When Mahathir's policy goes wrong, Negeri Sembilan feels it too!

When Mahathir first mooted the Malaysia Incorporated Concept, it was explained as follows:


Prime Minister's Department Malaysian Administrative Modemisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) Director General DR. ABDULLAH BIN ABDUL RAHMAN

The Honourable Prime Minister has broadly definedthe concept of Malaysia Incorporated to mean a system of cooperation between the Government and the private sector towards the creation of a Malaysian company to achieve progress and where the profits accruing will be shared by all. The government is a shareholder in this company, and if the company progresses and makes profit, a portion will accrue to the government and subsequently to the people as a whole.

With that, privatization of Malaysian public service went into fever pitch from utilities to waste and cark park management etc, creating creatures such as Indepedent Power Producers, Indah Water (you never know how they calculate charges for the shit water), Alam Flora, Plus etc.

One of the basic tenets of democratically elected government is to look after the interest of the people who pays their salaries. The elected government must reign in, when necessary, when profit orientated entrepreneurs are acting against public interest e.g. polluting the environment, producing hazardous products and services, exploit and oppress worker etc.

Through enactment and enforcement of relevant laws and legislation, it would achieve such objectives. However, what happens when a government that is suppose to be monitoring and overseeing commercial activities goes into business?

Menteri Besar Incorporated is a creature of Malaysia Incorporated.

According to the Auditor General Report on N Sembilan for 2008, flood occured in Lenggeng as a result of logging activities approved by the State Government to Syarikat Real Strong (M) Sdn Bhd, a joint venture with Menteri Besar Incorporated N. Sembilan.

Source: Laporan Ketua Audit Negara, Aktiviti Jabatan/Agensi Dan Pengurusan yarikat Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan Tahun 2008

According to Pejabat Menteri Besar, one of the key function is

~ Pejabat Menteri Besar juga bertugas menjadi tenaga pemantau kepada semua dasar dan projek yang dilaksanakan oleh Menteri Besar.

Commonsense will tell us that there is a conflict of interest. You can't oversee / regulate commercial projects when you are doing it yourself. The state government can't approve a commercial project whereby the head of the administration stands to profit from it.

Companies Act, 1965, provides that when a company is deciding on a commercial transation with another company where its director are aslo having an interest in, which would result in a conflict of interest situation, the director so affected must declare his interest in the other company and cannot vote in the board of director meeting that decides whether to enter into that transation/venture of not.

So why is there 2 sets of laws for Malaysians?

If the Pejabat Menteri Besar is an effective "Pemantau" then how come,

* Menteri Besar Incorporated borrowed more than RM260 million from state coffers and made no repayments from 2004 till 2008?

* The Auditor General has this to say about the MBI:

“Penurunan (pelaburan saham negeri) ini antaranya adalah disebabkan oleh Lain-lain Pelaburan berjumlah RM1.82 juta yang merupakan pelaburan oleh Menteri Besar Incoporated telah dikeluarkan daripada Penyata Akaun Memorandum. Pelaburan tersebut diuruskan oleh Menteri Besar Incoporated telah dikeluarkan daripada Penyata Akaun Memorandum secara berasingan. Semua hasil pelaburan yang diperolehi tidak diperakaunkan sebagai hasil Kerajaan Negeri.Kerajaan Negeri juga tidak mempunyai sebarang pegangan saham dalam syarikat milik Menteri Besar Incoporated.”

See, Mahathir wanted the following:

@ a system of cooperation between government and private sector

yet and our NS MB, along with other MBIs, dabble directly in business or as joint venture partner, which in itself already result in losing independence and put itself into position of conflict of interest

@ profit accrued shared by all?

MBI "borrowed money" without repaying (as good as taking a special bonus) and took over state investment fund without being accountable at all.

@ the state government is suppose to be a shareholder but how come MBI NS excluded the state government as a shareholder? the original spirit of Malaysia Incorporated is gone, replaced by a bastardise version of convenience.

Is this a result of all this foul up?

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has found himself in a pickle over his alleged transfer of RM10 million to London, due to the perception that he should have known better than to send the money through a money changer.

I tried to google MBI NS but found that it does not have an official website. Is this right?

For such an important, powerful administrator and recepient of public funds, it needs to be accountable, transparent and open with its purpose, objective, activities, results, achievement, membership and other relevant information which affect the welfare and livelihood of the people who pay the taxes or purchase the goods and services that finance MBI NS.


  1. yea...another creature created to loot the country's wealth.how strong yr words condemning all these,the umno slimy creatures seemed immnune coz they know they would keep winning!keep yr momentum NS and with yr kind of spirit,insyaAllah change in NS and Malaysia is indeed near.we then together trace all the monies syphoned but these scavanggers and restore our state's God-given wealth equally and faithfully!

  2. friend, you encouraging words warm my heart.

    sama-sama kita harungi proses perubahan dengan berkatNya

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  4. Mamakutty,is a bane to the nation who created so many evil monsters and condemned Malaysia to retard and fail.