Puppy in distress, needs someone's love and care

Dear people,

I know this is an unconventional post, but as I have mentioned before, I have a tendency towards animals in distress. This poor little puppy was picked up at the side of the road to be saved from being another roadkill victim. It needs a good home with lots of love and care. Don't worry folks, it's well-behaved, hardly barks and is an extremely people-loving dog. Little pooch here is 3 months old, just the right age for training! You may be thinking why am I not keeping this pup for my own? Unfortunately I live in a condo, and have already pushed the management committee's boundaries by housing 2 dogs of my own.

Please, have a heart, and welcome this pooch into your home. The joy you will get is endless. If you are interested, please drop me a mail at doglover_kelly@yahoo.com.


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