It's hard for me to say I'm sorry

Perhaps UMNO and BN think getting Lim Guan Eng to apologise represent a major coup. If UMNO BN thinks this represent a significant political triumph and would swing loads of votes from Pakatan, I am not fully convinced. If all politicians have to apologise for all private statement and personal opinion, then they would have no time to service the rakyat properly.
Do we not all have public and private opinion that differs? Do we not bitch behind clients/bosses/colleagues/spouse/relatives? If a Singaporean got robbed in Malaysia and bitched about it in Stomp, can UMNO BN be consistent enough to chase the Ah Beng down and demand an apology? If UMNO BN thinks Voyeurism politics is the way to go, then let’s make that an official election manifesto for voters to identify with.

 I love my hometown of Seremban. I mentioned to my friends that Port Dickson is a boring holiday place and I preferred Phuket and Langkawi. Do I need to apologise for my personal opinion? Isn’t democracy about differing opinions? Shouldn’t the federal and state administration that are empowered and enabled to develop Port Dickson should apologise for failing to deliver?
UMNO-BN demanded, and the Johor Sultan gotten the apology from Guan Eng. The fact that Lim Guan Eng apologized, showed that maturity, humility and an awareness the world does not revolve around his own ego.
If you want apologies and remorse, look no further than the following events and wonder if an apology from the culprits would ever be forthcoming.

      1)  Noh Omar, then as Deputy Education Minister

In 2007, when Ean Yong Hian Wah submitted a fairly innocuous memorandum to the then Deputy Minister Noh Omar with regards to violent conduct by a teacher in a secondary school on behalf of the abused student's parents, Noh Omar appeared to lose control of his faculties and verbally abused Ean Yong, crumpled the official memorandum and threw it away, before it was picked up by his officer. He accused Ean Yong and the DAP of interfering in a school disciplinary matter. Noh Omar even exclaimed at one stage that he will not handle any case referred via the party.
·         Should Noh Omar apologise for his violent and uncalled for behavior which did not solve the issue at hand and probably terrified the young student who went there as a bully victim seeking help?

2)      Ahmad Ismail, the wonder drug for BN harmonyin Penang
Ahmad Ismail called Chinese “penumpang” obviously inconsistent with so many recent (i.e. close to GE time) praises from Najib and Nazri about the appreciated role of Chinese as main tax payers. Penumpang? Malaysian Chinese purchase their property in accordance with laws passed by UMNO-BN law makers and unless in cases of default, paid every ringgit and sen for their property.
You can see in the video, Ahmad Ismail’s recalcitrant and arrogant refusal to apologise and the unruly supporters behind him.
Should he apologise to all who are offended by him? Since he has failed to apologise, should the UMNO higher up do so for him for the sake of a few more Chinese votes?

3)      That legendary Najib video

In the Sibu by-election, Najib’s legendary speech “you help me, I help you” seems to infer to me that perhaps he agreed to some lousy advice that Chinese in Sibu are easily bought and equate their sacred vote to by election dead man angpow. The Chinese there have replied by voting against BN, should Najib apologise for underestimating them and painted to the world, an extremely regrettable of how democracy is being played out in Malaysia?

4)      Temple demolition
Before UMNO BN lost Selangor, according to the Hindraf source above, numerous Hindu temples were demolished, defaced, relocated next to sewerage tanks, burnt to the ground, deities forcibly removed, police report ignored and what not.
While UMNO BN have signal to “retake Selangor at all cost”, a simple apology and pre-election promise of not to do this again seems to be beyond them.

5)      Murderous and callous circus
Teoh Beng Hock’s tragedy at the hands of MACC is well documented. Instead of an apology, MACC resorted to a variety of push back including defaming the dead man and his family, dodging accountability and being cited as a bunch of liars by the RCI. Instead of apologizing, MACC manage to have another death at their doorstep, and someone somehow manage to upthe gamesmanship by claiming the availability of sex tape of the victim. It is easier to get blood out from MACC and an ovum from a man than to get a “sorry we were wrong” from MACC.

6)      Syed Hamid, to detain is to protect
With Najib gleefully taking all the credit for his role to abolish ISA (ignoring the risk, losses, sacrifices and suffering of those who spent decades opposing it), let us not forget Syed Hamid who imposed ISA dentition on Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter Tan Hoon Cheng for reporting exactly what Ahmad Ismail said, and suspended by UMNO only after hefty prompting by Gerakan. Who the hell had a beef with the until then unknown reporter? Should Syed Hamid at least apologise to Hoon Cheng? And whatever happen to Kugan, it was not worth an apology or grudging express of regret from the axed minister who was in charge at the time of Kugan’s tortured demise.

Let us not even hope BN administration will apologise for the countless mental and physical tortured endured those thousands who suffered under ISA and E.O.

7)      Mahathir, where do we start and where do we end?

What about Mahathir? Should he apologise for misleading us with his Vision 2020 as he is now Perkasa’s key man? Mahathir have ruined the tin industry of Malaysia with Mamico, bankrupted Bank Negara with currency speculation, destroyed the independence of judiciary, condemned Malaysians to the abyss of traffic jam,  limited mobility, excessive car prices that suck away our purchasing power and lousy public transport with the national car project, Sabah’s Project IC, as well as the 1987 gross abuse of ISA to divert attention from his party problems.

In the 1987 clamp down of the Star and Sin Chew Jit Poh, all stemming from the need to resolve internal party struggle, how many livelihood of innocent household did he ruin?  

Do we get an apology from him? The most we got was selective amnesia in a RCI.

Now you tell me, who should and who need to apologise. If a person lets his ego overrule his sensibility, humility and sense of responsibility, do you think he will make a good listener and work for the betterment of the others?

That is why, I seriously doubt BN administration would apologise to Malaysians for wasting billions of funds in the 5 decades - PFFTZ, Pewaja, Bakun Dam, Proton and Lotus, Moonsoon Cup, Collapsing Stadium Sultan Mirzan Shah, Matrade, Istana Negara cost overrun, Menara Dayabumi, MRR 2, Toll concession robbery, IPPs, corruption level from top to bottom, emergence of little napoleon race who deserve a classification of their own etc.

Lastly, I am sorry for bringing all this out


  1. Yes, you got all of the above solid facts. That is what politics of Umno BN is all about nowadays. They just bark up the wrong trees.

  2. Dear Sir
    You hit the nail right on the head. i'm sad because time and time again, the royalty is being manipulated and used for the interest of certain quarters. The Royalties should rise above politics and continue to show to the rakyat that they are the ruler and bastion of this country.

    Muhammad Shah

  3. Dear Anom and Encik Muhammad Shah,

    thanks for your kind words. it proves that just by applying commonsense, any fanciful spinning is easily seen through.

    yes, the rulers are used, but do they have a choice, are they given a choince and do they make a choice for themselves?

    interesting question but I do not have the insider knowledge


    written by dR. nO, October 05, 2011 17:51:31

    Some Hindu temples were relocated next to chinese Cemetery. To prove it, go and check the Temerloh Hindu Temple which was earlier next to the Balai Polis. The authorities who did this will definately end up in HELL!!!. RESPECT OTHER RELIGIONS and be reasonable when you relocated any temple be it chinese or indian, and even churches,suraus, masjid etc. and the list goes on.
    written by Oscar Winner !, October 05, 2011 14:46:59

    If they in BN ever offer any apology, it's all because it is part of wayang kulit and nothing more. Classic example : Remember Tun Mamak cried crocodile tears on stage during UMNO general assembly when he apologised he failed to change the malays? He said he was sad coz he couldn't get the malays to rid themselves of the crutches and be self-reliant ?? His acting was too good and there was absolutely no sincerity in him but he did manage to fool the audience and the kampong folks. All along he never doubted NEP was a tool, and lately he has proven it by making a u-turn and extoll the virtues of NEP again. If BN/UMNO goons apologise, pls don't ever be fooled by their antics
    written by Hariharan, October 05, 2011 14:27:40

    Actually it was very senstive to see a hindu temple being bomed .It like they are killing my god,
    my belief, my culture my forefathers. Over doing can lead to terrorism.

    written by Pegasus, October 05, 2011 14:03:48

    Only ameno does not say sorry when they screw-up so much mess problems!
    written by Machidia, October 05, 2011 13:59:54

    It's nothing new! Thought this is common knowledge! My Johorean friends used to say 'if you have not been robbed before, you are not a Johorean!'. Many years ago, ex-premier of S'pore also claimed the same thing. This pembaris just woke up. In fact, the BeEnd government should apologize for not being able to provide a better and improved security after many years.
    written by joeBlack, October 05, 2011 13:13:19

    sorry for not being in sync with the subject matter.

    Crude prices are now trade below USD80 per barrel down fr slightly USD100. that a 20% drop. Why is RON97 still at RM2.80 per litre- IT sud be at abt RM2.30 or lesser. Mau naik senang- tapi susah mau turun.

    Where is all this extra money going. People even if u dont use ron 97 - plse protest. maybe its time they bring down ron 95 price too.

    we would hv more oil if sleepy head did not give away our oilfields to brunei.

    If there is achange in govt, sleepy head badawi must be investigated and jailed for life for treason and treachery. at least when he is jail- he wont be able to enjoy his ill gotten gains.


  5. Just fed up with this UMNO + BN cronies ruling. They don't even have a heart I assume.

    Please vote out the UMNO + BN politicians out of our eyes forever. Only than Malaysians will be in peace.

    Even they're out from our eyes. This idiots will be enjoying their lives for seven generations. They have stolen that much of money
    from the coffers. Real ROBBERS.