RPK and Marina, please stay strong

RPK has been has been sent to Kamunting for a 2 year detention under the ISA.Botak signed his detention order last night. It must be for RPK's 'own safety' that he did so. Dear Marina, please stay strong and know that we support you.

Read a take by Bernice Chow here


  1. Seo Ju,

    Let me share a friend's recent email with you:

    "If you believe in God. It is your human right. Keep it to yourself. Don't indulge in hubris, tearfully sentimental and trying to score one upmanship on your friends. God - a She - is a failed hypothesis.

    RPK did not criticize Islam in his MT postings. He was in praise of the Religion. He, using sarcasm body blew the practitioners.

    UMNO in extreme bigotry banged him to Kamunting - our hometown gets famous for the wrong reason. Solly, I am quite happy. Its another rusty nail into UMNO's coffin."

    Uncle Cheah

  2. Kel, I welcome your distressed signal. Will catch you at wharf when the net is lifted.