why I like DAP’s alternative budget where Petronas profits are given directly to Malaysians and the multiplier effect from 27 million spending Malaysians are more immediate and effective than what has been BN’s modus operandi even until this budget – huge allocation to selected parties and the trickle effect can’t be felt by the common man in the street.

The key question for me is, as billions been spent in annual budgets, do we feel money coming into our pockets? I like the Singapore annual dividend scheme where their citizens actually get paid. My personal preference are discretionary payout by government from Petronas profits by way of higher Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat monthly aid, topping up our EPF accounts or using the profits to subsidize healthcare and education hence lowering the charges citizens have to pay upfront.

No mention of cost controls. Najib mentioned about expenditure would be decreased by 11.2%but base on Jabatan Audit Negara’s report, most agencies have developed a culture to see who can overspend more, budget or no budget. A more effective way is to rigorously impose cost control, opening up government tenders, punishing errant officers reported in the JAN reports. That itself can generate savings.

Just ask how Lim Guan Eng did it. Last I heard, he saved RM36 million. By the way, how much we paid the consultants to have the slogan “1Malaysia”? Tan Seri Khalid Ibrahim is also another good reference source. Rather than imposing restriction on funding to Penang and Selangor, in the spirit of 1Malaysia, I hope the politicians can disregard political divide in caring out their duties as administrators of the country's well being.

Najib did not mention a key word very much did he? Inflation. In order to aid the rakyat, controlling cost of living, even finding ways of reducing it, would be helpful. Najib failed to mention about this and he also ignored talking about the strength of the ringgit and by extension imported inflation. In order not to appear being a critic without offering solutions, I wish to highlight that I have written a piece on this matter before here.

Najib mentioned about “improving the image of MACC”. I rather have tangible and actual reform in terms of weeding out unsuitable and unqualified personnel, strict quality control over personnel and procedures rather than having more public relation conferences as Najib mentioned. In light of Teoh Beng Hock’s Inquest revelation and embarrassing evasion by those responsible, it is definitely more of an image problem. Unless in order to be consistent with sloganeering, image is just about everything. I am paying for actual delivery, and not a bleedin' image!

Najib left a big suspense for us. He mentioned that there would be a new fuel subsidy next year and GST study is in its final stage so we better brace ourselves.

Anda diingatkan supaya membayar cukai anda sebagai warga negara yang bertanggungjawab

"In life, the only things unavoidable are death and taxation" (Perkara yang tidak dapat dielakkan dalam riwayat seseorang adalah kematian dan pembayaran cukai).

- begitulah ujarnya seorang hakim yang saya tidak dapat ingat namanya.

Sebagai warganegara yang bertanggungjawab, kita harus menunaikan tanggungjawab kita membayar cukai pada waktu yang ditetapkan agar pihak kerajaan yang berprihatin dapat mempergunakan sumber ini untuk manfaat semua rakyat jelata.

Kadar cukai Malaysia untuk individu adalah antara 1% hingga 28% buat tahun-tahun 2008 dan 2009 manakala untuk syarikat, kadarnya adalah antara 20% hingga 27%.

Menarik juga jika diperhatikan bahawa syarikat-syarikat di Malaysia perlu menganggar dan membuat bayaran cukai setahun terdahulu sebelum tamatnya tahun kewangan dan jika anggar silap lebih 30% daripada angka yang sebenarnya, denda sebanyak 10% akan dikenakan.

Berbanding dengan Singapura, kadar cukai perseorangan adalah 3.5% hingga 20% dan syarikat-syarikat sana pula menanggung kadar sebanyak 17% hingga 18%.

Di situ, terdapat GST (Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan) sebanyak 7% jika anda membelanjakan gaji anda. Jika anda tidak membelanjakan gaji anda, maka cukai tersebut boleh dielakkan.

Maka iktisad Malaysia yang kaya ini dengan rakyat yang bertungkus lumus ini memang dan harus dapat menyumbangkan kutipan cukai yang banyak. Setakat manakah penggunaan dana awam ini dapat diuruskan dengan penuh prihatin dan bertanggungjawab oleh pihak-pihak yang diamanahkan dengan usaha yang murni ini?

Menyeru laungan Dr Mahathir supaya akhbar Cina boleh diterjemahkan untuk tatapan masyarakat orang Melayu dan saya memang bercuti ini, maka saya pun melamani OrientalDaily

Pegawai-pegawai membeli barangan dengan harga yang amat tinggi

總稽查司報告指出,浮羅山背瑪拉高級技職學院以8萬4640令吉購入2臺宏諅(Acer)手提電腦。讓人吃驚的是,該訓練學院以每臺4萬2320令吉的價格購入每臺市價僅是4500令吉的宏諅手提電腦(Acer Aspire 5052ANWXMI),購買價格與市價差距高達1000%。

Menurut Laporan Jabatan Audit Negera, Institusi Teknologi Tinggi Mara Langkawi membeli 2 komputer riba jenama "Acer" dengan harga RM84,640. Lebih memeranjatkan lagi adalah insitusi tersebut juga membeli komputer riba Acer Aspire 5052ANQXMI dengan harga RM42,320 sedangkan harga pasaran hanyalah RM4,500; perbezaan sebanyak 1000%.



Laporan tersebut juga menilaikan sumber-sumber pengajaran di situ dan mendapati bahawa buku-buku teks yang dimuat dalam fail biasa dan diikat denga bulatan plastik ("comb binding") telah dibeli dengan harga RM1,393 hingga RM2,945.

Menurut pendapat Ketua Jabatan Audit Negara, institusi tersebut telah membazirkan RM358,476 membeli buku tersebut kerana buku-buku itu langsung tidak digunakan dalam pengajaran.


Selain daripada buku-buku tersebut, laporan Jabatan Audit Negara menyatakan jumlah sebanyak RM2.08 juta telah dibelanjakan untuk software yang juga disia-siakan.


Menurut laporan ini lagi, sebanyak 15 buah mesin fotostat P3005X yang harga asalnya RM5,000 telah dibeli dengan harge RM7,722 mengakibatkan terlebih bayar sebanyak RM40,830.


1) setahu saya, bayaran bulanan untuk orang-orang miskin, tua dan kurang upaya menurut skim Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia adalah antara RM70 hingga RM300 sebulan. Malangnya semua laman JKMM yang saya lawat hari ini semua tidak berfungis

2) saya mengambil sedikit masa melawat laman Utusan Malaysia untuk mendapat laporan, huraian dan penilaian pembentuk minda masyarakat ini serta tokoh-tokoh wartawannya, namun tak dapat apa-apa tulisan nan ketara pun. Mungkin silap saya, bukan?

Ketua Pegawai Kewangan Bank Islam yang berjaya

Sumber: Accounting and Business 2009

Encik Malkit Singh mempunyai pengalaman 17 tahun dalam bidang kewangan dan beliau pernah menjadi Ketua Pegawai Kewangan ABN AMRO (sebuah bank Belanda) dan semenjak menjadi Ketua Pegawai Kewangan Bank Islam Malaysia pada 1 Januari 2008, Bank Islam yang ketika itu mengalami pelbagai masalah kewangan dan operasi telah dapat dibaik-pulihkan olehnya.

Bank Islam Malaysia yang pertama itu mengalami kerugian kewangan sebanyak RM500 juta dalam tahum 2005 dan melonjat hingga RM1.26 bilion dalam tahun 2006.

Menurut Encik Malkit, demi memulihkan keyakinan umum terhadap Bank Islam dan mewujudkan nilai pemegang saham (shareholders' value creation), langkah-langkah yang telah diambil termasuk menyusun semula jurusan perniagaan Bank Islam serta produk-produk bank tersebut dan mengadakan usaha menjimatkan perbelanjaan.

Dalam tahun 2008, keuntungan sebelum zakat dan cukai berjumlah RM208.3 juta dan pendapatan bank telah bertambah 14% menjadi RM1.25 bilion.


Setelah membaca rencana tersebut yang membanggakan saya, saya pun termenung sejenak. Tidak lama dahulu, Puan Low, seorang pegawai PKNS yang telah berkhidmat berpuluh tahun di situ telah dilantik oleh Tan Seri Khalid Ibrahim untuk mengetuai PKNS buat sementara.

Akibatnya pelbagai bantahan yang lantang telah diutarakan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu yang saya rasa tidak berkelayakan menghurai keputusan Menteri Besar Selangor itu secara waras dan betul.

Saya membuat rumusan ini berdasarkan kepada sebab bantahan mereka. Bagi mereka yang membantah kononnya Puan Low bukan Melayu, bukan beragama Islam dan "kerana ketua PKNS adalah imam kepada akidah kaki tangan PKNS" itu bukanlah alasan yang betul, waras, tepat dan boleh diterima.

Adakah semua kaki tangan PKNS beragama Islam? Adakah hanya orang Islam sahaja dibenarkan berjawat dalam PKNS? Adaka tujuan PKNS itu semata-mata untuk agama Islam sahaja? Saya rasa jawapan untuk soalan-soalan tersebut sudah terjawab. Bahkan mungkin saya boleh pinjam ungkapan Hakim Augustine Paul, soalan-soalan tersebut "not relevant" (tidak berkenaan) sama sekali.

Jika perlantikan Puan Low dipertikaikan dari segi kelayakan, keupayaan, pencapaian, sikap dan rekod amanah beliau, itu boleh diterima.

Mengapa pula orang yang membuat bantahan lantang tersebut tidak mengamalkan pendirian yang konsisten pula? Nak boikit atau berkumpul di Bank Islam tak? Mungkin salah di sisi undang-undang jika berbuat demikian.

Pencapaian Encik Malkit Singh menunjukkan potensi amalan meritokrasi di mana jawatan diberikan menurut kebolehan dan keupayaaan. Amalan ini telah dikatakan akan mengancam kepentingan golongan masyarakat tertentu tetapi saya percaya perkembangan yang sebaliknya akan muncul.

Dengan sumbangan beliau, saya percaya Bank Islam telah dapat memberikan lebih banyak peluang pekerjaan dan perniagaan kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Saya berani mengatakan bahawa rakyat Malaysia pelbagai kaum dapat mengecapi hasil pencapaian beliau kerana dapat bekerja, dapat naik pangkat, menerima bayaran gaji dan bonus dalam Bank Islam. Jika Bank Islam terus mengalami kerugian kewangan, mungkin bilangan pekerja atau jumlah ganjaran di situ akan berkurangan pula.

Bahkan, pembekal-pembekal alatulis, komputer, kertas, hawa dingin, meja kerusi, kontraktor pembinaan dan sebagainya semua dapat berurus dengan Bank Islam yang berkemampuan meneruskan kegiatan mereka bahkan menambahkan cawangan-cawangannya.

Kutipan cukai pendapatan syarikat pun bertambah hasil keuntungan Bank Islam dan kutipan cukai ini boleh diagihkan untuk pelbagai projek yang dapat memanfaatkan rakyat jelata. (Itu lain certia dan bergantung kepada keprihatinan dan budi bicara pihak yang berkuasa pula).

Syabas kepada Encik Malkit Singh dan sebagai rakyat Malaysia dalam abad ke-21, pemikiran kurun yang lepas harus diubahsuaikan dengan perkembangan terkini

UMNO AGM 2009 # 2: Awang Selamat's comment

I have developed an affection for attention forAwang Selamat at the moment. Perhaps it is down to mid-life crises. I am having a second round of teenage infatutation with someone.

Since Najib has brilliantly articulated that UMNO needs to change, has to change and must change (I wonder who and what made UMNO want to do such a thing, don't they stand for dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya on certain principles?) As a Malaysian who wants to see the country united and progressive, I certainly hope Najib and Khairy can deliver what they said.

It also strikes me that those 2 sounded a bit not unlike what Anwar Ibrahim and DAP been saying all these while. Hope the unproductive labels of "Pengkhianat Melayu" and "Parti Komunis" can be put to rest now.

Name calling on fellow Malaysians should be put into museum. Let's focus on positive campaigning, which Najib and Khairy are trying to do. Proof of the pudding is the eating and believe me, being the one of the most powerful prime ministers in the world, Najib can do whatever he wants with ease.

It is now the man, not the party, we tax payers should evaluate from now. He is the Prime Minister chosen by Badawi and UMNO and technically was not subject to a national referendum via orthodox nation-wide democratic process. It is critical for Najib to build his credential and the recent hike in his approval rate suggest he is going at the right direction.

I wonder what good old Awang Selamat, the think tank of the UMNO mouth piece and moulder of Malay mindset, has to say about the change in tone extrolled in the halls of the AGM?



APA lagi yang diperlukan oleh sebuah pergerakan politik yang sudah lama berkuasa dan berdepan dengan cabaran yang kompleks jika bukan keyakinan. Itulah yang diterjemahkan oleh Presiden UMNO, Najib Tun Razak pada perasmian Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Ke-60, semalam.

Dengan hujah yang bernas, fokus yang jelas dan penyampaian yang bertenaga, beliau ternyata dapat menyuntik semangat yang amat diperlukan oleh UMNO.

-- ok the customary flattery necessary to keep him in good books of the people who mattered

Segala-galanya berbaur tetapi mesej utama Najib adalah pembaharuan. Beliau mahu UMNO menjayakan pembaharuan itu. Najib juga memberikan mesej yang tegas bahawa UMNO bukan parti rasis, kenyataan yang Awang amat setuju.

-- alright, AS sokong tetap sokong but sokong apo?

Seperti juga perwakilan di Dewan Merdeka, Awang tersentuh terutama pada penghujung ucapan beliau yang mahu semua ahli UMNO bangkit demi menjayakan pembaharuan.

Melihat perwakilan sama bingkas bangun dan spontan memberikan laungan sokongan, ia adalah isyarat jelas agenda Najib makin diterima dan dekat di hati.

-- ok, everybody is with Najib on whatever whatever

Bukan semua pemimpin mampu memberikan impak sedemikian. Sekalung tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Najib kerana menyalakan semula obor keyakinan itu.

Awang – Terus bangkit.

-- at the end of the article, you wonder what Awang is grateful, overwhelmed and thrilled about. No comments on Najib's messages about change. No detailed analysis on the nature, reason, justifucation, potential impact of the fundamental changes.

-- lo and behold a fundamental statement on the level of editorial and journalism standard in Malaysia after more than 50 years of Alliance/BN rule

-- the English footy fans usually sing "you don't what what you are doing" when the manager has lost the plot...somehow this tune just started to rumble in my head.

Happy Deepavali and holidays to all Malaysians!

Happy Deepavali

Wishing all Malaysians a very Happy Deepavali!

P/S: Also a very Happy Deepavali to Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, celebrating his 30th Deepavali as MIC Party President since the year 1979.

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UMNO AGM 2009 #1


Wednesday October 14, 2009

Najib: Umno looks after the welfare of all Malaysians

PUTRAJAYA: The time has come for Umno to be the main political party looking after the interests of all Malaysians, and not only the Malays and bumiputra, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

This, he added, was in line with the 1Malaysia concept of “People First, Performance Now” that was gaining acceptance from all the races.

“I think we have come to a stage where Umno is seen as a party which looks after the welfare and well-being of all Malaysians,” he said.


Nice words, Prime Minister. Let’s see if there is any proof in the pudding.

Let’s look at how the previous 2 prime minister did when compared to their slogans.

Dr. MahathirBersih, Cekap dan Amanah

Prominant legacy of Mahathir's time is:

* 1988 Judicial Crises
* Lingam Gate
* Perwaja scandal
* Declining university ranking
* Proton car that is complacent, uncompetetive, inefficient, overcharging and passing on all that to debt-bearing and interest paying Malaysians (while the Thais cruise intheir Toyotas)
* Declining strength of the Malaysian Ringgit

Badawi – “Work with me and not work for me

The most memorable results from his premiership is probably

*his wedding,
*Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding,
*an expensive space tourist
*even more money splashed on a certain port facility near Bak Kut Tech Country
*his rushed legacy that created MACC of Teoh Beng Hock fame.

I certainly did not work for the above!

I hope the new Prime Minister buck the trend and can live up to the nice words. Here is a gentle reminder of his priority:-

Malays to remain government’s priority, says DPM


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — The government will give priority to Malays in whatever programme it carries out, assures Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Hope the big 2 decision makers can clear the air for us tax payers because I am fed up of all these contradictions

Congratulations to BN

Congratulations to BN. A handsome, landslide victory

I was at the ceramah at DAP Ops centre as it has the best parking facility and there was beer serving outlets on both side of it. DAP and beer has an intimate relationship it seems.

Perhaps as an omen for things to come, my camera cocked up. I notice this blog has received some attention of cybertroopers. I am flattered. Let's join me in bashing that useless piece of waste of money.

It was a good turn out. The speakers delivered their messages well enough and Anwar was outstanding. The thousands who came mostly remained glued to their seats, impressed and responsive but I do notice some conservative and unmoving individuals as well amongst the crowd.

On 1 hand, maybe they are beyond redemption, enjoy the declining standard of living while subscribing to communal politics dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya as well as being grateful to BN (there was a lovely banner saying "terimakasih kepada Muhyddin kerana meluluskan 2 sekolah untuk kami" or words to that effect, err...ain't that what he is paid to do).

On the other and, since this DUN seat makes no difference in the control of state government, lets

1) continue to get the development allocation

2) put ISA on M Hassan, sit back and enjoy the spectacle

Remember Ijok?

3) give Jibby the confidence to call for the Perak state-wide election. I suppose PR will be happy be remain status quo by trading Bagan Pinang for Perak. What was yours remain yours; what was ours we like it back big time, please.

UMNO is still a formidable force. In the last GE, MIC and MCA lost. UMNO won and won very well. Perhaps it is conceivable than UMNO might want to conside going alone in Peninsular and keep the seats for itself rather than giving them to MIC and MCA who carry greater risk of defeat.

Lest I am called a bad sport, I hereby sincerely congratulate UMNO for the landslide victory in a difficult period with the issues bugging MCA and MIC. The SPR, solders, police and energetic BN youths all played their role to reasonable expectation and perhaps beyond that.

Well done BN & friends.

Shhhh....new internet access condition in Coffee Bean Outlet

Does this consider a fair trade practice?

On 11 October 2009, I landed myself in the Coffee Bean branch in MidValley. As I have to wait for my spouse to end a long session with whatever women spend on their face or hair or whatever else, I decided to spend some time on the internet in the Coffee Bean there.

I have surfed the internet in this branch before without any trouble. However, this time, when I connected my notebook onto the wireless facility there, a new service provider introduced itself. When I enquired the manager on duty, he informed me that Coffee Bean has just changed their wireless service provider “last week”.

Narration: service provider MASMO, Partner Bank: EON BANK GROUP

Narration: information required include name, IC Number, password, email address, phone number, type of phone, race, age group, marital status, income (split into Below RM999, RM999-RM3000 and above RM3,000)*, area of profession, citizenship, area of interest)
* anyone earning below RM999 and frequents Coffee Bean may have personal financial management issues and what products do EON Bank wish to market to them?

I am peeved for the following reasons:

1. We are forced to divulged private and confidential information in order to get onto the internet such as IC number, mobile phone number, income, age etc. High risk considering the capability of fraudsters nowadays and we have no idea how secured is our private and confidential information.

2. Coffee Bean did not inform its customers that there are new conditions for internet access, i.e. need to divulge personal and confidential information before being allowed to access into its internet services. This would mislead customers who might have changed their mind about paying for a cup of overpriced coffee so that he or she can justify the price tag with internet access without condition

3. The service provider MASMO, is linked with EON Bank. When you disclose the above information, it is quite possible you could be bombarded with various annoying marketing messages via spam mails and SMSs. This can be sheer nuisance and rude interruption as on numerous occasions when I am in a meeting or work discussion, I hear my handphone signaling an incoming SMS message only to discover that it is an irrelevant and useless advertisement.

Old Town Coffee which I frequent regularly provides internet access without condition. Even Steven’s corner in Jalan Genting Kelang also has condition-free internet! Plug in, connect wireless and off you go without fuss whatsoever.

Not only Coffee Bean has changed a material part of their operations, they also failed to inform its customer about the change. Previously Coffee Bean customers can access internet without this registration process and this would have caught most of them off guard. At the very least, they should put a visible signage disclosing the internet access condition.

I stand to be corrected here. Under the law of contract, there is the principle of implied terms. Implied terms mean although it is not specifically stated in writing, past conducts of the contractual parties in previous transactions can constitute the terms of a new contract for a subsequent, similar trade.

Hence if a customer has previously been paying the same price for a cup of coffee and get to use the internet access without hassle, does the sudden change by Coffee Bean here actually varied the terms and condition?
Yet Coffee Bean still accepts payment from the customer who thought the previous terms and conditions are still being offered by Coffee Bean. Coffee Bean did not bother to inform customers that they have changed the rule of the game. Talk about treating returning customers well.

The MCMC and Kementerian Hal Ehwal Pengguna should look into this “special privilege” accorded to themselves by Coffee Bank together with MASMO and EON Bank. I wonder who are the people behind this operation.
As consumers in a developing country, we should recognise our rights and not to be bullied by businesses.

Black Hawk Down- gaya saja lebih.

Did you know that Oct 3rd is the 16th annivesary the day when 2 MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters shot down in Somalia in 1993 depicted in Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down in 2001. This movie of course told the story from the America bravado point of view which failed to amplify the big screw up on the USA's (lousy tactical plan and lack of political support) part and downplayed the contribution from Malaysia and Pakistan armed forces in UNOSOM II.

Left: Black Hawk Down the movie. The Delta Force, Rangers, SEALs, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and Air Force Pararescue/Air Force Combat Controllers were made to look really gaya (even while dying) in the movie while UNOSOM II troops were depicted like bumbling buffoons. Check out the story on the real Eversmann here (played by Josh Hartnett in the movie) and the Malaysia viewpoint written by Col Chia here.

2nd from right: Kpl Mat Aznan, killed in action while driving the MALBAT's Radpanzer Condor armoured personnel carrier in the hot zone. 7 others from MALBAT were injured.

Left: One of the destroyed  Radpanzer Condor APCs. These are MALBAT's light amored vehicles forced to undergo direct heavy machinegun fire and shelling to extradite the US forces.

Left: US forces posing beside a MALBAT APC after the ordeal.

Documentary from the History Channel on YouTube here. I've been to quite a number of virtual warzones myself and can testify it's a daunting task to stay alive. Wonder when will our Malaysian directors and producers redeem Malaysia's true heroes?