High crime rate

yc- thanks for putting this posting out so quickly. I was out of town.

Junaidy- how's your situation now? I feel sad about this.

My dad's car was stolen sometime back but it never came back in one piece (came back shot up) because it was used in an arm robbery. In Wangsa Maju my neighbors' cars and my own vehicle was broken (mine- twice). However, Ping Ping's (please refer 'Comments' in the blog posting before this) case is serious- whereby there was direct threat from the criminal and potential bodily harm.

The first level of crime prevention, crime deterrence, is not working here because there is no police presence in Wangsa Maju. Most of the police presence are mostly concentrated in the police station itself, kedai mamak and roadblocks during the festive seasons. There are patrols maybe, but they are not enough. My brother was robbed in front of his house. I'm trying to say that there's no offensive mode in tackling crime- police are still quite relaxed and immune to the ordeal and stress the affected resident went through.

This issue has to be tackled at the national level. To revamp the situation the relevant people has to be changed. IGP- please don't talk only- honor your words to free up the FRU for crime prevention if it needs to be done so.

Dato' Yusof Haslam who's staying next door to us- it's time to have an accurate portrayal of police in 'Gerak Khas'. If you can manage to throw in some reality in I bet you 'Gerak Khas' will be the most tuned-in series. Police do not speak and behave anywhere near the tv series' characters. In fact, people do not speak like this in real life. Ironically many of the scenes are shot in Melawati, Wangsa Maju areas where crime hotspots are.

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