DBKL and the Ministry of FT are politicians- the only thing is the people running them aren't voted politicians

I was in Jalan Pudu this afternoon and had the chance to speak to a local petty trader. He lamented the fact that DBKL was there the whole morning till 1pm to thwart unlicensed petty traders. This is double standards- DBKL clamps down on local traders but takes no action on illegal immigrant traders. The reason given by DBKL that Jalan Petaling is a tourist area is not a good reason as DBKL need not always execute operations in a harsh manner- they can be more subtle if they want to.

Ministry of FT have no business commenting on the Thank You banners as it was not part of the discussion agenda. Saravanan, this is not a pre-election ceramah- cut the crap on whether DAP logos should be in the banners and start focusing on the real issues at hand. Where are the answers to our problems? Meanwhile my trash is still not collected yet.

The Ministry of FT and DBKL is missing the big picture- being failed to address properly structured straightforward questions from the KL rakyat; diverting to trivial matters such as Thank You banner design and personal attacks on MP. They do not know the meaning of election and the meaning of people power- we disagreed to a placecard protest because we thought our city-issues could be addressed in a more formal way but they are not. Out of the 12 questions Saravanan was most pricked on the immigrant-trader issue at Jalan Petaling. The rest of our questions remain unanswered satisfactorily or otherwise. The reason is obvious why DBKL could not take action on the matter. People aren't saying it out loud, but traders and hawkers know the DBKL code of conduct on the streets.

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  1. keep lon the pressure. do not relent.dbkl will only act if pressure is sustained doggedly.