Bring the closing of Kamunting Detention Camps further

On the 14th of Sept, Shar came up with a brilliant idea on how we should put into motion the abolishment of ISA. Read his take here .

This idea was mentioned by Lim Guan Eng yesterday during the forum in Chinese Assembly Hall. Perhaps great minds think alike, or maybe they've been scanning the blogs. If the possibility of closing the Kamunting camp is there, how about extending it to the NS camps? Already, three national service camps were closed in Penang, due to a landslide and the fact that these camps did not obtain planning permission.

How many of you believe that NS actually is beneficial to the youth? Again, news of tragedies and accidents in these camps are eminent; this was picked off the star online. I am Malaysian also wrote about the plight caused by NS here

Just to share little bit of one on one experience with the success of NS camps, let me relate the experiences of some first year guinea pigs who went for the first round of National Service. I was born in 1986, we were the first batch of students picked fresh out of Form 5; 'sad' to say, I was not one of them. However, my peers have related enough horror stories to me.

These include rape, fights, bathroom peeking pervs, smuggled cigarettes and barely edible food. Yes, you may say that we're spoiled brats, who need some ragging to grow up, so living in these conditions might possibly be beneficial to our growth. Toughen us up, make us understand the need to be independent and strong.

Erm, reality check. Discipline level was low. Mainly because the trainers were not bothered on whether you showed up for training. I had a friend who got lucky; he landed in a camp in Selangor, near his house. Everyday without fail, he'd skip over the wall and return home, only to come back in the evenings and continue 'training'.
Most of my friends somehow managed to skip grueling physical activities and got their nicotine addiction fixed by buying cigarettes off the trainers.

3 months later, all of them returned to civilization, a little darker, most of them lost some weight but none of them significantly changed. They did not, in that 3 months, learn anything new, nor did they have any heightened awareness of their surroundings. And no, they were not physically more capable of putting up a good fight or protecting themselves.

I think 'old fart' mentioned this idea before when shar, him and me were discussing the possibilities. So I want to put forward this idea to the 5 PR states, close down all the NS camps in your state which poses a hazardous risk or has not obtained proper planning permission.

We need to build national unity and compassion for the country and its citizen's plight from the very beginning. Instill the qualities at home, in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Not send us off to 3 months of sub-standard living in the interest of 'racial harmony and national unity'.


  1. I guess you right kell. if the govt wants the youth the be tough and patriotic, like wanting to die for the country and stuff, they shouldve done it like singapore's ns. yes, it so much tougher, being bullied by both the trainees (who are much bigger than you are) and trainers. though it may seemed inhumane, but a large majority of them changed for the better.

    often, some christian ns trainees in kuantan would drop by our church on sundays, we talked to them and asked if they were doing ok. some just kept quiet and some made complaints. i really dont see why the govt had to spend so much money when there are no improvements on our youths. if my child were to nominated, i would go all out to reject.

  2. There you go. Extrapolating already. And since 'Old Fart' is busy overseas, I guess you might as well carry the ball, eh Kell.

    Besides, scrapping the NS program is gonna save about RM500 million of taxpayers' monies.

    And errr.. if KDC gets kicked out from Perak, we might still have the 'dis-used' NS camps to send stubborn BN politicians for politically correct re-indoctrination courses, no?

    Sort of like the 'Survivor' series whereby we check back about 30 days later to see who are still alive. Ok lah, crazy idea.

    Gotta run and do my 'sinister' stuff elsewhere.