The abuse of the black letter of the law

Today as I was leaving my condominium in Section 6, I saw some DBKL enforcers writing out summonses to the cars parked at the side of the road. Normally this is a scene that will not enrage anyone.

However, it greatly offended me! Firstly, it is a housing area and the cars parked at the side of the road are mostly my neighbors' who due to lack of parking space in our condo (in Section 6, Wangsa Maju) have no viable choice but to park outside. The reason why i find this act of writing summonses so offensive is because of many reasons which contradicts logical thinking;

1. There is no other available parking space except along the road outside which is a quiet slope only used by residents of Section 6.

2. There is no alternative parking space payable or non-payable anywhere within sight of

Section 6

3. There is no yellow line along the side of the road. Does this mean that they were right in summoning those cars?

4. I seriously doubt whether anyone in the past 15 years has ever bothered to walk up a residential area hill just to write parking tickets to the cars parked outside their own residence!

People, this is a seriously disturbing situation. We are losing the right to park outside of our own houses. Who authorized these DBKL people to act in the way they did? I asked a legal practitioner who is a friend and also a teacher of mine whether they are allowed to do this. He said that they would probably be just following orders and since KL is under the federal government the roads could be considered public land, therefore they have the right to summon us in front of our own houses.

However, that is the black letter of the law. What about the intent and purpose this law was created? I would think it would be to ease traffic congestion and to ensure that people would not cause inconveniences for others. If this was the case, then why would these authorities come to quiet housing areas to write parking tickets for cars who have no other place to park!

Perhaps they expect us to lessen our cars? Or perhaps magically build a parking lot out of thin air? Whichever it is I think IT IS UTTER BULL CRAP to summon law abiding citizens for parking outside their house!

My personal view would be that the DBKL is suddenly so hardworking probably because they need to raise funds or maybe it is a cheap trick to pay back voters for saying no to corruption and cronyism.


  1. Check this out bro - check if that particular area has been gazetted with the necessary approvals yet! Be it yellow line or a parking lot, there are rules that need to be followed before Datok Bandar can enforce enforcements. For a parking lot, there should be a notice board displaying the gazetted authority order. Even for a one way road, it must be gazetted first, if it is not, you can challenge the authority for failing to do they work. Jangan pandai mau saman sahaja.
    My friend: know your rights, no harm educate ourself pasal hal hal saman, kalau tidak kena kelentong selalu lah.

  2. If the DBKL really want to saman those who park their vehicles at a non-designated parking space, these buggers should saman those restaurant owners who place tables and chairs on parking lot FIRST!!!
    saman the restaurant owners first.

    Look around in Wangsa maju and setapak (in fact, this is happening everywhere), almost all restaurants do this kind of selfish and self-centred act. and when they do this, WHERE ARE THE AUTHORITIES??! look at the Section 2 BRJ area, BRJ is taking up almost the whole parking lot there.

    I have spoken to one shop owner at the Metroview shoplots (section 2) and he said that he had already lodged so many reports to DBKL to do something about these restaurants. Until today, DBKL haven't even move their bum on this.

    I hope the Wangsa Maju MP is reading this. Thank you.

  3. The DBKL officers are corrupt people. Like the judiciary, enforcement or non-enforcement is dictated by the paymaster of bribes.
    DBKL is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Capital Act 1960. This Act warrants our King in selecting the Datuk Bandar but section 13(1) of the Act says the Federal Government has the right to give the Datuk Bandar instructions that are inconsistent with the Act 'from time to time' to matters relating to interests of the city.
    The state government does not have control over DBKL and as such DBKL is merely a political clout of BN.