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I am in my final year of LLB University of London (external). Besides studying I am also a lecturer for O levels Business Studies, SAT and TOEFL at a tuition center for international school students(mostly korean). I also teach conversational Bahasa to expatriates. I live in Section 6 Wangsa Maju. During my free time(i dont get much,lol) i like to spend some time penning down my thoughts and I am also an avid reader, not just fiction but online news and blogs. My inspirational source is from people such as Jeff Ooi, Haris Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Lim Kit Siang, etc. I hope to be able to have the strength and courage one day to fight for what i believe in; not only human rights but also animal rights. However until the people in Malaysia are aware of their own rights, only will they start to see the importance of the rights of those who are at humans mercy and cannot speak.


  1. Dear Seo Ju,

    This is Uncle Cheah, Krystyn's father.

    May I suggest a cause for you to champion? I believe you would be a good Animal Rights activist particularly championing the rights of pet dogs in Malaysia.

    For a start, the standing regulations of respective municipal councils pertaining to pets (particularly dogs) in public areas and high rise residences seem to exist not entirely for reasons of public hygiene but mainly due to religious prejudice.

    Cats are seldom considered as repulsive as dogs when it comes to official treatment. For example, why can't pet dogs be allowed in shopping complexes and why can't complexes like Ikano (allows pet dogs) be the norm rather than the exception?

    As a budding lawyer, it would serve you well to hone your skills by being Malaysia's first Canine Rights Advocate.

  2. Thanks for visiting this site Cheah. I have found out a bit about you after looking at your own blog.

    Talking about being champions- I think Kell is a champion of people rights now, hehe.

  3. Well that will be my eventual dream one day, to be able to champion animal rights.
    But only when the country reaches that level of maturity and acceptance will we be able to make an impact. For now the most we can do is first ensure that people do not abuse animals especially the asian culture where we treat animals as our inferiors and continually are ignorant to their needs and pain.When we cherish the sanctity of life, any life, will we be able to champion such a cause.

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