Why bother to blog?

People often ask whether I am pro-government or pro-opposition. They seem to think that most bloggers are pro-opposition the way we criticize the government. Perhaps they have been misled in why we bother to write. It's not about choosing the people in power, its about putting the rakyat in power.

You don't have to believe in politicians, the idea is to believe in a system. That's what we fight for, an idealism of good governance, transparency and accountability.

That is what we want to push forward; an idea of a system that works and benefits the people, not place hopes in one man and ask him to lead the way; because never put your hope in man lest he disappoints you.

Even if a person deviates from this idealism, we hold on to the idea of it, and change the leadership when they have lost track of what they're meant to do.

The idea is to put the power back in the hands of the RAKYAT, we make the decisions, and that is where every person should play a part. Stand up and be counted, if not there is no use complaining about the governance in this country.

We often seem anti-government because the current government gives us no choice but to be so. On the other hand, if the opposition were to form the next government, we will continue to watch and criticize.

I have heard people complaining that there is noone good enough to lead the country. That politics is about money and corruption, it doesn't matter which side we choose, we'll never get out of this situation. I, for one, believe that it is not about choosing sides, but rather about changing the mindset of the people in this country.

Only if we are able to do that, are we able to alleviate ourselves from this current situation. We have to send the message, that we want change; and the reason why we reject BN is because we do not even see a hope of change in their continuing governance. The same message goes to PR, give us the change we need if you do come into power, if not we will pull you down.

We blog not just to put the PR into government, but we blog for building awareness, for pushing the right ideas and for better governance. That means that even if PR is in government, our job is not over yet.


  1. Hi Seo Ju,

    I think we already have a system and it is called a Parliamentary Democracy with Constitutional Monarchy. There is nothing wrong with the system since there are Constitutional provisions in place that could actually result in a change of coalition government (as we all can see panning out this time).

    The power has always been with the rakyat and that has not changed since the country gained Independence.

    In a sense you are right about awareness and it is the lack of right knowledge amongst the rakyat that enables the incumbents to pull wool over the eyes of voters. Yet you must not discount the fact that Malaysians generally want to be fooled so long as they can remain in comfort zones and cruise. For the last 40 years, Malaysians have been satisfied with "bread and circuses" while billions have been squandered.

    Do not be naive to think that the March 8th Tsunami was totally about any individuals or some wave of liberal awareness. It was as much about stomachs and pockets and a looming threat of worse to come. Voters did not need bloggers to tell them their wallets were getting lighter and pockets shallower.

    Blogging to create awareness? Well, most bloggers blog to be read and everything written is worth reading; if they are ever read at all!

    Realistically, how many blogs are worth following? Not many right? Yet there are thousands of bloggers in Malaysia alone. If everybody is somebody, then who is anybody? Right? So for the rest of us "anybodys" we are basically writing for ourselves. In pre-March 8th, only a few blogger "somebodys" made the difference.

    But even with the "somebodys" of Malaysian blogosphere, they are mainly "preaching to the choir". However, it is at least a growing choir section. As with mainstream media, credibility is key.

    So, dear Seo Ju, it is alright to have lofty ideals but it is also important to enjoy yourself. So lighten up and blog for the sake of sheer love of writing. If by chance and reason the world wants to read what we write, then we better be responsible with what it gets to read.

    Happy blogging.

    Uncle Cheah

  2. Errata:

    Blogging to create awareness? Well, most bloggers blog to be read and NOT everything written is worth reading; if they are ever read at all!

  3. It's not easy to write a posting with political or economical content without doing a certain amount of research. Bloggers like Din Merican read and research extensively. Sites like People's Parliament actually reviews and walkthrough its own articles before being posted (wish we could do it here!). MP Wee Choo Keong, famous for his 'korek korek' does extensive unearthing too, before releasing his posting for the day.

    Political blogs have an intended message to spread, and spread it as loud as its cause. This blog for instance, was set up about a week before the GE 2008, called its namesake because the were no radical socio-political blogs to be found related to Wangsa Maju then. I reckon being a resident in WM, a blog bearing the name 'Wangsa Maju' befits this purpose to support change- because in Malaysian politics, in order to change this country's Parliament you'll have to move your constituency first. As with GE rules there was little time to campaign and only one option- that is the then Barisan Rakyat candidate to win. Eventhough small, this blog went 110% out to campaign for change in cyberspace during the GE. Bloggers are like ice-bergs- they do more work behind the scene than they write at most times. Their postings are just the tip. Yes, some bloggers are more famous than others, but yet, some sites are small because they choose to that way- which is being niched.

  4. The topic is "Why Bother To Blog?" yes?

    You claim this blog provided significant help to win Wangsa Maju for YB WCK? That my friend is taking too much credit for yourself and away from WCK and the voters of WM. Have you looked at the demographics in WM? I was resident in the area for 30 years, how about you?

    I am sure the input was 110% (of what?) but it is fallacious to assume that it automatically translates to anything significant on the ground.

    "...some sites are small because they choose to that way- which is being niched." This is sort of like "I was born short but I choose to be short", right?

  5. I don't think we claim to be the winning force behind WCK, but merely tried to play our part as residents of the constituency.

    If it did not change people's mindsets, this blog has at least given me the opportunity to meet like-minded people who give me the courage to continue believing in idealism.

    Uncle Cheah, you may be right,the cause of the March 8 tsunami is because many people felt their pockets getting emptier. Of course not everyone did it out of belief in ideals and aspirations.

    But on the other hand, I also can't help but feel the amount of awareness in people have heightened when it comes to upholding human and constitutional rights. All of these sparks from the issues being put forward by prominent bloggers and the alternative media.

    When I talk about blogging to create awareness, I was very much speaking from personal experience as reading Jeff Ooi's and Haris' blogs did really change my mindset and perception of things.The reason why I started blogging was because of Haris' "get to know your MP" initiative which made me interested in getting to know and blogging about our constituency.

    I of course am not conceited enough to think that I can change the mindset of the general population, but in my own little way I believe I have changed the minds of some, for example my father; he reads my blog =).

    And yes, I do enjoy writing, and should not forget to enjoy life while I'm young, thank you for reminding me to do that Uncle Cheah.

  6. Hi Seo Ju. Nice Touch.

    Couple of things though.
    1. My other comment is not refering to you.
    2. One of your stated reasons: "...we want to push forward; an idea of a system that works and benefits the people,...". That is not merely "Getting to know your MP" is it?

    Yes, you are still young and I am glad to see you are convicted about wanting to make a difference. Keep it up.

    Uncle Cheah

  7. Thank you Uncle Cheah,

    I won't forget the furry little friends either!

  8. ;o) Now RPK in Kamunting got one more reason to balik kampung leh...candlelight vigil, Taiping popiah, char koay teow, khai si meen, wantan meen, siew yoke, ...etc., etc.,

    Uncle Cheah

  9. Looks like yer going through yer baptism of fire with this posting, Kell?

    Be careful, ok. Sopo blogging can become addictive.

    Run at your pace but above all, write from your own heart. Don't regurgitate. If in doubt or anger, don't publish. Readers will only come back because they see passionate originality in your writings.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. With sopo stuff, always have a caveat inserted for a posting to be judged as 'fair comment'.

    Chat more later, this evening.

  10. Cheah,

    You win thumbs up in terms of resident years in WM and you'll probably know best of the demographics in WM. This blog doesn't claim credit to WCK's victory in WM of course. It does claim full support for the MP though.

    As for the 110% figure of speech, it's just figure of speech. It's meant to describe extraordinary effort. And yes, it's a personal measurement, and cannot be seen in absolute terms.

    As for your 'short' hypothesis, think it's out of context; but long story there. This blog was originally meant to be a localised blog (Wangsa Maju) from passionate residents' point of view pre GE and during GE.

    After the GE, it's left to run till now. Interesting thread this.

  11. Wow OBE, interesting blogging tips you've given here. That puts all my postings during pre GE in the 'sopo' category. Haha.

    Heck, I'll send an invite to you, so you can post any blogging tips that come to mind not under comments, but as a blog post.

  12. I'm a resident at Prima Setapak and I can understand what you're getting at. Blogging does invite all sorts of responses - which is what makes it such a 'hot' medium. Cynics scoff when we say we hope to push for change. But that's ok - these are cynical times. Yet writing about your convictions is like lighting a candle. When we were at the candlelight vigil/march saturday 27 sept it became clear that one candle may be nothing; but many candles brightened the night. Perhaps one blog is nothinng in the larger scheme of things, but maybe many blogs have the potential to move mountains?

  13. thank you dbctan for your inspirational comment. I'm posting it up to remind myself of why we continue to do the things we do.