A meeting with YB

I went for the soft launch of the service center in Wangsa Maju. It was a modest event, no opera shows, or karaoke singers, which was good because that's just a whole waste of resources.

However, the first day of launching, and the service center has started what it was meant to do... hear out grievances of the local community, and seek to help the local residents. I was fortunate enough to meet the YB, Wee Choo Keong, alongside other people who gave their services that night, not excluding my fellow blogger RWM and another seasoned blogger; I am a Malaysian.

What struck me the most, was that our MP's are human, just like us. The fact is being under BN control for so long, I've never had a chance to meet any MP's or anyone involved in the system because they were never available, and if they were available, it was merely to shake hands and have photo ops with the press. Come to think of it, I don't even know where the previous service center was(under Yew Teong Look) forgive my ignorance.

Anyway, it was an eye-opener to see a proper MP meeting the people and speaking to them personally. No such thing as 'you can talk to my assistant or secretary' when he's around. This shows true integrity I think, as an MP to be able to meet his constituents and never ever get detached from their wants, needs and concerns.

When we started this blog, rwm had the vision that good governance begins at the community level, when our community voices out and the MP understands what is happening, only he is able to voice it out in parliament, where bills get debated and passed.

Why did the previous MP's fail? Why did the government get beaten down? Because they lost touch with the people and community. Therefore, never ever lose touch with the people. It seems that YB Wee has started on the right foot, let us give him our support in building not just a better Wangsa Maju, but also a better Malaysia.

(by the way i have some photos but am not able to load it up due to some technicalities)


  1. Thank you so much Wangsa Maju For Malaysia for your kind comments. I ndo appreciate it very much especially from people like you all, who are sincere and speak from your hearts.

    Thank you once again. I cannot promise you anything except that I shall do my utmost to assist the needy and defend your rights at all times.

    Godbnless you all. I am looking forward to see you all again this coming Wednesday and any other Wefdnesday after 8 pm - my service night.

    Wee Choo Keong
    Your Yang Berkhidmat

  2. Thanks for replying YB. I like how Kell describes it from the heart. Choo Keong, I sincerely thank you for getting things moving and sticking out your neck for Wangsa Maju. The town council has never been this responsive to the issues here. We as well, will continue to do our jobs as residents- that is to voice out what we think is wrong and strive to take our country to the next level. God Bless too.