A night with some esteemed bloggers

Last Thursday, the 28th of August 2008, was meaningful for me in 2 ways. Firstly, I had the privilege of meeting up with some of the people whom in my dreams only would I be able to be associated with.

These are the people who have brought about and are constantly fighting to achieve what all of us strive for, mainly a Malaysian Malaysia where justice and equality is upheld. Through their influence in cyberspace, they have shaped the minds of youths like mine, widening our perspective and giving us the strength to strive for what we believe in. They give me courage to do what I believe in and never give in to the ways of the world.

This star-struck night was filled with esteemed bloggers such as RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, Zorro, Shanghai Fish, I am a Malaysian, Din Merican, Shar101, TV Smith, Gus, Wattahack and others as well. And to my luck, I was seated next to RPK where I was so star struck i could hardly gasp my thanks when he offered me a plate of chicken. My tongue betrayed me that night, but perhaps it was good that it did so, because by listening instead of talking, I learned much more.

I guess the 2nd event of the night, really is a personal achievement for me. I achieved a 2nd Upper Class Honours for my LLB UOL (external) placing my among the top 10% ranked in the world.

Both these events, rolled into 1 night, has made it truly memorable for me in the sense that I now am more optimistic to fight for what I believe in, and never compromise my beliefs no matter what happens. For that, thank you fellow bloggers, if you feel that what you do has no meaning, take pride in the fact that you have converted one person at least, that is me.


  1. Congrats!!! You passed. Now get your CLP done and go defend the 'animals'. Yer did say you were inclined towards animal abuse, din yer?

    And thank you for granting me the little favor that night (wink2).

    Take care, K.

  2. Congrats on the excellent marks, Kell. Looks like another chapter of life closed, another opened.

  3. congrats!!!life been busier after 08March.

  4. Howdy Kelly,

    Well by jove....So proud of you !Hmmmm...top 10% in the world huh !.... with flying colors too ! Congrats and hey, drop by at the club sometime soon....hokay ..time to celebrate !!
    Cheers !