Bersih 2.0 Live- The Calm Before the Storm

Pics by resident.wangsamaju

We will come to you live!! That is our promise to our readers. Due to the nature of the event, we may not be able to bring to you te stories but then again, pictures speak a thousand words.

10.30am: LRT lines look clear but we expect a rough landing.

10.45 am: Roads leading to Syed Putra is being locked down. Access to Mid Valley from PJ is unobstructed. Jams on East West Link and Old Klang Road to Fed Highway all clogged up. More to come.

11.15 am: All quiet on the front. Walking from Dang Wangi Station.

11.25 am: Newsmen waiting for action. At BB Plaza.

11.00am. All quiet... Like zombieland.

12:08 pm: At Pavillion... typical Saturday weekend.. at least nothing is happening here.

1:00 pm: Bumped into Tony Pua at Jalan Pudu

1:30 pm: Met Mr Froggy outside BB Plaza. LOL.

12.50pm: Crowd loitering around Jalan Pasar....


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  2. good job, joe

    lee wee tak