Response to Wee Choo Keong's question of the week

I think by now you would all have caught the Wangsa Maju's MP question of the week (posted every Friday):

Since DBKL is very inefficient and complacent, should the rakyat of Kuala Lumpur hold a peaceful protest in front of DBKL building at Jalan Raja Laut to give the Datuk Bandar as well as his shadow Datuk Bandar, the FT Minister, a wake up call that they are there to serve the rakyat and not behave as little napoleons?

My response posted on his blog:

All protests are peaceful until the water cannons start firing. Besides street protests- can we come up with other different forms of protest as well?

I know a protest right in front of the DBKL will be a good push to lobby for changes in law (Federal Capital Act 1960) and administration (abolish that Minister of FT post) relevant to DBKL. Look what Hinraf has contributed to the GE. Before we all 'contribute' let's wait and see... and take a step back to analyze the current facts and what's to come. As we all know the next 15th April marks the political freedom of Anwar. I'm confident the administration of this country will change as well and hence the DBKL.

Meanwhile I am not paying rates to DBKL- parking fines, assessment, etc. Let's squeeze out the DBKL coffers for starters. They can drag me to court but if you guys join in they can't drag over 1 million KL folk to court can they.


  1. Haha good idea.
    I propose we launch a boycott DBKL measure. Pay no fines, ignore the parking meters and when they fine us for that, Don't pay the fines!
    If everyone in KL does this DBKL will be sucked dry.

  2. We should definitely stop paying DBKL rates. I understand this is difficult for the hawkers and business people as they have to renew their licences in order to continue their business- hence they are excuse.

    Agreed that for starters, parking fines/ meters should not be paid!!