MCA achievements

I picked up an MCA article on their site title 'Teong Look expected to retain Wangsa Maju'. Looks like MCA's using the usual triumph card to do the talking- build Chinese schools, aid to poor-Chinese students, the usual 'list of achievements' (but Teong Look can you provide a list please), closing the gap between the rich and poor and the usual name-calling/ character thrashing of the opposing candidate.

I'm tackling these MCA 'achievements' in my blog to ensure that I'm voting for the right ideology and candidate in the 2008 Elections.

-Building Chinese schools: Hi, taiko- isn't it the Government's responsibility to provide education for all? I hate to mention the word 'race' here- I'm not an advocate of race politics- but isn't it a responsibility to provide education for all races. Anyway, it's an obvious method to fish last minute votes- election in probably in Feb March, announce a new school in January. What happened in the last 4 years. It took so long to 'fight' for a school? So what's the difference between having the MCA and the alternative party in this context. By the way Wee Choo Keong what do you have to say here. If we vote for you- would you fight for education rights as well.

-Aid poor Chinese students: hehe, are there any poor students in Wangsa Maju at all. Maybe not, Teong Look's talking about other constituencies. No, I'm not ridiculing poor people, but aiding poor people is not a hard thing to do. If there's a need, we'll raise our own funds to do it. We just don't want to aid only poor Chinese people we want to aid all poor people. Damn racists.

-Achievements: Hi, taiko- please come forward with your other achievements besides the Chinese school and the poverty thing. The Wangsa Maju people want to know.

-Closing the gap between rich and poor: whatever good UMNO or MCA does (MIC does nothing- maybe jaga Sungai Siput and toll only) is cancelled by the corrupt commissions they receive. Hence the gap will never be closed- rich get richer, poor don't get richer (maybe get poorer too!). We need to vote them out.

I am not trading off my vote for things that are supposed to be done in the first place.

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