Poor garbage collection

I thought about blogging about more serious stuff but I have to get this out of my system tonight. And I sure hope Wee Choo Keong catches this posting.

The garbage collection frequency is an issue. If there's a schedule for it, it should be more frequent. Sometimes the collection is 3-4 days once. I get worried because this may lead to health and environmental issues. My rubbish bin has been full and I had to put the garbage bags outside the bin, on the ground.

Get the basics right, Yew Teong Look.


  1. Eh? Which part of Wangsa Maju are you from?

    Mine here seems alright, in Wangsa Melawati. Just for the readers who had not a single clue, Wangsa Melawati is under the Wangsa Maju constitution as well.

  2. It's probably you don't take out the garbage that often.

    Inconsistency of public services is also an issue here. As I mentioned in my posting, sometimes it's 3-4 days once. I will maintain that Yew Teong Look is not doing his job to ensure the service provider adhere to the agreed service levels of clearing the household garbage.

  3. Keep the flag flying resident.wangsamaju!

    You may just be 'a voice in the wilderness' for now but in the days to come your blog will surely catches on. All good things will come to those who persevere.

    I will be proud to be serving you as your MP.

    Syabas dan selamat berjuang untuk Wangsa Maju dan negara.

  4. I agree that there's a lot of room for improvement - garbage, litter, hawkers taking over the roads, crime, etc. More importantly, I think that we have to appreciate the threat to our plural,multi-racial, secular nation, posed by an arrogant BN and its spineless compliant component parties. It would be good if Wee Choo Keong tells residents what he stands for as opposed to what MCA has failed to do to represent the aspirations of all Malaysians, and not just the chinese.
    Say NO to BN!

  5. Salam to all
    Rubbish collection is a problem all over the country!! not to mention the clogged drains. Everything that concerns infrastructure is in a shambles. We can talk till kingdom come, but nothing ever change. Its depressing, really. In wangsa maju, flooding ever time it rains heavily, esp at the traffic light near KFC, Tmn P Ramlee and further up near the new Petronas station ( for the past 15 years) NOTHING done!!! We the taxpayers have to go
    through all these despite paying taxes, quit rent, Where does the money go to?? DBKL contractors, of course. A perfectly good pavement is dug out ( barely 1 year old) and paved with new tiles) when no one ever walked on them. Tell me, does it make your blood boil. It had, to me, cos I have been here in Wangsa Maju since 1975, voted in 5 elections, alwys for the opposition!!

  6. I will also be proud to have you as MP, Wee Choo Keong. Wangsa Maju is a busy place, a majority of working class people. We work hard for the money and deserve a better place to live in. We also deserve a voice and we have finally got it.