Is the Speaker being objective or partisan

While RPK has his own piece of mind about the absent 20 MPs, I am attracted by this.

“The opposition should not have taken advantage of the situation when there weren’t enough BN MPs,” he said when commenting on the narrow 66-63 approval for Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s first Budget as prime minister.

Whether PR has a tactical decision to make it is up to them.

By talking this way, is the Speaker inferring his preference that the opposition should just keep quiet, roll over and comply, and by extension the rakyat of Malaysia?

and we do not call opposition opposition for nothing. Remember Najib's infamous "MPs cannot vote according to their conscience" remark following Shahrir Samad's agreement with Lim Kit Siang's motion?

If BN's MPs are just towing the line ala-feudal fashion, did Teresa Kok get a hairdryer from Lim Kit Siang for below?

Ucapan Perbahasan Bajet 2010 Oleh Teresa Kok, Ahli Parlimen Seputeh Pada 3 November 2009 di Dewan Rakyat

Datuk yang diPertua, memandangkan saya hanya diberi 20 minit untuk berucap dalam perbahasan bajet 2010, saya ingin terus menumpu kepada isu-isu yang dekat pada hati saya.

1.Pembangunan Teknologi Hijau: Feed-in Tariff Adalah Penting Datuk yang diPertua, di antara cadangan yang dibentangkan dalam ucapan bajet Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan, saya amat bersetuju dengan cadangan kerajaan yang memberi penggalakan dan insentif kepada pelabur teknologi hijau, kerana penggunaan teknologi hijau merupakan ‘trend” atau hala tuju kebanyakan negara di dunia ini sebagai langkah untuk menghadapi krisis tenaga.

The Speaker's rant continues...

“It should not be a question of catching the government with their pants down because that would not be a gentlemanly and honourable kind of thing,” Pandikar explained to reporters in his chambers here.

He added that Parliament is a gentlemen’s club for both the opposition and the government to debate questions of national interest.

- gentlemen's club? What has the Speakers done about the infamous "bocor-gate"?

The Speaker then did not raise a fuss and only after much public outrage, Bung Mokhtar and the other offender sat glumly next to Sharizat and apologised, "if only people are offended and not to the opposition" (correct me if my memory is playing tricks on me, there has been too many conditional apologies from Barisan National leaders, except Ahmad Ismail, not a product of SRJKC)

- and what about the UMNO Youth's jantan action on Karpal Singh

- and I am watching what will happen to the incident involving Shafie, the Dep Minister in PM department over his behaviour against YB Wee Choo Keong of Wangsa Maju

Maybe the Speaker is angry because "Najib had to rush from a dinner, organised by Cheong Hwa Private Secondary School, and changed his batik shirt before entering the Parliament."?


  1. I like the fellow ranters here

  2. written by avancc, December 16, 2009 15:35:14

    U know... When I heard a statement from my insider... I almost screamed...

    On one occasion, the speaker suddenly slammed the opposition... And ask them to ASK ONLY SIMPLE QUESTIONS... DON'T MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THE MINISTERS TO ANSWER AS THEY NEED TIME TO FIND THE ANSWERS, EVEN WRITTEN ONES.

    My comments to that person was...

    1) What's the use of the minister/deputy minister if he doesn't know the answer? Didn't they research over the decision before making it? How come they DON'T KNOW?!

    2) What's the use of the opposition if they are not to represent the rakyats in questioning these ministers/deputy menisters about something which is wrong?

    3) As a Chairman, he should ensure that a balanced discussion/meeting is being conducted... What is this biased, one sided support?

    As for the ministers/deputy ministers... Aren't they the one DIRECTLY IN CHARGE/INVOLVED in the "so called government project/plans"??? How come they don't have answers???

    Can I say (This is another good suggestion to opposition leaders next time if Ministers refused to answer or act didn't hear in Parliament)...

    "This is a question posted to a minister/deputy minister who, having being the minister/deputy minister; should have answer to... I am expecting intelligible and resonable answers so that we could help convince the Rakyat the need for the 'government project'. Should the minister/deputy minister failed to provide a satisfactory answer... Can we assume that:-

    1) The minister/deputy minister DON'T KNOW HOW TO ANSWER because he/she doesn't know much about the "project" he is handling... Meaning, someone else came out with the plan and he/she merely executes it without understanding it...

    2) The minister CANNOT ANSWER as there are hidden "secrets"/agendas behind the plan. Either he or someone else above him DOES NOT AUTHORIZE HIM TO ANSWER.

    All in all... It shows that these ministers/deputy ministers, or even the Chairperson is biased, and worked based on INSTRUCTION ABOVE... Too bad... Even the judges are under somebody's power

  3. The Opposition should push for the replacement of the Speaker. A bias Speaker hurts the proper functioning of parliament.

  4. Azli,

    how I wish so ... but holding the majority in the August House, BN can just deny the motion

    besides, PR does not do a Perak DUN-style take over which incured the wrath of people

    it is up to us, tax payers and voters to change