Divorced twice in three minutes

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — When Roslan Ngah took a second wife, he might have wondered if she would get along with his first.
He need not have worried. The two women got on so well they decided to leave him at the same time.
Faced with their united stand, Roslan, a 44-year-old Malaysian Muslim, divorced his two wives, aged 46 and 35, in an Islamic Shariah Court in northeastern Terengganu state on Tuesday, a lawyer said Wednesday.
According to Islamic law, a woman can submit a request to leave her husband, but the pronouncement of divorce must come from the man or a court. Islam allows a man to have four wives.
Salwa Mansor, the second wife's lawyer, said the wives cited irreconcilable differences and other complaints.
The Star daily quoted Roslan as saying that he was aware his two wives had become close over the years.
"They are like good friends but I never imagined that both of them had collectively decided to divorce me," Roslan was quoted him as saying. "I never expected our marriages to end in this manner."
Roslan has four children with his first wife and two with his second.
Roslan reportedly said he would marry again, "God willing."
"If my fate says so, I have no qualms and this time I hope that my marriage will last forever," The Star quoted him as saying.

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