Car missing in Wangsa Maju, spread the words to find it!

Received this from Junaidy (the note from Junaidy was pulled from the 'comment' section of the previous blog posting for further attention):

Hello.. I am a resident of Wangsa Maju Parlimentary.. Specifically at Jalan Wangsa Murni 10, Wangsa Melawati..I just want to inform you that my father's car (brand new Silver Honda CRV Generation 3, plate number WQC 486) just went missing this early morning in our house GATED compund... The missing car is only realised when my father ready to go for his Subuh prayer in the nearest surau... FYI, our gate has been cut off and I'm still wandering what kind of people can stole our car from padlock gated of my house... So people of Wangsa Maju, if you seen this car (brand new Silver Honda CRV, Generation 3), feel free to report/ contact the police.... Or you can call direct to me at 014-2942269 (Junaidy).. Thank you...

p/s: I hope the newly elected MP Wee Choo Keong could look at this matter seriously as the crime rates in Wangs Maju Parlimentary has become worsen day by day....

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  1. ***Another message by Mdm Sew Oing Ping regarding her car theft that happened on 11th March 2008... Hopefully all Wangsa Majurians can take this note seriously & give a helping hands to the victims***

    **This is the email that I forwarded on that day do help me to circulate.

    Dear friends,

    Urgently need your help. My car Toyota Vios Silver color with Registration Number WLV5422 robbed by a young & fair complexion Chinese Cantonese speaking guy with parang with him at his late 20 in front of Fun Station Child Development Centre, Vista Wira, Section 2 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur around 8.25am 11March2008 while I am getting down the car to sent my daughter into the daycare centre. Hope that everyone can help me to circulate the email.


    Ping Ping


    ** This message is sent to me by another victim of car theft which happened 3 days ago.. Hopefully, YB Wee could take action on this matter & the police force investigate this cases ASAP....

    Dear YB Wee,

    In fact I had contacted Mr Chuah on 12Mar08 & posted an email to you on 13Mar08 but there is no progress & reply.

    So surprisingly view your blog where another car stolen happen to Junaidy’s father this morning (15Mar08). It just 3 days after my case, where is the police? It seems like no action being taken, or else it won’t be happened so frequent. Hope that you will be looking into this matter seriously & provide a helping hand to us as a helpless victim.

    For my case, the incident happen around 8.25am to 8.30am on 11Mar08 in front of Fun Station Child Development Centre, Section 2 Wangsa Maju when I was sending my daughter to the mention daycare centre, I had turned off the engine, holding the car key in my hand working towards the right passenger door and open the door to let my daughter come out from the mention car. Out of sudden a black car with tinted window driving toward me & double parked in front of my car & the other car. There are 2 persons in the black car 1 driver & 1 passenger, the young Chinese Cantonese speaking guy around his 20+ came out from the black car and working toward me with about 1 feet + parang and threaten me that he has parang, he want my car key. As my daughter still in the car, so I was begging with him that does not injure me & my daughter, and let my daughter came out from the car, he agreed and ask me be hurry up. After I get my daughter out of the car, I also begged him to take some of my personal belongings, and he also allowed me to take my handbag & my daughter’s school bag before I passed my car key to him. Then he asked me be faster to go away & don’t look at him. At the same time as some of the parents, teacher & children in the daycare centre were looking at him and he had shouted at them not to look at him, one of the child’s father had contacted to Wangsa Maju police station & also bring his car lock to fight with him for a while, none of them were injured. Finally, the robber managed to drive off my car.

    The police only came 10 minutes later to take down some records, and asked me to report to Balai Polis Wangsa Maju. I visited Balai Polis Wangsa Maju around 9am+, to file my report, then, they requested me to bring together my car registration card and Insurance policy to refer to Inspector Mohd Hannis in Balai Police Setapak to obtain my police report. And I was told to wait for their investigation before they were to issuing police clearance report to me so that I can claim my insurance from insurance company.

    Unfortunately, I had left Balai Polis Wangsa Maju around 10am+ before your visit on 11Mar08 at 11am+. I am wondering that is my case is highlighted to you on that morning by the police? It is warm & fresh on that day, a car robber with parang, it should be the most serious crime happen in Wangsa Maju as compare to previously just car stolen & car tolled away by toll track which is comment in Wangsa Maju.

    I am wondering as a helpless victim where can I asking for help other than report to the police, and it seem like no one know that such serious case happen in Sec 2 Wangsa Maju. The robber might take this opportunity to make another crime, by them there will be another victim as this case was not publish in newspaper & it is so easy to rob the car from those parent as me who are also sending & picking their child daily. There is no camera install in the daycare centre. The only camera is at Desa Setapak traffic light junction, which I am wondering whether will it capture the crime happen to me on 11Mar08. In fact I had told the police to view the record but there wasn’t any answer from them.

    As a helpless victim, I ready need your help to publish this crime so that at make know to the public of the seriousness of the crime in Wangsa Maju. All the parent & children are also in danger everyday going to the daycare. It just happened to me without injury, the next minute it might also happen to someone else & might be injured. It is so hopeless & helpless to say that in Wangsa Maju driving you will get rob with parang, walking you will get snagged handbag or valuables, parking your car there will get stolen or toll away by toll track, which is happen to my friend as well.

    I would ready need your help to look into this crime seriously & take action to prevent any other unwanted crime to happen to parents & children in Fun Station Child Development Centre as we will be there daily, and also the safety of all resident in Wangsa Maju. And finally hope that you can help me to obtain the police clearance report soonest possible so that I can make my insurance claim. Now without a car I’m in trouble of sending my daughter to kindy.

    Hope that you are able to turn Wangsa Maju become safer place to stay & also to hear from you soonest possible.

    Sew Ping Ping


  2. Dear moderator of this blog,

    I wanna say thank you for the action taken to spread my message.. I'm still hoping to get back the car ASAP... This morning around 10 am, a lady named Mdm Siew Ping Ping called me to get her message be publish on the blog as she also the victim of car theft that happened on 11th March 2008... Hopefully people can look around for the cars... All I can say is thank you for your cooperation...

    p/s: Hopefully the cars are still in Malaysia... I'm afraid they will sent for illegal export via North Port (Klang), Singapore Causeway, Singapore-JB Second Link, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Penang Port...

  3. Sebenarnya kes macam ni banyak berlaku cuma orang yg tak sedar.. sy berkerja dgn company tracking kereta (alarm system) , dalam sebulan tu tidak kurang drpada 30 lebeh kes kecurian/kehilangan kereta, itu adalah customer yg register dgn company … blom di campur dgn kereta org yg tak pakai system alarm ni ..tak tahu lah berpa banyak sebnarnya yg hilang..

    dlam tahun lepas sahaja insurance terpaksa membayar rm 50 juta lebeh pada pelangggan mereka yg kehilangan kereta.. banyak tuhh.. cume org yg tak sedar. modus operandi mereka adelah kereta2 mewah contohnye toyota harrier, toyota estima, toyota wish, toyota hilux, toyota landcruiser (toyota adelah favourite pencuri), honda crv, camry , murano,perdana V6 dll. hati2 kepada pengguna kereta sediakan payung sblom hujan.

  4. same case happened to me on 10-Nov 11:45pm, sec 4 wangsa maju. For my case, When I parked my car near the bus stop, I had turned off the engine and locked my sterling, holding the car key in my hand working towards the back right passenger door to carry my son. Out of sudden there is 2 malay motorists walking toward me and 1 fellow with parang, I was so panic that time, the fellow with parang one instruct me: ‘’JANGAN JERIT’’ ! He want my car key, the other fellow took my bracelet and checked whether I have gold chain. As my son still in the car, so I was begging with him to let me carry my son from the car, he agreed. After I get my son out of the car, I quickly run without turning back. I saw my neighbour in front, ask for help from them. At the same time I heard a group of people shouted at them. Finally, the robber run without the parang, it was left in my car.The police came 5 minutes later to take down some records, and asked me to report to Balai Polis Wangsa Maju. I am lucky, but live in fear every day since the incident happen. My husband’s car also happened once ( in year 2007) when he parking his car outside the apartment, in front the security guard house and get toll away by toll track, asked the security guard whether they aware of this or not, they said they doesn’t know anything about this!

    gladys loo 012-3213206

  5. Gladys, sorry to hear about this, and thanks for warning everyone. I will forward this thread to the MP of Wangsa Maju for his action.

  6. I really am sorry to learn about your bad experience. I know that crime rates are high in Malaysia. So is Wangsa Maju. However, it is not an excuse. I shall do my very best to help to reduce it. I really am glad that your son and your good self are safe. Please go to my Blog:

    I am going to the post the answer given by the Minister of Home Affairs on the questions of security in Wangsa Maju. I will try to copy type it tonight if not I will do it tomorrow.

    With kindest regards

    Wee choo keong

  7. I was surprised the question to the Minister of Home Affairs was posted so fast, on the same 19th morning in the YB's blog here. .
    I sincerely wish to thank the MP for making crime one of the top agendas to tackle. His urgency in this matter is most impressive.