Ex-Malaysian PM Says Adversaries Trying to Silence Him

28 March 2008

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad says there is an attempt to keep him from criticizing his successor, who has been blamed for the ruling party's recent electoral losses.

In a letter published Friday in Malaysia's Sun newspaper, Mr. Mahathir says his detractors are trying to prove he "did worse things" during his 22 years in power in order to threaten him and make him stop talking about Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Mr. Mahathir, who left office in 2003, is calling on Mr. Abdullah to resign after the ruling National Front coalition party suffered its worst election defeat in nearly 40 years. The coalition lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority - the level needed to amend the constitution - as well as control of five state legislatures.

The former premier says his successor has destroyed the National Front.


  1. I am tired of him. He was my nightmare. He hindered my progress and antagonized every step of my life. Although I have forgiven him but yet he keeps reminding me of the hurts he inflicted. Is he the egoist of the worst kind or outright DEVIL?
    MAHATHIR, Can you just SHUTUP!

  2. That administration has passed and it's the dawn of a new beginning. I am looking forward to next week's function to mark the political freedom of Anwar. Anyway I'm proud to have taken part in the 2008 Elections as voter, blogger and activist.