So what if it's not September 16

Above: News excerpt from Reuters
Does anyone know the cost of the 41 MPs' 'educational' Taiwan trip? For me it's educational too, as I did not know that Taiwan has the leading edge in agriculture. More of computer and electrical products I would say, being the leading manufacturer of RAM, PC motherboards and so on. The MP's flight would most likely be chartered, or using the Government's private jet. The costs would be different from say, flying there by MAS; but anyway here's my estimation of the market 'value' of the travelling and accomodation costs:
Flight by MAS
RM1,800 x 2 trips x 41 pax                                                          RM147,600.00
Say at the 5-star The Sheraton Taipei Hotel, twin room with breakfast for at least 7 nights till Sept 16
USD350 x 3.5 forex x 41 pax x 7 nights                                            RM351,575.00
Other expenses   RM300 x 41 pax x 8 days                                  RM98,400.00
Total                                                                              RM597,575.00

I'm not too sure about the living expenses of RM300 per day but I dare attest that's the bare minimum. Also I have not included any conference or event costs which would involve banquet room rental, etc. Banquet room rental can easily cost up to RM15K a day for 41 pax, without food and beverage that is. Throw in another RM205K if you like. BN is really really scared. Would would believe the sole purpose of this trip for other than taking out the said 41 MPs out of town so that they are out of reach on Sept 16?
Anwar, I'm a big picture guy. It does not matter whether you succeed in taking over the government by Sept 16 or not, so long you take over by the month or the next. So long the inflation rate does not increase nor stagflation begin to worsen. Sept 16 will always be remembered as a moronic day when the PM took his MPs for a little ride out of town to escape the New Malaysia Day.  Badawi, is this  Taiwan trip budgeted kah? No wonder we run into high deficits each year. For the sake of nation-building it seems. 

Below: Excerpt from Bloomberg newsportal


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