Update: Wee Choo Keong's meeting with Wangsa Maju police

For details of our new YB's meeting with the Wangsa Maju, please click here.

Kindly view my reply in there too.


Concerning low policemen wages- my opinion is push it back to the police to lobby for higher wages. It could take quite some time maybe up till budget time or longer if it's addressed at all. Hence the immediate issues at hand are lack of manpower. Police should revamp their processes to arrest this problem with IMMEDIATE effect:

-curb police 'lepaking'

-reschedule their timetable to allow for more ground patrol

-employ civilians to carry out clerical task/ non-core tasks.

-get auxiliary police force deployment.

It is not acceptable for the police to throw us that 'lack of recruits excuse'. They must demonstrate some effort to think out of the box, improve the situation within limited resources. People are dying out there.

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