Malaysia looses Google

I just heard this from my close source.

Early part of this year Google initiated their interest to Badawi to set up a major data center in Malaysia to cater to its Asia infrastructure as a hub. Rival locations considered were Vietnam and India but Malaysia's geographical location, technological infrastructure and pool of talent workers made it a favorite option. According to an insource, a deal exceeding RM2 billion was actually struck and contracts signed between Google and a few major IT companies in Malaysia.

However the blocking of Raja Petra's Malaysia-Today website in late August had got Google rethinking of their business investment in Malaysia. Yes, Google has signed contracts, but at the end of the day, political stability and credibility is of paramount importance to in business startups and operations. Suddenly locating their mail servers here is what Google thinks is a bad idea because the Malaysian Government, besides adopting fluid policies, also has politically-censored the internet. They are not looking to fulfilling the signed contracts but just the bare obligatory minimum until contract(s) expiration.

Google got jittery of the breaking of the MSC creed which is 'no censorship' and is now considering 'opening shop' in Singapore instead of Malaysia as a datacentre hub. More than twice the cost of doing business in Malaysia but politically stable.

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