There is only 1 Najib

A strong indication that the GE is upon us is the sight of Najib waging a one man war/charm offensive all over Malaysia. From appearing on radio talk shows to walk abouts with handouts, no other prime minister in the world has ever gone on such wide range of window dressing. He has even taken over the job of press officers of major corporations as he announces all those major investments by priivate companies.
A wonderful collection of self praise (probaly tax payer funded as well) refers:
However, democracy is not about one person. Parliament is about different voices being presented, debated and rationalized. As Sir Alex Ferguson demonstrated time and again, no one person is above the team.
The Najib here, there and everywhere phenomenon revealed a serious short coming of BN coalition – that it is a one man's charming autocracy. If everything is about Najib, then what does other BN MPs and ADUNs represent in their respective area? Is it a case that without Najib, they can’t do anything? Is it also a case of “I hear what people in my constituency say, but all rest with the prime minister" ?
Pakatan Rakyat’s alternative budget proposal to slash the Prime Minister Department’s annual budget of RM10billion revealed excessive centralization in the set up of BN administration. The Prime Minister is also the Finance Minister hence he is actually presiding over 2 ministerial budgets, already we should be suspicious of the gargantuan budget for prime minister department. The control of money strings make him the most powerful and unchecked person in Malaysia.
It is noted that Prime Minister department and Finance Ministry are in charge of various functions that should be presided by other ministries, such as the MRT project. Shouldn’t the transportation expert in the MCA headed transport ministry staffed with logistics expert be more relevant? Oh dear looks like MCA did not only also lost the finance minister post to UMNO.

Hingga sekarang JPM mempunyai 45 buah agensi / jabatan yang terletak di bawah pentadbiran Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana) is a wholly-owned Government company established by the Ministry of Finance, set up to facilitate, undertake and expedite public infrastructure projects approved by the Government. Prasarana and its group of companies are also asset-owners and operators of several public transport providers, namely the Ampang and Kelana Jaya lines, KL Monorail system, bus operations in Klang Valley and Penang, as well as the cable car services in Langkawi

(I wonder if MRT project is under the care of money men instead of transportation/logistic specialists, then is the emphasis is moving people or moving money then?)
The way I interpret the excessive budget set aside for PM department, and the fact that Najib walks all over the country and all over the BN administration structure is that, is that the PM department budget is a deity budget. If one wants to dress up a pop star, to create a hero figure, one needs money, and lots of money.
This represents excessive centralization, a feature of Malayan Union which the original UMNO strongly opposed. This also indicate the languid and weaken position of BN law makers and elected people’s representative as well as the interference with proper functioning of various government ministries, impacting the livelihood of yours and mind.
In contrast, various Pakatan Rakyat figures attracted the attention of controlled media in recent years.  Opposition figures normally are not reported or demonized by these controlled media unless they are worth their time, which I interpret as having performed sufficiently well enough to represent an alternative to some and a big threat to others.
Do we not notice the amount of flak directed to the Pakatan state governments of Perak, Penang and Selangor; the false detention of Teresa Kok; the constant heckling and voyeurism politics practiced on Elizabeth Wong and Lim Guan Eng; the overreaction of a moot point on history interpretation by Mohd Sabu; the obsessive focus on Teo Nie Ching’s boring attire; the mind-numbing replays of nothing else but sex accusation against Anwar Ibrahim and threats to his family; the mailing of bullet to Tony Pua who said something that Najib emphasized with greater depth a few days ago?

Bumi quotas to go eventually, says Najib

If Najib is the only face of BN and work real hard to please everyone, fine, keep him as a wakil rakyat Pekan and let the other genuine and qualified wakil rakyat flood the august house.

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