What else can we do to move mountains?

On September 29, 2008 12:32 AM dbctan said...

I'm a resident at Prima Setapak and I can understand what you're getting at. Blogging does invite all sorts of responses - which is what makes it such a 'hot' medium. Cynics scoff when we say we hope to push for change. But that's ok - these are cynical times. Yet writing about your convictions is like lighting a candle. When we were at the candlelight vigil/march saturday 27 sept it became clear that one candle may be nothing; but many candles brightened the night. Perhaps one blog is nothing in the larger scheme of things, but maybe many blogs have the potential to move mountains?

I posted up this comment to remind myself of why we, as individuals need to get involved in the push for change. I am glad to say, I was finally able to bring a friend along to the Anti-ISA movement on Saturday. Thank you "Ginger", for getting involved and being part of the move for change. It is at this crucial time that every lighted candle counts. I've always been among the youngest who have stood up to be counted. Being young is not an excuse to be ignorant or apathetic, so to the youths out there, I urge you to fight for your own future in this country.

I drove with my headlights on today, to show support for the release of RPK and the abolishment of ISA. Did you do the same? Sadly, I did not see any other cars doing the same on my way to work today. This is an idea I would like to propose to Haris and the rest of the bloggers; we have badges, t-shirts etc etc, what about making car stickers so that other drivers will know why we drive with our headlights on. Maybe it can say something like 'I drive with my lights on to support the abolishment of ISA'.

And to the fisherman's wharf bloggers, Marina, and all the others involved in this push for change, thank you for accepting my thoughts and opinions and thank you also for making me feel counted.

Here is a quote which describes our need involvement, by George H.W. Bush:

"You do not reform a world by ignoring it."


  1. Ms dbl-K dbl-O, u r making a lot of sense here.... i think the younger group (bloggers & readers) will have some fun & creative ideas... lets thinkabout how to gather & exchange them...

    will recommend u a stickermaker soon =]

  2. And the median age of Malaysians is about 26-27 for the entire 27 million!

    The younger voters are the critical mass for change i.e. IF YOU SINCERELY WANT IT TO HAPPEN.

    If so, the first thing to do is GET REGISTERED with the Election Commission so that your vote will make a difference in the next GE. There's about 5 million who have not done it.

    Then, and only then, can you drive with your lights on.

    Sooo.. Kell, who's Ginger? Another lawyer ah?