What the...? Eat less rice?!

The Star today reports that the Malaysian Government is taking 'holistic' steps in dealing with the food shortage; this is followed by the Agriculture and Agro-Based Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed's statement of urging the Malaysian citizens to consume less rice. What the...?

I don't think eating less rice is the solution to this. We are a facing a Global Food Crunch and on the brink of a world famine- and now we are told to eat less rice? What about the flour price increase? There's no cheaper substitute to rice unless we turn to tapioca- yup, it's back to the Japanese Occupation days (WWII).

Yes, there's talk about allocating RM1.3 billion into increasing food production- hence Badawi can you work on it quickly and not just talk only. Increase the food production from the present 70% to a 100% or more. The Government's call for eating less rice reminds me of Badawi's announcement of the petrol price hike in February 2006- the PM told us to 'adjust our lifestyles...' instead of brainstorming some alternate measures to ease inflation.


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