Reply to The Star article: Residents want to meet MP more often


What a biased piece of news. That was the headline in The Star Newspaper today on M8. I would seriously advise those people if you want to see him, look for him every Wednesday at the service center. Don't give bulls*&t that he's hard to find and never on the ground.

We just saw him last week. Damn it these people PISS ME OFF!

And the part about him only blogging feedback, well I don't know what this Lim Cheng Hock fella is doing or who he is, I don't really care honestly, at least we're getting feedback! Or would you rather have a Houdini MP like Yew Teong Look who I've never heard of lest seen before the 12th general elections. Actually this reminds me of the Chipsmore commercial, now you see me now you don't kind of attitude.

Yeah and I'm a stupid brat who's immature and ignorant, but how come if Yew Teong Look was the MP for the past 4 years I've never heard of any kind of contribution by him? Now he's giving RM2 for rat catching? And whoopie we are going to have a community center and a Chinese school. In the name of politics, how low can you go?

My opinion is, why not fix the current schools?

What is the obsession with chinese schools? Yeah yeah, catering for the chinese community and yadda yadda yadda, but why can't we instead carry out chinese classes in the current Sekolah Kebangsaan's we have? That's what they do in most PJ schools. This would also give a chance for non-chinese who want to pick up the language.

Make no mistake, I'm chinese and personally I'm not against the chinese school system but what is the point of having schools physically but they are not delivering? How are we to create national unity and generations of people to lead the world?

When are we to put away the mindset of I am chinese, my kids have to go to chinese schools, they must not lose their roots and culture. Well I don't know about you guys, but I am Malaysian! Not Chinanese(if there's such a word)

Besides, Wangsa Maju's demographic is mixed, how appropriate is it to have a Chinese school just so we can accommodate the few. Jinjang, Kepong is one of the largest Chinese communities in Malaysia, both their High Schools are Sekolah Kebangsaan, but with Chinese language as one of the subjects. Isn't that a more viable alternative?

And what about fixing the current schools? Let me remind you what we are facing; gangsterism, bullying, discrimination (by teachers) causing unequal opportunities, lack of quality of education , these are all caused by an inept education system which continuously churns out pathetic high-school graduates who either struggle when they go to uni and realize they're not up to par and drop out, or struggle through uni and are unemployed because they're not up to par.

So what about fixing current schools before building more schools which will only be adequate in form but not in substance?


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