Has history been rewritten by fools?

Dear fellow malaysians,

I urge you to watch this video here . In my student years not too long ago, I do not recall any of these events in the history books that we studied. All I recall was how UMNO struggled in freeing our nation from the clutches of the British. If this video documentary is true, and I believe it is, judging by the personal accounts of the people interviewed; then we may have been fed with inaccurate historical facts of the struggle of our nation towards 'MERDEKA'.

And judging from the political tactics used by the present government, I am not very much surprised that the British did use the same ploy, and the successors of them are now using the same ideas. Remember, ISA was used to suppress "communist threat" in this country by the British.

After watching the whole documentary, and make sure you watch it, one starts to wonder whether there was any real threat from the communist in the first place...

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