Crime in Wangsa Maju

I used to jog regularly near the area which I lived but not anymore. It has been a year already. The high crime rate made me insecure eventhough I'm not a small size chap. Arming myself with a parang while jogging is impractical, really. That's why I posted a comment at the Wee Choo Keong blog - what's his plan on tackling crime. Almost every neighbor in my street has experience car break-ins and mugging. Give us more details please. I need to start jogging again.


  1. Dear Wangsa Maju residents

    Thank you all so much for reading my blog. I hope that this will be the begining of good things for the future.

    I have said in my speeches and my blog that I shall make crimnes prevention and the fight against crimes as one of Malaysia top national agenda.

    If I am elected I shall take immediate to chart out the courses against crimes.

    You and I must fight crimes together. Help me to fight crime by giving your precious votes. In any event, I must thank you for enlightening me with your information.

    Good night. Got to go to the Danau Kota Market at 8 am this morning. Had to catch a bit of sleep!

    Good night my friends.

    Wee Choo Keong
    Wangsa Maju Parliamentary Candidate

    Wee Choo keong

  2. Thanks for the prompt response Mr WCK. I did not expect such a quick answer, especially after having 5-6 marathon ceramah tonight. We'll go all out for you!!

    Good night.

  3. Being new to posting comments I realized I had posted a reply twice and had to delete it. Heck must be careful with these buttons.

  4. That's not only happen in Wangsa Maju, but also many place in Malaysia.
    How come our country getting worse and worse until we need consider to bring the "weapon" just only for jogging?

  5. Thanks for your comments and you are right Calvin, crime rate is higher nowadays in other areas as well. It's just a figure of speech, I'll never ever bring a weapon- this is home ground, I should feel safe.
    Since I jog without my IC for 4-5km, I hope I won't get stopped by police for any reason.