It's OK to change

I've lost respect for The Star these days. It should change its tagline from 'the People's Paper' to the 'BN People's Paper' or the 'Slander Paper'. On second thought, maybe 'the People's Paper' is just right depending on which perspective you are looking at. Hey, Star, I've got a suggestion. Why not just publish a pull-out section for the character slander category while maintaining the main section content. A separate pull-out is more organized, and allows readers to find and read about their heroes. Think it's a good idea. Implement aje-la.

Anwar, it's OK to change. We want a different tune anyway. Who cares if you are compared to a chameleon or biawak. What we are worried is no change:

2003 zzzzzz

2004 zzzzzz

2005 zzzzzz

2006 zzzzzz

2007 xxx

2008 ?

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy

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  1. or maybe change it to "MCA PAPER". cant disguise anymore as PEOPLE"S PAPER.
    shit, throw away the first 15 pages. its all garbage and you pay 1.20 for that. best is stop buying. at least, you save more than RM40 a month. good enough for a decent lunch with family;of course by the roadside. RM40 aint get you very far these days unless you live in wonderland of BN where inflation rate is, last heard, to be unheard of.