Lack of parking space

Here's a mail from a future Wangsa Maju resident describing the severe parking conditions in Wangsa Maju.


I just got to know about your blog, nice job.As the subject of this email says "We are going-to-be a Wangsa Maju resident....", yes, me and my wife will be moving in into our new condo at Section 2 - Wangsa Metroview condo. Can't wait! For your info, we are still waiting for our CF before we couldn move in. Also, there will be a whole bunch of Wangsa Metroview residents whom will be reading your blog. We already have a some sort of a small committee. They are being informed by one of our members about your blogsite. Anyway, there are some issues that most of us aren't happy. Parking spaces is already a problem in Wangsa Maju during peak hours, especially in the makan areas such as Desa Setapak. One of the factor that contributes to this problem is the tables and chairs that are occupying the parking spaces. Even the restaurants in the new shoplots in front of our condo (Metroview) are practising this selfish act. They are practically taking up all the parking spaces that are available. This is terrible. Look at BRJ.

When there's parking problem, drivers will park their cars "everywhere", in which will cause traffic problem, congestions, etc. Sometimes we can't blame the car owners. So let's tackle this issue from the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM...that's by stopping these restaurant owners from occupy the parking spaces with tables and chairs.I hope that you will highlight this issue in your blog and with this, let's hope that our new MP will do something about it.Thank you,

wouldbe-Metroview Resident


  1. Agree on that. Desa Setapak has never been quiet (and it's dirty).

    - yc

  2. Firstly welcome to Wangsa Maju and welcome to this site. I sincerely thank you and your friends for supporting this site. Keep on visiting and writing please!

    I understand how you feel about the parking the areas you described. I myself do not have a different opinion- I try not to go there unless I need to. Yes, it's gotten that bad.

    Fellow blogger has created a wiki at to itemize the issues we are facing. It's still new, and if you can, please pop in to see if you can fill in some stuff. I think it's a great tool for us and the new MP to catalog our problems. If you all noticed there has been a barrage of problems lately in his site and this site. Our new MP has a tough task ahead- to tackle the problems in our beloved WM and to fight for democratic reforms in this country.

  3. Hello.. I am a resident of Wangsa Maju Parlimentary.. Specifically at Jalan Wangsa Murni 10, Wangsa Melawati..I just want to inform you that my father's car (brand new Silver Honda CRV Generation 3, plate number WQC 486) just went missing this early morning in our house GATED compund... The missing car is only realised when my father ready to go for his Subuh prayer in the nearest surau... FYI, our gate has been cut off and I'm still wandering what kind of people can stole our car from padlock gated of my house... So people of Wangsa Maju, if you seen this car (brand new Silver Honda CRV, Generation 3), feel free to report/ contact the police.... Or you can call direct to me at 014-2942269 (Junaidy).. Thank you...

    p/s: I hope the newly elected MP Wee Choo Keong could look at this matter seriously as the crime rates in Wangs Maju Parlimentary has become worsen day by day....