A Proud Malaysian

I am proud to be a Malaysian!

Yesterday, the 8th of March 2008 is a historical landmark for all Malaysians.

Finally, my fellow comrades, our fight is not in vain!

Excitement and thrill is what I feel now as I write this post. Words cannot describe how I feel but firstly congratulations Wee Choo Keong!

You fought hard, and now you represent our hopes and dreams for a better community. I have high hopes for you,and for all of us.

My fellow blogger R.WM, thank you for allowing me to be part of this life changing experience. I now feel that life has hope. Achieving what people term as IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE! And we have done so.

We must also give credit to SPR for carrying out their job fairly and justly. This is the dawn of a new beginning. This shows that the term Makkal Sakthi is very much alive and felt in our country.People Power!

However, we must carry on with awareness and not be indolent at this point of time. Yes we have done it! But now it is up to you, PKR,DAP and PAS to show the people you are worthy of our mandate and will practice what you preach.

Your slate is clean, now is the time to show us Malaysians what a true democracy is like.

Bangsa Malaysia may just come true, and I look forward to it!

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