Housing woes in Wangsa Maju

Here's a mail from a fellow resident:

Hi. Its nice to hear that there is a comment which will help people in wangsa maju.

And i would like to voice out about a matter which a family try for more than 20years which till now never get any solution yet.

My father is a van driver with average income of rm2000 and mother is a housewife, with 3kids which all three is still studying. we are now staying sharing with grandfather at wangsa maju sec 1 and we try to register a government house wether for rent or even for sale but till now only keep on asking to write so many forms but no reply coz if want to get a new house also my father income is not sufficient enough. Even thats why this time around we have 5vote also change to oposition party by hoping at least will get a difference in terms of everything which is never be done by BN so far. Thats all which i would like to seek for help even once you got my note i can even send more details about the house application whicj indicated how many years we were trying for that particular house. hope will get solution on it. n will b waiting for the reply soon. thx

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