Five corridors to spur construction and housing

I picked up this article from the TheStar ('UDS Capital: Five corridors to spur construction and housing') on 1st March 2008. Anyone planning to do house refurbishment better do it fast or kiss their project goodbye (why? refer below). When full swing, the corridor construction will also guarantee less medium cost housing projects (low cost housing will be non-existent- if there are- more out of taxpayers' money). The article went on to mention that 'Domestic demand for furniture and building materials is likely to increase in tandem with activities taking place in the corridors' (a comment made by Koh Kim Toon the UDS Capital head honcho).

By the law of demand and supply, if demand of materials increase, price will also increase. This make projects costlier to carry out. I'm talking about the cost of other projects- such as low, medium-cost housing and your neighbor's house renovation. It's clear that the cost of housing will increase artificially and it be more difficult to own your own home. I'm doubtful of the return of investment from these corridors will be significant at all (where are the facts & figures, BN) to the country, just benefiting certain corporations and probably politician heads.

If any BN guy mentions this in a political rally that it'll benefit the people I'm going to throw an egg on his head.

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