A letter to Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

Dear Datuk Zaid Ibrahim,

As a law student, we have been thought throughout our course that the rule of law and that upholding the law is of paramount importance should we choose to embark into the legal field. As Hans Kelsen believed, the law is a pure science on its own, in that it should be separated from any form of impurity such as politics, religion and social circumstances. The law then should be upheld above all these elements, and flourish on its own without being manipulated by anyone to use it as a tool of oppression or to gain power.

This is of course, to many people unrealistic and idealistic, as we have seen the law being used for these specific purposes, whether it be within the country or outside of it. I too, at one point believed that we could never achieve this especially in this nation. I see that you have tried over and over again to implement the law reforms direly needed in this country, and time and time again your ideas have been rejected. I used to question your involvement in UMNO, and why someone who seemed to be so genuine in changing this country would be involved with a bunch of corrupt political animals.

Perhaps now I understand, that not every person in BN is evil and corrupt, just like not every Pakatan Rakyat member is angelic and pure. Perhaps you thought that joining the system and implementing change from within would be much more fruitful than criticising from outside. However, I do not think you have failed in your job and responsibilities. I think instead you have succeeded, because you held on to what you believe, and by resigning you have shown the government you will not toe the line in sacrifice of your principles.

For this I applaud you, and I think so do many other Malaysians. In my short history of 22 years, I do not remember any member of the government resigning in protest to the policies of the people in power. You would probably be the first, and you have set the precedent for other well-meaning members of the government as well. You have also set yourself as a role model for students and others in the legal field to ensure that we uphold what we have been thought from day one; the rule of law, believe in justice and equality, and that the law is to protect, not to oppress.

Therefore sir, you have done the right thing, and that is the most important thing to do.

“Always do right - this will gratify some and astonish the rest.”

—Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens] (1835-1910), writer, lecturer, humorist


A Law Student


  1. good one bro.....should sent it out. really.

  2. Zaid is pretty much an idealist.. and he is also a very fair person. Long before the last GE, I had a conversation with some lecturers of MU and I did say that, if ever there is a good candidate for PM, Zaid Ibrahim fit the bill. Sadly he is an outcast in DUMBNO..