Bullet Train project cancelled

Hot from the press- the bullet train project's cancelled despite Francis Yeoh of YTL's earlier announcement that the project had full Government support and that it would go on. The project, being around RM8 million, aims to reduce travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to 90 minutes.

It's a cost factor. This project should have never been in the pipeline in the first place- tourist industry receipts is only RM40-plus million per year and if you compare this with the RM8 billion project cost it doesn't make sense. How can the costs be recouped? By high ticket prices? And how is this beneficial to the people? Anyhow- RM8 billion is going to take generations to recoup. We can't afford this right now- oil prices are at USD117, pushing the country towards steep inflation. The Government should concentrate on food production issues and inflation checks in place so that the situation does not deteriorate.

Good move to cancel this project- we don't need it for now.

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