Bad political advice and bad advertising

Keng Yaik hits the spot by commenting in The Star that bad political advice was partly the cause to BN's losses. Whilst this pointed a lot to Khairy's fault, it was clear that Keng Yaik was either holding back his horses or missed the main point. Read on.

One cannot deny that this Elections hold one of BN's worst advertising campaigns. Billboards proclaim loudly of BN's 'proven delivery mechanism'; BN's 'manifesto' of 'security', 'peace' and prosperity; and the 'safety promise'. The public knows these are all akin to lies and the billboards became a big joke in our everyday life. Thanks for entertaining us, PM. Yes, the political advice was bad and the advertising campaign was the worst. The advertising was self-defeating- it highlighted all the promises that failed to be delivered under the Badawi administration during the last 4 years. The billboards, TV and radio adverts reminded the public the undelivered deliverables for a solid 2 weeks.

Badawi should kick himself in the head for operating in a vacuum and allowing such an advertising campaign be launched. It was not just bad political advice, but bad judgment and leadership on Badawi's part for allowing this to happen. So Keng Yaik missed the big picture- it wasn't just bad advice, it was bad leadership as well. It's quite expected for BN and BN component parties not to be holistic anyway.

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  1. It definitely does.

    In the Lowyat forum, I have seen some guys complained that it annoyed them (even on discovery channel!) at every commercial break to see BN's advertisement.

    My opinion that I have been sharing with people is that, the advertisement campaign has overdone itself, from billboard to mainstream media (you could see more in KL central), which in turn made people to realize the fact that the media is ruled by BN and the opposition was given an unfair battle field.

    - yc