Puppy in distress Part 2

This is the full account of how the dog was found. Again, I urge someone out there, to open your hearts and welcome this puppy into your home.

I was on my way back home from work when I first saw this black spotted little fur bundle by the side of a busy intersection where cars were turning in and out last Tue. 'Lauren' was lying down with her face to the ground. At first I thought she was maybe knocked down by a car and was hurt. I swerved to the side and parked my car and immediately rushed to her. To my surprise she immediately got up and started following me as if beckoning me to play with her. She has no tail but I swear it was as if her expressive eyes were inviting me to play. There was no way I was going to let her roam around and be another 'road-kill' I've seen more than I want to mention.

I took her to my apartment, fed and bathed her (she did not struggle and was surprisingly docile and playful). Obviously she did not enjoy what was probably her first bath but put up with my vigorous scrubbing. This tough but sweet looking little trooper did not seem to understand she's a stray but was forever looking trusting and deep into my eyes as if trying to tell me something. She enjoys sweet talk and when I gave her a stern look she looked away as if ashamed. Mostly she just lies down with her face on her paws as if contemplating the world. I left her in the kitchen for the night, fully expecting a restless night of barking or whining and a big mess on the floor. She did neither. She actually did her business near the drainage hole. I swear if I lived in a house and work shorter hours there was no doubt I would have adopted her. I tried looking for ppl to adopt her but all they wanted to know is what pedigree she is.

It was heartbreaking for me to send her to SPCA last Wednesday, but I'm hoping for the best. Leaving her there she whined for the first time. The SPCA lady asked if she could call her 'Lauren'. I left in tears but with the hope that a kind soul would find it in their heart to see beyond her bloodline and see her for the sweet soul she is. I just called SPCA today and she is still there.

Maintaining a dog is a long-term commitment, but I'm willing to take up the responsibility of paying for Lauren's release from SPCA, medical, vaccinations and food for the rest of Lauren's life, I just don't have the space for her. Also, I know that puppies/pedigree dogs in SPCA stand a good chance of being adopted compared to mongrels so I dont know what her chances are. According to SPCA she is only 3 months plus and has no health problems.

Best regards,

Lauren Khoo S.G



  1. aiyo, cant help much from kuantan. i think the dog is like the one from the movie the mask rite. if im not mistaken, they're the clever ones. too bad, too bad. i want one but my wife's a cat lover.

  2. Why not persuade Rachel to adopt this cutie?

  3. hey kell... sori i just realised yur comment on my blog abt d dog.... will try to help soon...


  4. Thank you for your help and interest you guys. I am glad to announce the puppy has been adopted, a not a minute too soon. It was already quite depressed in SPCA and was rapidly losing weight. It's at the vet now, we're waiting for the doctor to give it the green light so that the new owner can bring it home.

    RWM, thanks for letting me turn the blog into a temporary "Kelly's Kennel".