Khir Toyo Sudah Panik, Jangan terperdaya dengan serongan duit!

Khir Toyo Sudah Panik, Jangan terperdaya dengan serongan duit!

This was a caption of a banner I saw as I was driving home from work yesterday. It was hand painted a hung up in an obscure corner at a T junction from Au3 Keramat heading into Wangsa Maju Section 6.

Perhaps this suggests indications of bribery in the days to come? There have been concerns that with the BN only 10 seats or so away from gaining a 2/3 majority that they may try to get MP's from the opposition party to hop parties over to their flanks and thus allow them a gain a 2/3 majority. This is possible, since MP's are elected not based on their party but on their personal representation. How will they achieve this? Perhaps from the banner heading you get the idea.

We will see the true integrity of the MP's elected in the coming week and hopefully they do not disappoint us. Yes, money is a great pulling factor I will admit. However, we must remind the elected people that as Raja Petra said "the people can hire you, and the people can fire you".

Do not forgo your principles merely because someone gives you a huge sum of money to hop over to their party with promises of power and position. Remember that if you do, in the next election the people will pay you out for any disappointment you have caused them.

Do not forget what has happened to Gerakan. After the 1969 elections, they disappointed the people by joining ranks with the party that they were supposed to oppose forgoing all they claimed to stand for. Karma was late in paying them back, it took 40 years but it finally paid them back. Therefore, let this be a lesson to anyone who is tempted to accept the lure of money and power. Not only will it hurt what we Malaysians have achieved in this election, but it will also hurt your personal reputation, thus creating political suicide in the next election.

However, I am optimistic. I believe that there is good in people. Integrity and principles must prevail over the desire for greed and power. We are what we make ourselves to be, and we will reap the fruits of what we have sown, be it good or bad.


  1. *fingers crossed*
    One more important issue is the MB for Perak. I hope the 3 parties can govern the states as a whole. It is a crucial period till the next elections.

  2. The next few weeks are important. Let's allow the Barisan Rakyat some time to work out their lineup. Quash any rumors of riots coming along the way.